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Suits and coats are recommended.



I don't need down jackets this year.

Stadium Jean F4.

My first leather was cantate.

I want to shout out that I love knitting.

Shoes that allow you to grasp something that is uniquely your own.

I feel like T-SQUARE's TRUTH.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Since I started wearing suits every week,

Now I see only suits on the streets, in magazines, and on social media.

Of course, I'm still training, but

I guess I'm getting used to just wearing it every week.

A year ago, I was completely unfamiliar with seeing him in a suit, but now I don't feel out of place.

When I manage to tie my necktie well, I think it's a good day.

There are very few things you can do with a suit (=men's dress) compared to casual wear.

Suit top and bottom, shirt, gilet, tie,

Tie pins, chiefs, shoes, and small accessories.

For someone like me who usually only adds things up, I feel like I've been stripped of my weapon.

Wearing clothes and layering them,

I was forced to increase my fighting power,

He is now a completely naked sheep whose wool has been shorn.

Then, I paid close attention to the shirt and bought it again in the correct size.

I got a tie and some shoes.

Suits are expensive, so you can't buy a lot at once.

We have finally created a model for winter, summer, and year-round.

If you think that the foundation is roughly set,

All I have are oversized shirts,

The neck size doesn't match and the shirt is loose.

In other words, the tie is bent.

I only have a few neckties, so I can't do any tricks.

Flannel and corduroy, which I didn't care about before,

These days my list of items I want to buy, such as a gray pinstripe suit, continues to accumulate.

I don't have suspenders yet...oh, I need to buy some hoose socks too...

Well, I'm the one who always buys unique outerwear, right?

First of all, isn't it an outerwear?

It is full of troubles like this.

The world of men's dresses is still unknown to people who don't usually wear suits.

Outerwear, bags, what should I choose?

There are so many things I don't even know what to start with.

That's right, at the sample sale the other day,

A customer who will become an adult next year came to our store looking for a suit.

At that time, I was the type of person who didn't even know the letter "S" on a suit, so I was jealous.

Now that I think about it, I wish I could have done it in a cool way.

Why Aoyama's suit and Sullivan's tie?

A feeling of regret overflows.

Now that I'm finally turning 30 next year, the number of weddings around me has started to increase.

Inevitably, there will be more scenes where you have to wear a suit.

You can't avoid it, it's embarrassing if you don't wear it properly.

I have introduced suits several times so far,

Today we'll focus on outerwear that goes well with suits.

Add outerwear to Suit Day every Wednesday.

I would also like to introduce some of the outerwear available in stores.

Although it was not combined,

Me a few years ago.

Sugimura is wearing a cantate duffel coat that he worked hard to purchase last year.

It's a bit of a stretch, so I guess I'll cover it. lol

Until recently, it was possible to go to work without an outer layer, but

Finally, I couldn't survive the early morning without an outer muffler.

Choose outerwear. When it comes to high-class parties and weddings,

Chester coat etc. are required,

From the point of view of enjoying styling, cantate's pile is the best choice.

This coat has an exquisite design that successfully attacks the boundary between ON and OFF.

Duffels are playful, so I decided to reconsider the coat I want to choose in the long run.


“Pile Double Half Coat” 

¥330,000 (TAX IN)

I've introduced it several times, so I'll omit some of it.

This pile is warm anyway, and compared to the weight when you hold it,

It reduces the burden and stress on your shoulders when you wear it.

It's a great item that gives you a classic look and feels like you're wearing down.

There are many coats in the world that use genuine pile melton,

This is a fabric that is faithful to the basics, yet has been made without any omissions.

Take your time and don't omit anything,

The texture, warmth, and eyes are all truly made from scratch.

You can see it when you compare it to others,

The facial expressions and the way the soft wrinkles form when worn are completely different.

Choose a coat that you should not compromise on when wearing it for a long time.

I think it's a masterpiece that lets you learn and make choices in fast forward mode.

This season's coats have a wide width and a moderately loose fit.

With a size balance that seems to be based on a women's coat,

It won't look out of style or look too bulky or voluminous.

Since I was already wearing a jacket and my range of motion was less than usual,

I'm really happy with the fact that there's plenty of room inside.

But when it comes to oversized coats, the story is different.

This coat can go between dress and casual,

It really makes me feel amazing.


cantate "Hard Twist Satin Suit" ¥363,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "BD Collar Shirt" ¥41,800 (TAX IN)

Everything except the coat is my personal belongings.

This is a style that I took advantage of every Wednesday.

I happened to pick up the color of the tie that day.

I didn't mean to, but the coloring of the background is also a link.

I think you are always careful when choosing colors,

When it comes to suits, the more details you can't miss, the more cool you look.

Regardless of whether I look good or not, in order to look good,

I'm making full use of what I've been taught and what I've learned from wearing clothes from my seniors.

First of all, just accept it honestly and do everything. This is a golden rule.


cantate "The Shiki Suit" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Shirt (OFF WHITE)" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.3 III BR" ¥89,100 (TAX IN)


Navy suit and navy tie.

This is a style for the day when you wear it simply and without unnecessary things.

I usually wear a patterned or regimental tie,

I wear BD shirts, but I keep this in mind for weddings.

