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ROTOL and the rainy season.


Changes in the belt over time.

So many men, so many opinions.

The strongest star play.

You forgot your pants.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

It's almost June already.

I will write about the details later, but the opening of the physical store, which I have been looking forward to for quite some time, is drawing near.

When I went to the site a few days ago, I saw that progress had been made and I was really impressed.

Please wait for further information!

And before that, the rainy season will arrive.



¥30,000 (¥30,000)



¥32,000 (¥35,200 TAX ​​IN)

I hate the rainy season.

I'm such a rain guy that I really hate rain when I can't read the atmosphere.

So, I wanted clothes that would make me feel that bad.

Nylon shakashaka, GORE-TEX is also good,

I think we have it to some extent, so let's win the rainy season from a new perspective.

In the blog the other day, I said that we were heading into summer.

Wearing long sleeves and long pants will keep you light and ready for the summer.

It's an environment where it's easy to go out, and festivals and events are making a comeback.

This year, let's take advantage of that pent-up frustration and enjoy summer to the fullest.

Short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts made of rayon/nylon.

A cool feeling that you can feel immediately with the first touch.

It dries quickly and has good ventilation, so it's great even in the middle of summer.

Even when it's damp, it doesn't feel sticky and is very comfortable. And it's light.

While evoking pajamas from luxury hotels overseas,

While incorporating the relaxing mood of ROTOL,

It has a look that can be used for a variety of purposes such as casual and mode.

The shiny and classy look goes well with leather shoes.

Ohino also said on his personal Instagram that he made it for the rainy season.

It will be a realistic easy wear that reflects real experience to relieve stress.



¥32,000 (¥35,200 TAX ​​IN)

Well, I can definitely say that it's better to touch it.

These are clothes that you will definitely be glad to have in the upcoming season.

In contrast to shirts that look like plain aloha shirts,

The pants have a bit of a track pants feel to them.

Although it has an easy specification and is made of nylon material, it gives off a tech-like impression.

Most of the material is 75% rayon, so the touch is completely different.

Nylon is just something that increases strength. It's safe.

By the way, if you wear nylon pants in the summer, your insides will get stuffy and you'll be covered in sweat.

It may become sticky and start to taste salty.

Even if you can't see it, that's something you want to avoid.

However, now that ventilation is included, this problem has been resolved, so it is limited to those without it.

Wide silhouette with no tightening at the hem.

This is also classy and feels like clean slacks.

There is a deep buttoned slit on the side of the shirt.

Easy access to pants pockets

The large size facilitates movement.

Let's make it flutter anyway.


cantate "T Shirt" ¥16,000 (¥17,600 TAX ​​IN)

Top and bottom size 3.

It is oversized and falls off the shoulders.

I'm looking forward to wearing it loosely with shorts after a while.

Tuck it in to make it look like a jumpsuit.

I'm glad that the large buttons have a nice contrast and stand out.

In addition, the collar has no stand collar and is made to fit well, like an open collar.

Box pocket like on a jacket.

This kind of salted plum that is not too broken is also comfortable.

Top and bottom size 2.

It's a good size for those who want to wear it stylishly.

BROWN matched with sandals gives a very rough impression,

It has something to do with the color, but just wearing leather shoes instantly gives you a tighter look.

It has a masculine feel, and also has a neutral and soft look.

Pants that fall smoothly and have a dynamic look,

I tend to match the impression with sandals and leather shoes, but

I think tech shoes like New Balance and Salomon would also be interesting.

I think it's a piece of clothing that you don't often have on hand.

This time I only introduced the setup, but

If you don't mind, I've introduced the styling once on this blog .

ROTOL and the rainy season,

This is a refreshing way to spend your time on rainy days, not just for tech.



cliché kinoshita

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