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It's a treasure.



I don't need down jackets this year.

Stadium Jean F4.

My first leather was cantate.

I want to shout out that I love knitting.

Shoes that allow you to grasp something that is uniquely your own.

I feel like T-SQUARE's TRUTH.

Suits and coats are recommended.

I also want to change over time.

Our comfortable clothes.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

cliché is currently holding an archive sale.

There are many nostalgic items and items that you still want even now.

I said something similar during the sample sale.

Clothes that are not available at local brands this season.

No matter how much you buy and order what you want,

As the season draws to a close,

Something new that you feel you need will come to you.

Accounts, styling, shops, etc. seen on SNS, etc.

As the range of tastes has broadened, the things that have been discovered have also changed.

P coat with tide up,

The styling of a white-haired dandy man wearing a NY cap caught my eye.

The perfect-sized hunting jacket also caught my eye.

While my desire for material things is aroused and I begin to search for it,

I couldn't believe it was in the store.

Tsuyu didn't know about that.


"RF Pea Coat"

¥200,200 → ¥120,120 (TAX IN)

US NAVY P coat is also good, but

Although they are warm, they are extremely heavy and hard and are not suitable for everyday wear.

A modern updated P coat with soft fabric and high heat retention.


"RF French Hunting Jacket"

¥115,500 → ¥69,300 (TAX IN)

Hunting jackets were mostly made of corduroy or pique material.

Based on what was worn in France in the 1940s,

The appeal is that the use of high-quality wool gives it a dressy look.

We have also carefully reviewed the details, such as the shape of the sleeves and pockets.

This is a piece that gives you a more vintage feel.


"RF CPO Shirt"

¥79,200 → ¥47,520 (TAX IN)

Speaking of CPO, it is the perfect size.

It's originally a warm inner shirt, so it's tight.

Like the P coat, you probably won't feel like wearing it every day.

This is a piece that has been modernized while retaining its history.

Including the above three items, this time we picked up 5 types.

I will introduce the remaining two types in order,

Three of them happened to be from a series that used royal flannel.

P coat, hunting jacket, CPO shirt,

For permanent items from France,

The best masterpieces that fully utilize modern technology are here now.

I had been shopping a lot at the store, but now my attention has shifted to other things.

It has such destructive power that it suppresses the urge to go to the thrift store after work.

It stirs up the spirit of "whatever is good, no matter what."

"Royal Flannel"

Made with Tasmanian Polo Worse, which I remember when I used to handle it at my previous job.

What that? There are many words that I don't know even after searching, and there are many words that I don't know.

The fabric is so elaborate that I finally found it after further research.

"Poloworth is a crossbreed of three-quarters of Australian Merino and one-quarter of British Lincoln, and among them, only Poloworse wool from Tasmania is carefully selected. The fiber length is longer than Merino, It combines the softness of the Rinkol variety with the firmness, luster, and elasticity of the Rincol variety, and is characterized by its excellent whiteness and color development.

Worsted wool luxuriously woven into 6 strands.

At the stage of sorting the fabric, be careful of wrinkles and repeat washing and napping.

It is decorated with "royal flannel", which takes time to roll up the fluff.

After completion, the finishing process, how to care for it, etc.

I have written many times on my blog about ``how to make good dough'',

It's like I'm reviewing it.

The smoothness and luster of the ironed fabric.

Heavy, thick fabric. It's very dense and durable, yet has a soft texture.

Looking at the fact that it is stress-free even when worn and provides strong wind protection,

I think the word "elegant profoundness" suits it well.


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cliché "EX WIDE TROUSERS" ¥30,800 (TAX IN)

Refer to the style worn by the white-haired dandy man mentioned at the beginning.

Speaking of navy P coats, chinos, jeans, etc.

All I could think of were the classic combinations,

I've thought about wearing white pants, but haven't gotten around to wearing them.

When you wear it, it gives you a clean impression, and you can make cleanliness your friend.

It is so easy to wear that you can easily put up the collar and stretch your back.

I think this coat makes you feel confident.

There are not many brands that have been developed recently, and

A classic fit that is timeless.


ALL personal belongings

The No. 1 jacket on my personal wish list.

Many of our customers also want jackets like this.

This is great news for those who are considering other imported brands.

The size is just enough to leave a little room even when wearing a sweater.

Despite its compact appearance, it is warm and durable.

If you don't want to wear a coat, just wear a sweater and wrap a scarf.

You should be able to spend your time styling it in the middle of winter.

It's softer than it looks, with fine hand movement and wrinkles.

It goes great with chinos, jeans, and military pants, but

We recommend a sexy style that goes well with slacks.


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

The size is not too big, and it feels like a jacket that can be worn over a shirt.

Although it is not as roomy as a hunting jacket,

You can enjoy the texture as it wrinkles and becomes softer as you wear it.

You can also pair it with wide pants for an A-line look.

You can also wear it under your coat to increase heat retention.

The smooth surface of the fabric is evident from the photo.

The gathers on the back are so soft that you would believe it even though it is called cashmere. .