As expected, I felt excited when I was standing at the store.

I'm sorry if I made you nervous because we were both wearing suits lol

The coat is black to give it a calm look.

For the muffler, I chose EBANE (brown), which stands out in a subtle way.

I always think of this every time I wear a navy suit.

Of course, colored suits and unique suits are fine, but

I think the navy suit looks the best.

The first thing to look for is the suit you should buy.


cantate "Fine Flannel Suit" ¥440,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Shirt (GREIGE)" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.1 III BR" ¥89,100 (TAX IN)


In contrast to me, Sugimura wore a chic OLD ROSE coat.

The Fine Flannel suit I bought this season is perfect for now.

Sugimura wears this all the time, and it's no wonder he keeps wearing it.

Beautiful drape with soft fabric.

It also looks seasonal, so it goes well with the real pile coat.

Because I always wear navy ties,

The purchases I started with my own money,

Rent a Regimental tie to add depth to your style.

If you were to choose one for a suit, would you choose BLACK?

Hey, don't you want to be a hottie?

For all the men you want to be, this is OLD ROSE.


cantate "Fine Flannel Suit" ¥440,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Shirt (SAX)" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

Next, try calming it down with similar colors.

For the volume of the coat,

The flared silhouette that falls smoothly is beautiful.

Extremely stable, BLACK.

OLD ROSE, an unparalleled after-party.

Needless to say, it is BLACK, and there is no need to think about combinations,

OLD ROSE is not as difficult as others say.

If it is limited to suit styling,

As long as you don't wear a very flashy suit, it goes perfectly well with it.

Even brown and green envelop you.

Rather, it creates a modern atmosphere,

It can be said that it is a color that comes alive precisely because it is the styling of a suit that cannot be added together.

I'm only talking about the appearance, but the interior construction is also top-notch.

Comfortable hand-finished armholes,

By spending time, you can eliminate the burden on your body,

This coat is made from a heavy fabric that is completely stress-free.

I want you to feel this excitement, so I would like you to pick it up at least once.

In addition to coats, there are other items that I would like to introduce as light outerwear.

We also prepared down jackets and fleece as an extra.

It took longer than I expected, so please allow me to briefly introduce it!

Styling can be a hassle when it comes to restaurants and events, so

Please take a look at it as a fashion statement.



A fleece that goes perfectly with the dressy atmosphere created by the riri zipper.

Thanks to the half zip, you can play around the collar,

We also want you to enjoy styling it over a suit.

When in OFF mode, you can change your pants to jeans or chinos,

If you wear it casually, you will appreciate the versatility of this clothing.

By the way, when worn over a suit,

L and XL are a little cramped, so XXXXL is the best!


cantate "Harrington Jacket" ¥99,000 (TAX IN)

Like the former, the zipper is the key to the few remaining Harrington jackets.

The size is originally large, but

The sleeves are set so that they are not too long for the body balance, so

It's attractive that it doesn't feel bulky or cramped around your arms.

While being a compact light outerwear,

Every time I wear it, I think that they have thought about the size balance when paired with a suit.

The width of the body and the tension of the ribbed hem make this the perfect jacket.


is-ness "FUNCTIONAL DOWN JACKET is-ness×NANGA" ¥97,900 (TAX IN)

This may be a super special edition, but

A suit and down jacket gives off a town feel, so I think this is a good choice.

It seems unlikely that is-ness and suits will ever be linked,

Through collaboration with NANGA,

The classic design makes them compatible.

Turquoise may be too flashy, but

Black, the green color worn in this photo is

Since it's calm, it fits in well, which is actually good.

Until now, I didn't understand the suit at all, so it was a hassle and I had rejected it.

We set it up every Wednesday to force you to have an opportunity to wear it even if you don't want to.

I am now looking forward to Suit Day.

And there are many discoveries to be made.

Tighten your tie tightly,

To make the knot stiff so that it stands up,

To make a poor physique look better, to make a chest appear thicker, etc.

He says that on the days he wears a suit, he wakes up in the morning and does some muscle training to make him look mushy.

Even though I was using steam all the time because it was troublesome,

Even ironing has become fun.

It's that day, and while enjoying styling that you can't usually do,

I wonder if this outfit can be matched like this...

You can also explore things like this.

This is starting to get off topic, but men's dresses are extremely troublesome.

I can't really say this since I've just started climbing the stairs, but

It's fun because there's not much you can do.

Because there is so little that can be done, we need to be discerning more than ever.

If you don't choose good quality, you'll end up with poor quality.

First, the suit.

There are a lot of other things you need, like a tie and a shirt.

cantate's pile coats that you can choose from all at once.

Even if you choose it lightly, you should be able to feel the everyday and the extraordinary.

The styling skills I have cultivated so far are of no help at all,

It's not so bad to feel like you started in Masala Town.

As soon as I left Masala Town,

I'm in a place where I'm at a point where I challenge Shigeru with nothing on my hands, and get blown away by Shigeru.

cantate allows you to learn in the shortest possible way, skipping all the troublesome stuff.

There aren't many clothes that can go back and forth between casual and dressy.

However, the greatness of this brand is that it can do this without any hesitation.



cliché Kinoshita

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