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It doesn't matter what color it is.



This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Before reading today's blog, first

This blog

Please read through.

Well, Golden Week is approaching.

I would like to go to a hot spring if I can.

Up until now, I had been preparing to release some material during these holidays.

But now it's only available online.

To be honest, I was wondering what to do.

"Fluffy Pants"
¥41,000 (¥45,100 TAX ​​IN)
Stores available
・kink chikaramachi lab.(Nagoya)

But I'll release it in time.

By the time I started writing this blog, it had already disappeared.

Even though I wanted to share the good things with them, I felt awkward and couldn't touch them at all.

It really doesn't matter what color it is.

I would like to have several in different colors.

Of course, 22AW's "MOSS GREEN" and "MUSTARD" are also well suppressed.

These sweatpants will make you feel excited.

Although they are sweatpants, they do not have the image of "rough clothes" that is commonly associated with them.

I've written the same thing before, so it's time to get persistent,

Sweatshirts have ranged from sportswear (practice wear) to casual wear, and are now interpreted as fashionable.

I want to wear it. Because it's easy.

But I've only worn them a few times, and since I don't know how to match them, I naturally stop wearing them.

It was just a feeling, and for me, that moment was the climax.

Perhaps it's the many images that come with sweatshirts.

Similarly, is quality as much of a focus as you say? I think so too.

Since most of the work is mass-produced, no matter how much we are concerned about it, that will be postponed.

I think we'll see the limits.

First of all, there are many things that are not made under that name.

How to stay in good shape, how to have fun, look just right, and even look fashionable.

I also like a lot of things, so that's fine, but

When it comes to "just", I don't have any of them, I just wear dull clothes.

Enjoy clothes and be fashionable.

Such things are nothing but self-satisfaction.

It may be said that it is an era.

However, if things continue as they are, we will have to put in a lot of effort and challenge the limits unique to our times.

I feel like I can't be proud of the people who have made the clothes that have been passed down to this day.

I looked at the old clothes and thought, Wow, this is terrible. My eyes widen when I spot a detail like that. fun.

But now I can do something like this.

That's how clothes continue to be updated and passed on to the next generation.

How romantic!

I'm saying something ridiculous, but

As you know, I'm not a creator.

"Fluffy Pants -EXCLUCIVE COLOR-"
¥41,000 (¥45,100 TAX ​​IN)
Stores available
・kink chikaramachi lab.(Nagoya)

"It doesn't matter what color it is."

I was chanting it like a nembutsu, so I made a special order in the color I wanted, limited to two stores.

Only our online store and Nagoya shop "kink chikaramachi lab."

If you live in Nagoya, please come and visit us.

Marbled gray and ivory are the original inline colors.

I would like to have the marbled top gray first.

Even if you buy a different color, you'll probably want gray first.

Even if you already have other sweatshirts, you may want to buy a new one. (I'm desperate to buy two colors.)

We actually received a lot of inquiries, so if you missed out on buying it, please take this opportunity.

By the way, the reason for choosing this color is clear.

The first thing that came to my mind was this looped knit texture: Champion.

It may be an exaggeration to say that upward compatibility is an exaggeration, but for me, in this day and age, upward compatibility is what it means.

I'm posting those pants and the black color that I bought when I was just starting out.

But it's not just black, it's faded and tattered, and it's a used black that has passed into our modern hands.

Ink black. 90's champion black. lol

I bought my first pair of Champion Reverse Weave at a local thrift store.

It was in tatters and the bleachers were flying in an unintentional manner.

Of course, the sleeve ribs were in tatters, and I could see my fingers. And I couldn't see it. .

Lastly, I don't even know where it went.

But it was irresistibly cool, and I still can't forget it.

So, at first, we will process it to resemble it the moment it arrives! I was so excited, but

It arrived today, so there's no way I'll be able to make it in time.

I would like to watch it fall apart naturally over the long term.

Will it be that far in 10 years? Thinking about faint expectations...

Now that I think about it, I remembered this sweatpants from Reverse Weave.

The grain of the regular ground is oriented vertically, but the grain is oriented horizontally. Probably the world's first.

SIZE: 44 (175cm / 60kg)

SIZE: 46 (175cm / 60kg)

SIZE: 48 (175cm / 60kg)

Please refer to this for size.

I feel like 46 or 48 would be fine for me.

Charcoal is scheduled to be purchased for 48.

The length is a little short, so some people may have to wear it around their waist.

But don't worry, it's not a mistake.

For me, who is 175cm tall, the 46 is a little tight on my waist, but the hem is also nice.

The reason I bought it at 48 is that I want to wear it baggy.

The other reason is that the weight increases, so it falls off.

It is also attractive that it has a slightly flared slacks-like feel rather than a rounded shape.

The color range may be confusing, but if you can't decide, buy two colors.

Well, I will introduce the styling in another blog.

*cantate "Fluffy Pants" will be on sale from 12:00 on Saturday, April 30th this weekend.

Regarding sales at kink chikaramachi lab., please check the separate account.


cliché Kinoshita

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