The next thing I'm really curious about.

I always end up looking for it at a thrift store.

A beige safari jacket.

If I find one in a different shape or size, I end up buying it just because it's in a different color.

This jacket, where you can fully appreciate the quality, is no exception.

It has the firmness of cotton and is super shiny.

The weft silk fabric is reminiscent of the 100% silk M-51 that I bought this spring.


“Cavalry Safari Jacket”

¥86,900 → ¥52,140 (TAX IN)

I want you to make it now, even though I think so...

If I ask you now, I wonder how much it will cost.

The quality is so strong that it fills you with fear.

I have pants with the same fabric,

The pants were so good that I asked them to make them for me.

I remember being told that it would easily increase by 1.5 times...

This fabric has excellent durability,

It's called "cavalry twill."

“Cavalry originally meant cavalry, and it was named because it was used for the pants called culottes that they wore.It is a twill material because it is called twill, but it is arranged so that the warp is cotton and the weft is silk. This material was originally woven using silk.Since it contains silk, it has a unique slimy feel.

Although it looks like the one mentioned above,

The point is that there will be a big change in appearance.

The appeal of silk is that you can easily wear it with dress shirts, tied-up shirts,

No sharpness when you want to wear it dressy,

This jacket fits easily.

The color taste is good, the size of the buttons, the color taste,

The width of the double stitching and the plush core used in the same brand's dress shirts.

I feel that cantate's specialty is to make crude items with great elegance.

Isn't this the first item that can be said to be a symbol of that?


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

m's braque "NEW FLAIR PANTS" ¥50,600 (TAX IN)

Like, Wes Anderson.

European-style color combinations look great on you.

Pair the pants with neat flared slacks,

I took the opportunity to wear a saxophone shirt.

If only silk is used, the drape will be too strong,

The firmness of cotton works well, creating a three-dimensional form when viewed from the side.

With a silhouette balance that emphasizes vertical lines,

Here too, the fine hand movement tightens the overall atmosphere.

Two darts on the front improve the fit, etc.

Please pay attention to the small details when wearing it.

You can feel the sensation that it sticks to your body, which you can't get with old clothes.

One last piece.

As we started wearing suits a lot, we turned our attention to coats.

Sugimura and I were talking about, ``This is what I'm going to wear the most after all.''

It is recommended because you can wear it in autumn and winter if you put it on.

I apologize for the appeal that I have, but...

This item uses the "CWM (cotton/wool/mohair)" that I have in my setup.

This is also good.


“The Trench Coat” 

¥165,000 → ¥99,000 (TAX IN)

A one-sleeve raglan coat reminiscent of vintage Burberry.

There is a feeling of relaxation,

The silhouette from the shoulders to the sleeves has a beautiful finish.

A design that can be used both on and off, and a fabric that can be used in all seasons.

The dry touch makes you want to wear a wool coat in the middle of winter,

I end up picking it up, except in the middle of winter.

I feel like it would take away the opportunity to wear other coats.

No epaulettes, special gun patch specifications.

The leather buckle on the belt is also of good quality, and you can enjoy it as it ages.

It's three-dimensional.

It's also cool that the shadows allow you to clearly see the details of each part.


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Noble Suit" ¥363,000 → ¥217,800 (TAX IN)

It was Wednesday, and I had decided to wear a suit, so

I asked Sugimura to wear it as is for his work style.

It's getting colder now, so I'm gearing up for early spring.

Actually, I would like to recommend it to people who have severe hay fever.

I am one of the people who decided to buy it for that reason.

I didn't realize that pollen got on my clothes and brought it indoors.

Even though I took a bath and felt refreshed, the pollen on my clothes made me sneeze...

You have experience, right?

If you brush this fabric, pollen will fall off, so

By brushing it off when you go into your home, you reduce the risk of bringing in contaminants.

It is also a high-quality fabric, which has the advantage of making everyday life easier.

Not only does it look cool when worn,

A coat that fits your everyday life and is designed with comfort in mind.

We promise that you will not lose money even if you choose to buy futures.


"Fluffy Flight Parka"

¥70,400 → ¥42,240 (TAX IN)


"Fluffy Parka"

¥49,500 → ¥29,700 (TAX IN)

There are also cycles in my taste in clothes.

Even if it is a basic item like a hoodie,

Should I use it as an inner layer or wear it alone?

I guess it's my nature as a clothing lover to feel like I have to buy a new item even if it's just a difference.

I already own several hoodies.

Cantate's sweat series has overwhelming reliability.

There was no expansion this season, and I did not order from other brands.

This means, ``Why don't you wear a hoodie?'' ``I only wear it with night clothes.''

It's because of what a man named Kinoshita said half a year ago.

We are very sorry to those who wanted it this year.

We have a few items available at the archive sale, so please take a look!

The discount rate has also been increased from the other day, making it even more affordable.

There are also clothes and sets that I am considering purchasing in 2023.

To end the year, be sure to visit cliché.



cliché Kinoshita

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