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AVM from Nemuro.

AVM from Nemuro.

About stein.

I'm wearing it again.

is-ness is in good condition.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I usually wear a lot of accessories.

I used to buy it over and over again if I liked it, but recently I've had a slight change of heart.

I feel like I'm getting eaten up by how much I wear.

I thought it was cool to wear a lot like a witch,

I noticed that it was gradually getting in the way of my clothes.

If I wasn't good at it, I would sometimes have it on all my fingers, and sometimes I'd have about seven on one hand.

The same goes for glasses, but that's what my eyes tend to look at first.

Because it's kind of sad.

Mainly clothes or accessories.

But the image I'm thinking of now doesn't apply to either of them.

The theme is to create a sense of unity through a sense of equal balance.

But since I can't afford not to wear it, I decided to change things up a bit.

There was a lot of Indian jewelry,

Instead of being flashy, accessories that "fit in" with each person.

When deciding what items to carry in the store, I basically share my opinions with Mr. Matsushima.

The story goes on like, ``How about this?'' ``This is also good.''

But accessories can be quite difficult. .

It's good to have a position that doesn't cover you too much, and that you can still wear it with love even when you're older.

Although price isn't everything,

“This is cool!”

The memories you make by working hard to buy are directly connected to your attachment to them.

What we deal with must also include quality.

The only way to make up for the resignation that has been met with exhilaration is through purchasing.

There's nothing worse than going out without accessories.

Just like clothes, it's your motivation that makes you feel good.

That's why I think it's okay to be a little more excited.

- AVM (Arm) -

Sacred sound in Sanskrit, arm in English

"AVM" is a coined word that combines the words "spirit" and "soul" in French.

A jewelry brand created by Mr. Furukawa, who lives in Nemuro City, Hokkaido.

In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, he moved from Mie Prefecture to Nemuro.

He also serves as chairman of the Nemuro City Cultural Promotion Association and as an advisor for immigration to Nemuro City.

We have created numerous designs centered around silver and gold, as well as Ezo deer antlers.

I live by drawing strength from nature.

When I read Mr. Furukawa's interview article, he talked about his reasons for moving to Nemuro and his feelings toward making things.

Mr. Furukawa, who moved here in the wake of the earthquake, saw the destruction caused by the earthquake and realized that people's lives had to be changed in some way.

He then moved to Nemuro and created an environment that could not be found in the city.

He says that he came up with ideas by living side by side with nature.

Such a wide personality and perspective creates designs that cannot be compensated for anywhere else.

An approach that does not include all pieces of jewelry that gives a sense of the strength of nature and humans.

It's as if it retains the scent of Nemuro.

This time we have prepared this 8 type.

I am very satisfied with the lineup, including the items I want and the items I admire.

Mr. Matsushima also got a gold bangle that was not shown in this photo, which he had decided on before ordering.

As expected. . Sweat

The AVM format is made to order.

You can measure the size of the item you like, specify it, and have it delivered to you a few weeks later.

The items in the store are uniformly ordered samples, so

Each item will be finished according to the size of your fingers and arms that you would like to wear.

Due to this number of models, it takes time to deliver,

Until the other day, there were only two models, so I didn't introduce them.

Now that we have everything, we are happy to introduce it to you.

When I looked at each piece when they arrived, I was impressed by the quality, beauty, and detail.

I regret that I rushed the delivery. lol

rythme thin (right/left)

Size: S/M

¥78,000 (¥85,800 TAX ​​IN)

rythme fat (right/left)

Size: S/M

¥100,000 (¥110,000 TAX ​​IN)

A silver bangle with a whalebone motif.

Silver is "950" instead of 925, which you may often hear.

It's 95% silver, and when you chew it, it's one rank higher than 925.

The angular side, sharp side, and curved form create a simple yet statement finish. It doesn't feel like it's been used before, and it has a very modern feel to it.

