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cantate 2023S/S presentation.

cantate 2023S/S presentation.

About stein.

I'm wearing it again.

is-ness is in good condition.

AVM from Nemuro.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

cantate's 2023S/S exhibition started today.

Therefore, we will be closed from the 4th to the 8th.

The exhibition will be open to the public for two days this weekend, July 9th (Sat) and July 10th (Sun)!

Continuing from last time, this time at cliché .

This is a special opportunity for you to order something if you like it.

Of course, Mr. Matsushima will also be in the store for two days.

We are looking forward to your visit!

The normal business reunion will be from the 12th (Tuesday) as we are closed on the 11th (Monday).

cantate 2023 S/S presentation

PLACE: cliché

DATE: 7/9 (Sat), 7/10 (Sun) 12:00-20:00

Now, regarding this lineup,

What catches your eye are classic suits and military items that are completely rustic.

Based on masculine items,

We work diligently to create clothing in each style that everyone has dreamed of at least once.

You may be able to get started on items that you haven't tried because they're too expensive.

Because of cantate's quality, the price may be higher than other brands, but it is because of cantate's integrity that good products are produced.

It will not only give you an opportunity to try your hand at it, but also an opportunity to learn more about it.

Two types of leather jackets, which are the highlight, are also available.

The sweat series also has a different atmosphere, with rich colors overall.

Matsushima himself may have used color to this extent for the first time.

As I said, the spring/summer cantate color palette is also a must-see.

3rd type jacket with tobacco color.

Behind that is a single-breasted leather jacket.

black, turquoise,

The colors are reminiscent of Urahara and punk culture in the 1990s, and they catch your eye.

Military items and suits come from there.

This time too, the base is a mod coat. And the new model is the Harrington jacket.

This is my second coat, but this time it's 100% silk.


I've been trying it on repeatedly to see what it's like, but I'll probably buy it. lol

Next is the suit, but this time the material used is cotton polyester material.

It has a look that can be used more casually, but the tailoring is excellent.

It will be a great position for you to use it casually.

The color of the new shirt fits here again.

This is a slightly naughty collection that started with ``I want to wear something like this.''

What makes this image easier to understand is

This crew neck knit is definitely a cardigan.

Knit made from cotton and cashmere.

Well, it was spring and summer this time.

It's not strange to have a headache. However, the softness and moist texture of the material

You will definitely feel satisfied with the result.

The shirts lined up behind the knitwear are new models.

The striped shirts that have been around for several years ended in 22SS, and became plain from 22AW.

And this time, it is released as a square cut of broad cloth.

Available in 3 colors: WHITE / CORAL (PINK) / MID NIGHT.

A light, shiny, simple and regular shirt.

For band collar shirts, the length remains the same, but the width has been greatly increased.

Silky and moist texture,

You can tell at a glance that it's a good shirt by the collar, the core of the cuffs, and the stitching.

The sweat series is something that many people are probably looking forward to.

It's new again, and this time it's almost new.

The sizing of both the sweatshirt and hoodie has been changed, and the sleeve designs have also been changed.

The hoodie is an aftermarket hood.

The kangaroo pocket also has a vintage feel to it.

Until now, we had been dyeing the fabric, so we tried to prevent the color from fading as much as possible.

This time, the product is sulfur-dyed, so the color will gradually change.

The texture is a little dry, reminiscent of US made products,

This is a piece of clothing that you can look forward to seeing as it fades.

The pants continue, with a bright turquoise color that colors spring and summer.

Next up is the T-shirt.

It's always fun to see the colors change, but this time

Available in 4 colors: WHITE / SKY / MANDARIN / MID NIGHT.

This is probably city○

Behind it is a 100% cotton thermal TEE.

This is part of my request.

It was made loosely and with a rounded hem.

Made of 100% cotton for a supple and comfortable finish.

Flat seamer, thermal with attention to detail.

It's a mesmerizing, nice arrangement.

Safari jacket, field pants, and cargo shorts. Moreover, the pants are easy-fitting.

This is also sulfur dyed, but since it is dyed with the fabric, it has a different look than sweatshirts.

M47 and Belgian army Gurkha pants, etc.

Trends are changing and new things are being featured,

It is released in the US military's M-51 type, which will never go out of style.

Although it is faithfully reproduced, there is no elastic at the waist, and it is made to be worn tightly cinched.

One size fits all, while still keeping it trendy.

It's lighter than the original, so it's less stressful.

I don't think they are too formal about military bread.

Other denim items will continue.





Grow the straight hair you are growing now to the color you want in a year,

I would like to appeal to everyone's material desires, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Tote bags and belts made from continuous Barenia leather.

The belt is made of bridle leather with plenty of wax.

It's thicker than before, giving you a just the right wild impression.

I'm planning to post this in three parts, so I didn't go into detail this time.

I continued to feel like it was hard to understand, and when I actually looked at it, I was like, Wow!

I also thought it would be more interesting if you said that.

More details on the next blog.

*When placing an order, a deposit of 30% of the purchase price will be required in cash/card.

*We cannot accept cancellations or refunds due to customer circumstances.

*Depending on the item, delivery is scheduled for January or February. Although the delivery time may be delayed from the original schedule, we cannot accept cancellations or refunds due to delivery delays.

*Depending on the number of visitors on the day, we may impose admission restrictions. Please note.



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