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You forgot your pants.


Changes in the belt over time.

So many men, so many opinions.

The strongest star play.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I love linen, so I only wear linen in the summer.

Long-sleeved shirts and jackets for summer are basically linen.

Oh my god, it's so cool.

However, the linen material is too terroristic and has strong movement. What a shame!

When the jacket wears out, it fits too well and the lines become thin.

It's partly my fault for being so thin, but of course I don't want to gain weight either.

The same goes for pants, I want them to stay sturdy all the time.

Ah, now that I think about it, everyone.

Did you forget about the pants that go with this jacket?


"Satin Herringbone Bellows Jacket"

¥78,000 (¥85,800 TAX ​​IN)

That's right, the pants with this jacket.

I feel like I've talked enough about how to use a jacket, so today I'd like to talk about pants.

While saying this, I was only wearing a jacket at the exhibition.

But I don't want people to think I'm being noisy.

I'm currently taking my pants in to have them altered! (I bought it a few days ago)

I had forgotten.

What a great summer setup.

I bought just the jacket and ended up drinking bitter water the next day.

The coming season will bring monotonous styling.

At some point, you'll get tired of wearing T-shirts and pants.

So I try wearing set-ups, reaching for long sleeves, and trying out patterns and logos.

But I'm not satisfied.

Since I didn't buy pants, I had to use similar pants instead, and the linen jacket wasn't able to show its full potential.

"I should have bought it" doesn't apply to the next season.


"Satin Herringbone Trousers"

¥54,000 (¥59,400 TAX ​​IN)

Two-tuck pants made at the factory that makes cantate denim.

We use Venetian herringbone, which uses cotton for the warp and linen for the weft.

When we hear the word cotton linen, we have different sensibilities, so we can't imagine the thickness.

This is relatively thin. However, it has a tough impression and has just the right weight to maintain its shape.

It's quite cool and goes great with sandals.

If it is too light, it will give off too much of a rough atmosphere,

It can give a slightly messy or untidy impression.

I like that too, but as I get older, I find myself becoming more concerned about this feeling.

It also has creases and retains its elegance.

This, combined with the softness of the material, creates a unique appearance.

The tuck is also noticeable, and as you can see from the first photo, the front looks perfect. The tuck and crease also do a very good job in how it looks from the side in the second photo.

The previous style was a shirt and leather shoes, but you can also do a rough style like this. That's why it's good to have an upper and lower.

Also, although it is cotton linen, it has a sophisticated weaving structure where linen is concentrated on the lining.

By doing so, even though it doesn't give off a strong sense of coolness or roughness,

It has a comfortable texture that can only be enjoyed by the person wearing it.

Comfortable even in the humid weather during the rainy season.

It's a suit that can be worn casually.

Now, as an example, let's compare the sizes.

I'm planning to wear 32, but 34 is also good, and 28 has a nice clean look.

But my aptitude is 30...

First of all, it depends on the style of the clothes, so please choose the size that suits you.

If you have trouble choosing a size due to your height, please feel free to contact us.

Size: 28 (175cm)

If you want to wear loafers or short shoes for a stylish look, please choose the perfect size.

When I was in high school, 26 inches was just right for me.

28, Tight.

By the way, unlike denim, the fabric around the waist doesn't stretch easily,

There is no back yoke, so when you wear it just right, it feels snug.

That doesn't mean you have to size up if you normally wear a size 28, so don't worry.

Once you wear it, you will definitely get used to it.

Size: 30

If you want some room, try going up one size.

This "SIERRA" is also useful as colored pants.

However, it is not positioned as a flashy pair of pants that make a statement, so it is an exquisite color that can be worn casually.

It would be really cool if Atari came out.

Size: 32

There will also be room around your buttocks.

It also gives the impression of being bulky.

Full-length, with a shape that makes you want to wear it for a while.

Size: 34

34 inch large hole.

I was wondering if it was a good idea, so I tried it on,

There's nothing wrong with her appearance just because she has a big waist. In fact, it's actually pretty cool.

When I compared wearing denim, I was leaning toward 34, but

Cantate pants tend to lose their silhouette even if you go up a size, so

It can be said that even if you choose it according to your preference, it will fit in easily.

A casual setup that can be worn casually even when going outside in the summer.

Dark tones are commonplace, so I thought it would be a good idea to attack with fresh colors.

This summer is also extremely hot due to something called La Niña.

Let's welcome summer with the ultimate linen on your side.



cliché kinoshita

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