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There are only two days left.


Zero sense.


New color, showing its true potential.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I'm persistent, but I'm coming to Kyoto! !

Since we start on weekdays, we are open relatively slowly.

Some of you came after work, some of you happened to be in Kyoto, etc.

I am very happy to have met so many people.

Even those who usually use online,

I am honored to be able to meet you face to face.

We are most happy when you buy it,

You can get a feel for the cliché store image, and check out our online and SNS information.

One of the purposes is to be able to talk about things that cannot be conveyed.

I would appreciate it if you would continue to check it out.

Now, the important place is "Bijuu Gallery" in Funatocho.

The building is owned by a pickle shop called Murakami Ju, and can also be used as a hotel.

The event is held in a very fashionable location that also has a cafe and restaurant.

I drink coffee every day at KILN Coffee on the first floor.

But there's a pub across the street. . (Go!)

As expected from Kiyamachi. Just light and darkness. And boobs.

You can enjoy total coordination for the day from morning to night.

Even if you come from far away, you can have a fun time and not just visit us.

It's just a short walk from Kawaramachi Station, and it's just down an alley from the city center.

The Kamogawa River is also nearby, and Gion is just a short walk away, so you can enjoy it even if you have a packed schedule.

I hope you can schedule it for Saturday and Sunday.

There are many food restaurants, but on the first day I got home late and ended up eating at a convenience store.

Very disappointed, on the second day I rushed to the ramen shop that Mr. Matsushima told me about.

"Gion Sadakazu"

About 15 minutes walk away, at the back of a seedy street, is the basement of a multi-tenant building.

This ramen restaurant is open for 3 hours from 22:00 to 25:00 and only serves 35 meals.

We arrived at 10pm, and after queuing for an hour, we finally got to eat.

Lighter than rich. However, the backfat is characteristic and has just the right amount of seasoning.

I quite liked it.

I would love to hear from you again.

Back to the topic, let me introduce you to the inside of the building.

Our house is on the B1 floor, so there's no natural light, but it has a modern atmosphere and is very nice.

I want to stay there someday.

It seems a bit pricey, so I think it would be good for a few people or a family.

The lineup is like this, as I have introduced many times.

Whether you are looking for something or not,

I would be happy if you could actually see it and feel its charm and worldview.

After all, I'm alone on weekdays, so Matsushima-san is also there on Saturdays and Sundays!

Lately, I've been having sex friends more and more, so I'm happy because I'm taking fewer selfies.

I had no choice, so I took a mirror photo for the first time in a while and activated it. .


cantate "Moleskin Bellows Jacket" ¥93,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Band Collar Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

m's braque "EASY PANTS" ¥55,000 (TAX IN) SOLD

There are mirrors all over, so you can go without any problems.

Or rather, it seems easy to understand...

Please take a look at the styling that I took every day while thinking about this.


cliché "BDU JACKET SET UP (wear only jacket)" ¥77,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Stupid Shaggy Cardigan" ¥159,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥25,300 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fluffy Pants (personal item)" SOLD

It's not cold at all in the morning, so I honestly don't need an outer layer yet.

There's nothing better than preparing, so I'd like you to come and take a look.

This is the temperature where thin light outerwear will be useful.

I use BDU every day, and thank you for coming to choose a lot yesterday too.

I'll be waiting to replenish it over the weekend.


cantate "Buffalo Check Overshirt" ¥82,500 (TAX IN)


Shirt outerwear around here is also quite useful.

Wear it over a cut-and-sew jacket and then wear a light outer layer over it to keep yourself warm.

The size makes it easy to put on, and it's not too hot to wear indoors.



CLASS "CCCA18UNI" ¥31,900 (TAX IN)

refomed "WOOL RIB KNIT PANTS" ¥41,800 (TAX IN)

Even though the location has changed, the styling still stands out.

It's a strange thing, and it changes so much depending on the temperature and location.

I made some new discoveries about how it would be interesting to put these combinations together.

We look forward to making proposals together.


is-ness "P COAT" ¥82,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥49,500 (TAX IN) SOLD

Morning denim is sold out...

I asked for the coat and had it sent to me.

There doesn't seem to be much of this lineup in Kyoto, so

I would be happy if you could take a fresh photo.


m's braque "NO COLLAR JACKET" ¥107,800 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

I wanted to wear a tie, but I didn't have one, so I wore a scarf.

The styling is like that of a cabin attendant.

What do you think? lol



cantate "Real Baby Cashmere Granny Sweater" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "Traveler Bag" ¥154,000 (TAX IN)

I really like this styling.

Cantate's knits are expensive, but the quality and heat retention are outstanding.

All in all, it feels incredibly good.

The coat is not that thick, and is close to the elements of a spring coat,

I think this combination will get you through the winter without any problems.

The pants are from YIFAT and the bag is also included to match the colors.

This is a pop-up that you wouldn't normally do on weekdays, but

Thank you so much for visiting us over the past 4 days!

I thought I wouldn't be able to come on a weekday, but I happened to have a day off, etc.

I'm actually glad I did it. crying

People always say that they enjoy the clothes they see on blogs and Instagram,

For those of you who are looking forward to reading the blog, please see the real thing and say, ``This is that!''

There are also scenes where you are moved by the fabrics and objects.

We are happy to see customers smiling and enjoying shopping.

I was talking about how I bought the same clothes online that I had in the store.

When I told him what this was all about, his eyes sparkled.

Are you willing to listen to my troublesome conversation? Thank you for being with me (maybe). lol

Since our physical store is located in Tokyo, many people may not be able to visit us often.

I wish I could do something like this on a regular basis.

After all, shopping face-to-face is better. That's why I can't quit the customer service industry.

I'm sure many of you will be taking the two days off from work over the weekend starting tomorrow.

Please take this opportunity to come and visit us.

Kyoto is the best.



cliché Kinoshita

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