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cantate 23SS presentation #2

cantate 23SS presentation #2


cantate 23SS presentation 



This is Kinoshita from cliché.


Today is the third day of the exhibition.

Continuing from the day before yesterday, we will be introducing 23SS products.



A 3rd style leather jacket with an eye-catching tobacco color.

It is the same type as the BIG Trucker Jacket that was released in 22SS,

We use luxurious cashmere suede, which is also known as the king of suede.

Regular suede has long piles and a smooth surface.

This is where the earthy smell and rough atmosphere come out all over the place,

It has an extremely flat surface with an extremely glossy finish.

It's a really classy suede jacket that looks like it's shining gold when you look at it outside, and I've never seen anything like it before.

Although it feels heavy when worn, the leather is plump and there is no stress.

As you keep this in mind as you wear it, it will naturally fit in with you.


The front side of cashmere suede looks like this, but what about the back side?

You're curious, aren't you?

However, when thinking about using the back side as the front side,

Probably about cantate.

That's how it came about,

An avant-garde single rider's jacket using the "back side" of the aforementioned cashmere suede.

Of course it has a firm texture, but it is also characterized by the "tiger" (see 3rd photo), which is probably not seen on the market, and the wildness that leaves scratches all over.

Although it has a rough atmosphere from these, there is also a ruggedness coming from the zipper and buttons.

By the way, a certain shoe manufacturer's shoes can be made with only the back part. In total, it's about 10 pairs, which is quite surprising.

There are two colors: BLACK and TURQUOISE, which gives you a sense of the times.

Someday, someday...


If you keep saying that, the prices will continue to rise.

Not only leather, but also gold and clothing fabrics.

Recently, the price of denim has changed,

Even if it is released next time, the price may be outrageous by then.

If you want it, now is the time to buy it.

I hope you will try it out and consider it.

Heavy silk grosgrain mod coat.

I will introduce the jacket later, but first let me introduce this one.

I'm leaning forward because I'm trying to order personally.

However, I can't hide my excitement as I think I'll never be able to find a coat like this again. .


The material is 100% silk, supple and shiny, and the grosgrain texture is clearly visible. Moreover, it is washable.

The shadows of the pleats are clearly visible, so is this silk?

It has a completely different thickness and feel than any other silk I've ever touched, so it feels like something completely different. I can't even imagine the amount and weight of the thread.

Please buy this as a souvenir.

This coat made me feel that way, and although it's expensive, I definitely want it.

I now have no choice but to buy.

Kinoshita can't retreat anymore.


The next Harrington jacket is

Interpreted as a short jacket with a boxy silhouette.

There are two colors: mod coat ECRU and MID NIGHT.


Small collar, Hiyoku style, hem adjuster,

A classy Harrington jacket with a military-like feel.

The size of this jacket is just the right amount of room, so I would like you to wear it with pants to create a nice contrast.



This suit is made of highly twisted satin made of cotton and polyester, giving it a more casual feel. Both can be used alone.

The jacket has double notched lapels, and the pants have a tight tapered silhouette.

Available in two colors: deep ARMY GREEN and beautiful clear BEIGE.

Compared to wool, it is easier to imagine turning it on and off.

I think this will be the first choice even for people who put off wearing a suit.

I think I'll choose it for my uniform.

Cotton cashmere crew neck knit and cardigan.

Although it is a distressed item that is not typical of cantate, it goes well with other clothes. It's not obscene.

You might think that damage is tolerated because the material is of high quality.


Cotton cashmere is a word we often hear,

Cashmere is probably about 10% at most.

So it's 60% cotton and 40% cashmere.

In addition to the finest texture and good ventilation caused by damage,

As you wash it, the cashmere's fluff will come out and it will become more expressive.

Although it is released for spring and summer, it is surprisingly a knit that can be worn all year round.

By the way, this damage was added as an imitation design, so

It will not spread from here.

Of course, if you hook it, it will inevitably spread, but...

The key is "pattern".

Even if I make 100 pieces, they all have damage in the same location.