The direction in which it is attached is also particular, and there are right-handed and left-handed versions.

The rest is size.

It is possible to adjust the size to some extent, but Matsushima-san and I both wear S, so I think most people will wear S.

Normally, mass production would involve making a mold and pouring it.

In the case of AVM, each piece is finished by cutting, welding, and hammering.

They say that even 50 pieces per month is quite difficult, but being particular about that is also the point that makes you want to choose it.


Right K20 ¥240,000 (¥264,000 TAX ​​IN)

Left SILVER950 ¥50,000 (¥55,000 TAX ​​IN)

ANGEL, which has a distinctive round shape, is a model designed for pinky rings.

It has a classic look, but the surface has a matte finish so it doesn't look obscene.

The engraving is also the reason we chose it.

And not on the outside, but on the inside.

I'm attracted to the fact that the brand name is not prominently displayed, and that only I can understand it.

By the way, in the case of ANGEL, it is an angel who exchanges messages at night.

If you look closely, you can see the serial number and 2022 engraved on it.

It doesn't matter how elaborate it is.

"KNIGHT (K20)"

¥200,000 (¥220,000 TAX ​​IN)

A KNIGHT with a sharp finish, molded from a thin plate.

It has a distinctive shape, and on the back are knights, the sun, the moon, and citizens? There is a carved pattern of

Apparently it's alluding to armor.

The letter sign...J that you can see briefly is a word used by alchemists in the past.

This also has a matte finish on the surface, giving it a nice contrast with the inside.

"HUNTER (K20)"

¥490,000 (¥539,000 TAX ​​IN)

The heaviest HUNTER I ordered.

It looks strong, but you can even feel the warmth from the carvings on the back.

A few deer on a moonlit night with lush trees.

“Deer appear in front of hunters of their own free will. Hunters who don't understand this are just killers.”

It is said that it was inspired by sentences such as.

You can feel the strength of life and also the sadness.

I think it expresses the way humans and nature exist.


¥50,000 (¥55,000 TAX ​​IN)


¥74,000 (¥81,400 TAX ​​IN)


¥74,000 (¥81,400 TAX ​​IN)

We have three types of models using Ezo deer horns.

The model was inspired by a fallen horn that Furukawa found while walking on the beach.

He says it took him two years to take shape.

The surface was very clean and I thought it was quite elaborate.

Out of 20 horns, only one horn can be used from there.

Three rings can be made from that one piece.

This ring has a mysterious and rare appearance that far exceeds your imagination.

The patterns on the surface are made one by one using a soldering iron.

When I was working at a factory before moving to Tokyo, I used a soldering iron to create the base for Pachinko Hokuto Musou.

Of course, the precision is incomparable to that time.

"TAIGA" has no pattern on the outside and has a coniferous forest taiga carved on the inside.

In addition, the depressions on the surface are carved out.

The white ring is very fresh and of course stands out.

However, the inorganic appearance gives it a relaxed atmosphere,

I think it will blend well with clothes.

I want PRAY.

I think it's hard to imagine since I haven't been able to take a picture of it,

In the summer when you're going to be wearing light clothes, let's add some really cool accessories.

They are already available in stores, so we hope you can talk with us and find your favorite.

There may be some errors, but I think it will arrive sometime in August.

According to Mr. Matsushima, who is from Hokkaido, there is nothing in Nemuro! It's called w.

The amount of information is inferior compared to the city, but it is precisely because we are now so full of information,

Rather, it's inspired by nature and things that we in Tokyo can't touch.

It reflects what can only be obtained in that area.

She moved to Nemuro and is focusing not only on jewelry, but also on town development and vegetable cultivation.

The main focus is on making jewelry, but all of those things are done together.

AVM jewelry includes:

There is strength,

There is warmth,

It has a message.

I found jewelry that I want to wear forever.

If I had to describe it in one word, it would be "harmony."

*Since it is an order system, it is not posted online.



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