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6 sheep.


It was my fault for getting serious.

Kinoshita buys nice knitwear.

Israeli clothes.

I just realized that I don't have a Ron T.


"British Leather Jacket"

¥440,000 (TAX IN)


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Cantate's leather jacket has been released this season.

There is only one thing that I will introduce soon.

I've heard that most other stores are running out of it.

It's still early for leather.

I've said it a few times too. For expensive items,

Is that how you've been avoiding him because of your age?

Which one should I buy?

To be honest, this is also quite difficult. I have a lot,

It's a different story if you're in a class where you can judge what's good or bad by yourself.

It's your first time buying something, or it's your first time buying something new. I don't know right or left.

For now, just buy a famous jacket.

While that may be correct, it may not necessarily be a good answer.

I'm confident that the leather I've worn so far is the second-hand Issey Miyake that I worked hard to buy when I was a student.

It wasn't something heavy, so it wasn't anything special.

After that, I inherited it from my mother and wore it, but both were singles.

When you think of leather, double is the first thing that comes to mind.

It's really cool.

While this is from a salesperson's perspective, it is also from a beginner's perspective.

Leather, which I thought didn't suit me. I smile a little when I wear it.

But it's cool. Because I want to wear it,

Once again, I decided to throw away my preconceptions and accept it.

Sheepskin double riders.

A simple and elegant piece with a distinctive three zipper arrangement on the front.

This rider's jacket has a heavy and strong impression, but it has a moderately mild impression.

Although the color is black, it is more of a dark brown.

The tape part of the zipper is beige, and I hate that the black tape gives it a tanned look.

Even though it's black, it looks like brown.

First, beige leather is made and then subjected to a process called vegetable tanning.

The final form is then painted with black pigment to give this look.

I'm really looking forward to the contrast with the base that will be created after wearing it, and how it will look like a vintage texture in a few decades.

Of course, it has a masculine feel to it, but I don't really get that particular rugged impression.

Even if it's just hanging in a store, it usually catches people's attention.

It's not just the impact you see at first glance, you can feel the core strength.

I think this is a piece that has a certain elegance to it.

A distinctive look with a thick, matte luster.

Of all the sheep leather I have seen so far, there is no sheep leather that is this thick.

Normally it is 1mm, but the leather used this time is about 1.6mm.

In the first place, when sheep are raised, they are raised for purposes such as wool, milk, meat, and leather.

Sheep leather is thin and soft, and has a smooth and beautiful silver surface (leather surface) and suede surface, so

It is often used in clothing and accessories.

But it's "thin".

So why is this leather so thick? When I asked Mr. Matsushima, he said,

“Sheep are raised for meat in a meat-eating area, so they can grow to this extent.”

They say it's a sheep raised for meat in Mexico, where there is a Churrasco culture.

Well, it's difficult for amateurs. lol

I'll try to break it down and explain.

The woolly sheep we have seen are improved breeds.

The reason for breeding is to prevent hair from falling out, so that it can shed a lot of hair.

In short, it is a sheep whose wool does not grow back.

By becoming thinner, the hair becomes thinner and more delicate, which leads to the quality of super○○'s.

If you're skinny, your skin will be shabby. Even if the hair is good, the skin is not.

The beautiful silver and suede surfaces are no longer available.

The leather we used this time is from sheep raised to be eaten as meat.

Since they are bred to be eaten as meat, they eat a lot and gain weight.

As a result, it becomes firmer and thicker, giving it a smooth and tough feel.

And for 6 heads.

Originally, it was made with hagi added to reduce costs, but

At cantate, we offer really good and luxurious food.

It has a beautiful finish with no burrs on the back of the sleeves or in the center.

I can proudly say that this is a great leather jacket.

The zipper is from the British company CLIX.

If it is pure black, it will be glarey, but it goes well with the brown body.

Although it is made seriously and faithfully,

The playful finish with a slightly off-centered perspective creates this atmosphere.

It will look new to both first-time users and collectors.

The zipper seems expensive...

The lining includes Bellows Jacket etc. even in 2021AW.

The back satin gabardine used as the main material is used.

This is an uncompromising finish that we are particular about because it is invisible.

175cm / 60kg

Cantate's clothes are usually 46 or 48. Leather is worn at 44.

Regarding this, there is no point in wearing it too big, so we recommend that you wear it just right.

After taking the photo, my neck hurt so much that I was introduced to leather.

It also contains a lot of oil and will soften quickly.

The same goes for leather shoes and boots, but they have a shape that is unique to you.

It's a one-of-a-kind item that won't fit in with anyone else's wear, just for you.

The product is created through a process that directly reflects body temperature and lifestyle.

This is the essence of leather, and people become addicted to leather by experiencing it for themselves.

According to Mr. Matsushima, first sprinkle water with a sprayer to make it wet.

It is said that the texture will be better if you wear it and move around before it dries.

Just applying oil did not create a good texture.

When I thought about why bike riders are so cool,

He said he ended up there because he thought it was because he was being hit by the rain.

The turning of the collar and the belt parts on the hem will leave marks as you use them, so

It may be a good idea to let it grow naturally instead of forcing it to the button.

Cantate rider's jacket with leather entrance.

Although it is a domestic leather jacket,

Although it is designed to be easy to wear on a daily basis,

I believe that this item, which was created with all my knowledge, will give you an opportunity to learn more about leather.

Seriously, it's really good.


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥25,300 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

It also goes great with turtles who are pushing hard.

When opening it, turn it out, and when tightening it, tuck it in to keep it together.

Come to think of it, the belt parts at the hem are

Designed to avoid contact of the zip with the bike's tank.

You can fasten it tightly and pair it with slacks for an elegant look.

You can also pair it with denim for a rustic look.

I want to match it with navy slacks.


CLASS "CCCA14UNI A" ¥63,800 (TAX IN)

A denim vest is interesting for those who want to pair it with something different.

I thought a raw denim vest was too biker, but

It feels comfortable when you try it on. It's so cool...

The tight leather sleeves also create space in the armholes, giving it a relaxed look.

It's not expensive considering the quality. But it's not a cheap purchase.

If you have never bought it, you may not even be able to measure it.

If you just think it's cool but don't pick it up, you won't know if it's good or bad.

That's why I want you to pick it up at least once.

Even if you don't know anything about it, you can learn the joy of growing it yourself from scratch.

It looks cool like this, I want to add wrinkles here.

If that's the case, the process of trying to do this should be the most interesting.

One thing you won't know until you wear it is that it grows best when exposed to the rain.

This is the ultimate piece of clothing that shows you the true charm of leather.

It doesn't matter if it's early or doesn't suit you.

Look. I started wanting to make it my own.


cliché Kinoshita

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