As before, the hanging fleece sweatshirt series is available in crew, hoodie, and pants.

The design has changed, and the pants are still the same, but the overall size is looser.

It is still based on vintage sweatshirts,

The crew has single sleeves, and the hoodie has been added later.

The pockets also incorporate vintage details.

By the way, it has a dry texture instead of the usual chewy texture.

This is because we imagine that the sweatshirt will grow into a worn-out, faded sweatshirt with the damage that you often see in second-hand clothing, and is dyed with sulfur dye.

Up until now, I have suppressed the fading of the color, but this time I decided to make a sweatshirt that will remove the color.

BLACK is like L.GRAY, and TURQUISE is like SAX.

New shirts are also available.

The spring-like light texture and coloring will catch your eye.

In terms of form, the regular has a wide body and a box-cut hem.

The band color is slightly loose.


Although we still use Giza cotton,

When the surface was burnt to remove as much fuzz as possible,

This time I left some fluff,

By creating an exquisite expression, the colors appear to be vibrant.

CORAL, which is perfect for accent colors, and versatile OFF WHITE, MID NIGHT.

Honestly, I've been waiting for this simple shirt for a long time.

This is a shirt with an air of atmosphere that has not been developed so far, so it should definitely be worn.

Introducing the new colors of the Mods Sleeve Shirt that you wanted even if you ordered it!

It was popular last time, but I wanted to have it in a different color.

This time we have INDIGO and OFF WHITE, a variety of bright colors.

The banana yellow stitching that is run to make it stand out is creepy.

Please come and see us at the exhibition hall.

T-shirts come in bright colors.

22SS Ron T becomes turtle in 22AW,

It will appear as a mock neck in 23SS.

Colors are from the right,


It's City Hunter after all.

The next cut and sew item is a thermal long T-shirt.

It has dropped shoulders and a round-cut thermal hem.

Made of 100% cotton, it has a supple feel and a finish that allows you to clearly see the unevenness.

The width of the body is also set wide, so it doesn't look like underwear even when worn alone.

You can relax and wear it.

The release includes a safari jacket, military pants, and shorts from OLIVE and COYOTE.

Like the sweatshirt, this one also uses sulfur-dyed back satin.

Since it is dyed with fabric, it is difficult to discolor or fade in contrast to sweatshirts.

In addition, it is lighter than the original and does not feel cramped.

The jacket is short, has 2 pockets on the front, and uses laurel buttons for the buttons, making it a shirt outerwear that can be worn easily.

It has a simple design that eliminates waste, and the balance is exquisite when paired with thick pants.

The matching pants have an easy waist design and are approximately 120cm in actual size, and are available in one size.

We recommend wearing it tightly, but it doesn't get too loose at the waist and doesn't make you look sloppy. The attention to detail can be seen in the zipper and drawcord.

The base is the M-51 type, but the thickness of the fabric, size, and waist details are similar to snow pants. This is a new interpretation of military pants since M-48.

Authentic military style with dripping hemostatic tape that adds to the realism.

Others are continuous part numbers.

When it comes to denim, I've seen many people who missed out on purchasing their size this season, so I think it's a good idea to take this opportunity to stock up on your own size.

Make sure you don't drink the water later...

So, we are looking forward to the exhibition this weekend.

Just like last time, there is no need for an invitation, and the event is open to the public on that day, so anyone can come.

This is a rare opportunity that was originally only open to buyers and related parties.

You can create an image of the season in advance, and prepare clothes to match that image.

Although normally you would only be able to see the look, I was able to try it on.

You can even order it.

This is an exciting event held twice a year.

We are also looking forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces.

You can already see the entire product here.'s

*When placing an order, a deposit of 30% of the purchase price will be required in cash/card.

*We cannot accept cancellations or refunds due to customer circumstances.

*Depending on the item, delivery is scheduled for January or February. Although the delivery time may be delayed from the original schedule, we cannot accept cancellations or refunds due to delivery delays.

*Depending on the number of visitors on the day, we may impose admission restrictions. Please note.



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