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If you have it anyway.


No problem, coveralls.

A really good turtleneck.


What a brand full of love.

Have you ever seen a mole's skin?



This is Kinoshita from cliché.

"If you're going to have it anyway, make sure it's the best."

Just be patient and save money.

Or maybe after thinking and thinking about it?

If you're going to take the trouble to buy something, it's best to get the best one.

As I wrote in the blog the other day, even if you buy it half-heartedly,

It's just a waste of money, and everyone repeats consumption.

This is the reason why secondary distribution is so popular.

There may come a time when it's time to let go.

However, I don't think it has any meaning until you sublimate it as your own.

I bought it on the fly and thought, oh good, that's it.

Because we don't want mechanical diversions like this, we

I want you to feel the utmost satisfaction.

Matsushima-san: “I want to wear it now. What do you think, Kinopi?”

Me: “I think you should stop.”

This bespoke project started with .

In the first place, there is absolutely no material to oppose it, and the opinions of people who are still alive, even if I am not alive, are still in an unknown world.

Mr. Matsushima did not live in that generation, even though he is close to my generation.

I'm very knowledgeable about all kinds of clothes, especially American casual.

While getting to know the latest trends, I've seen a lot of them and researched them.

I was sometimes told that it was a trend when my parents were young,

I haven't actually witnessed the enthusiasm.

Air Max hunting, bondage hunting.

The unprecedented American casual boom and Urahara heyday.

Like someone wore it.

Magazines include BOON, Mennon, fine, POPEYE, etc...

In contrast to modern trends, it has become a cult favorite that everyone has fallen in love with.

Online wasn't as mainstream as it is now, and you could actually line up and buy something or not.

Of course, there is no such thing as a lottery.

While feeling the atmosphere of the scene, you can feel the atmosphere that can only be felt there,

I listen to stories that can only be heard there and buy clothes.

I'm jealous that it was normal.

Clothes that have memories, those from that time.

It makes me think, ``I couldn't have bought that.''

These clothes will be on sale at the following stores starting this weekend, October 1st (Saturday).

・Osaka Prefecture Umeda Silver and Gold

・kink chikaramachi lab, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

Delivered to all generations!


"Buffalo Check Overshirt"

¥82,500 (TAX IN)

An overshirt using the well-known buffalo check.

Buffalo check is said to have been made for over 150 years (at the same time as Levi's, during the gold rush).

Why is it called buffalo check in the first place?

When hunting, mistaking it for prey,

It is said that the color scheme was designed to make it stand out so that hunters would not shoot each other by mistake.

There is a theory that it is the name of a city, and that the designer kept many buffalo, which may or may not be a reason. lol

Shirt-shaped jackets, Mackinaw jackets, etc.

Large buttons and pockets, solid and heavy.

I'm sure you've seen 100% wool jackets at thrift stores.

From there, the bass became a staple of American casual fashion and became a huge boom in the 1990s.

This is the checkered shirt worn by the same guy from the hockey drama "Pride."

Then the jacket, shirt, etc.

For fall/winter 2022, cantate has produced an overshirt.

When it gets chilly, I put it on a T-shirt.

Next, I'll put on a knit and put it on.

Lastly, an overshirt to wear as an inner layer for your coat in the middle of winter.

So what about 100% wool?

It's too hot, limiting the variety of ways you can wear it, and it makes you feel tingly.

In order to keep the roots alive, we can replace it with modern times and make it more wearable on a daily basis.

Depending on how you look at it, advantages can turn into disadvantages.

In modern times, it is common to mix wool with synthetic fibers,

This time I used cotton.

By mixing a lot of cotton with British wool, we eliminate disadvantages such as tingling, weight, and firmness.

It has a finish that allows you to enjoy the aging process, which will not rub with wear or fade with sun exposure.

If you use only wool, it will look stiff and formal.

Autumn is here and I'm thinking about long sleeves...and jackets...

Even though I bought it during the AW, it's kind of frustrating to have restrictions on how I can use it during the off-season.

For T-shirts, knits, and innerwear.

We propose it as an overshirt so that you can enjoy it in three stages.

It's not a blouson, it's not a jacket, and it may differ depending on your interpretation,

It's true that it has a wide range of uses, and I'm happy with its versatile finish.

Two patch pockets and side pockets.

The front has cute leather wrapped buttons.

I imagine these buttons would be a little larger, but they are relatively small.

It has a glossy and classy look, and I think the buttons have a big effect on it.

The familiar plush core is added to the collar and sleeves to further elevate the quality.

The buffalo check is earthy and rough, but it has a new and elegant aspect.

Regarding colors, BLUE×BLACK, GREEN×BLACK.

That's RED. Speaking of this item, isn't it RED?

Matsushima-san: “Those are the two colors.”

RED is divisive, too flashy.

Because of the contrasting color scheme,

These two colors are available to give you a sense of calm.

The vividness is subtle, non-obtrusive, and just the right amount of flashy.

Please choose your favorite color.

Clothing is not a consumable item, but something that can be used for a long time.

No matter what form it takes, it will continue to remain, and I can feel the heat in each one of them,

Don't you want to sublimate yourself in your own way and be proud of it?

It is also a good idea to pass it on to a friend or from parent to child.

I would be happy if this overshirt could be worn as such.

"If you're going to have it anyway, make sure it's the best."

These are the words left by someone who has a close connection to Buffalo Check.

The best criteria for judgment differs from person to person, but of course quality and price are important.

To be honest, it is ideal to take care of things regardless of their price or value.

I believe that everything at cliché is of the highest quality, and I think that the most important thing is the story before and after the purchase.

Returning to the topic of items,

The ones at that time were 100% wool, and if that was "the best",

Mr. Matsushima says that this one made with cotton is "supreme."

However, there are people here who think that it is the best and the supreme.

*cantate "Buffalo Check Overshirt" will be on sale at the following stores from 12:00 on Saturday, October 1st.


・kink chikaramachi lab

2-18 Chitoseimachi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture


・Silver and Gold Umeda

Yasuda Building 103, 1-3 Tsurunocho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture



cliché Kinoshita

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