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white jumpsuit.


cantate 2023AW presentation preview

cantate 2023AW presentation preview and...

The best new definition.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Kyoto pop-up coming up this weekend.

As we introduced the other day, we will be holding an order event for cantate 2023AW along with many select brands.

In addition, the Back Satin series is available as a special order.

This one is also about to go on sale, so make sure to fill your stomach with lots of food.

I hope you have a fulfilling weekend.

I'll buy this, I was actually looking for snow pants.

Even though I was looking for it, I didn't really have the desire to buy it, so I just announced that it was finally in stock.

I suddenly have more military pants on hand.

I'm really interested in "white" right now, or rather, it's always my urge to wear white, but this year I want to wear white even more.

Even though it's difficult, it's dirty, and there are all kinds of hurdles,

I can't keep wearing clothes like this, so I've decided to take the plunge this year.

Actually, there is one more item that I have prepared, so I would like to introduce it to you today!

My favorite items from my favorite brands.

This is a custom made piece of clothing that I personally love and love.

The keyword is, of course, "white".

m's braque EXCLUSIVE


¥68,200 (TAX IN)

Many of you may have seen it for the first time in a while.

A jumpsuit that I've been wearing a lot since I bought it a few years ago.

This time, we will release a bold color, OFF WHITE.

Exclusive, not bespoke.

It's difficult to explain, but for now,

This is a special color that can only be purchased at cliché.

Please make OFF WHITE by special order! Because it takes a little courage,

Since it was released inline, we have prepared a limited number of them all in cliché.

m's braque often uses dead stock fabric,

It is common for some items to be limited to 〇〇 copies.

There are times when you order something and it's no longer available.

After my experience, I asked him to give me everything this time.

I immediately ordered it.

There is a possibility that it will appear on the brand's official online website, but it is just a possibility.

If you like it, you should buy it.

I think it's still early for the half-sleeve jumpsuit, but...

Last time I bought it, it was in April, so it was still pretty cold.

That's why I would rather wear it layered.

The 3/4 length and loose sizing, which doesn't look obscene even when worn with knits, shirts, or long sleeves, seems to solve the difficulties of jumpsuits.

Throw on a light jacket and cardigan over the top to create a layered look that you don't usually do.

When you look at jumpsuits in the world, even if you want them, they are always tight.

Although I think it's cool to see women wearing men's clothes,

Here are the items you couldn't find.

I had the size measured and made it look like it was made exclusively for Kinoshita.

The zipper position has been adjusted, the sleeves have been lengthened, and a back pocket has been added.

Anyone can wear it by fixing the hem, but we have made it so that anyone can wear it without having to fix it.

It also has belt loops.

Also, the position of the zip...

I think you'll notice this when you wear it in your daily life, so please try to find it lol

Although it tends to have a work-like atmosphere,

It has a sophisticated image that is typical of the brand, and the feminine finish with the atmosphere of a dress is also great.

Because this jumpsuit was originally planned to be available only for women,

In the personal jumpsuit world, it is by far the No. 1.

The fabric is made of cotton material, but it is organic cotton with a slightly rough texture.

With a finish that feels the essence of Paris, the home country where m's braque is designed,

The tricolor stitching on the pockets further enhances the atmosphere.

Fabrics that are thin for pants and stiff for shirts,

I guess it was something that was used for curtains and tablecloths.

A jumpsuit made of magical off-white fabric.

Either way it packs a punch,

A one-of-a-kind person that you don't often get to meet.

The hem is just right for 175cm. There is a risk of stepping on it.

Since it's white, I definitely pay attention to it, but if I do, I lose.

If you are concerned, please shorten the length from the beginning.

We recommend wearing it while browsing with a belt.

Collarless collar and ring zip.

Even the ugly design is only an advantage for M's.

In the summer, wear this with sandals for a light and fashionable summer.

The inner is thermal, the zip is opened to create a V zone,

All accessories are unified to brown.

Is it fashionable? .

Cut-and-sew items, including thermal ones, are best suited for inner wear.

You can wear a knit or a polo shirt, but you can go with anything you think.

Both regular and band collar shirts are available.

I just wanted to see something scary so I tried to match it up, and it turned out to be a surprisingly good fit.

Wear it with a light jacket or cardigan to blend it in.

Looking back at the time of the previous release,

``We're getting old too.'' I was filled with emotion,

There are more styling options that I hadn't even thought about at the time,

I think it's not bad to get older.

Styling I hadn't thought of, ties I never thought I'd use.

Even if you don't like it, if a brand you like sells or makes a proposal, you'll be disappointed and end up rejecting it.

Is it okay just because it's my favorite brand?

However, I also think that I was thinking about it too difficultly.

I just didn't reach out and try.

No one is used to wearing a jumpsuit like this from the beginning.

But if you don't know until you try it on,

Maybe you're more likely to like it than you thought.

For example, it belongs to a category that is not mainstream for men,

I want to wear it because it's not mainstream,

It feels good to have it become your own and become familiar with it.

It's a seriously self-indulgent jumpsuit, but it's packed with a lot of pleasure.

styling and location.

While retouching the photo, I realized that this outfit has this vibe.

Just like that, a photo with the logo popped into my head, and this was the image I had in mind.

Scarves, necklaces, and jumpsuits for exclusive fashion that are full of worldviews.

OFF that doesn't stain anything.

Please dye it your own color.

*m's braque EXCLUSIVE "HALF SLEEVES JUMP SUIT" will be on sale from February 10th (Friday). The time will vary depending on the release location as the pop-up will be held at the same time.

Please refer to the following before considering your purchase.


◎Stores that carry it

cliché Yoyogi / 12:00~

cliché ONLINE STORE / 12:00~

cliché POP UP STORE in Kyoto Shinpūkan / 13:00~


cliché Kinoshita

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