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An ordinary coverall.



This is Kinoshita from cliché .

At first glance, these coveralls are nothing special.

I guess I try on clothes at least once a day in some way.

I thought it was nothing, but something appealed to me.

To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to it at the time of the exhibition.

My personal orders include band shirts, ombre shirts, moleskin set-ups, mustard crewneck sweatshirts, pants, and cardigans, and so on.

The things I wear the most, the things that would be useful if I had them.

But I have similar clothes.

The position of the rack is also not particularly important.

It's not an exaggeration to say that it's rather inconspicuous since it's so hot right now, and it doesn't have to be now.

Why does it shine so brightly?

Is it the season or the mood? That's also true, but it's different.

Very stuffy.

Today, we'll be talking about me and coveralls.


"Postman Jacket"

¥66,000 (TAX IN)

A jacket with a motif of vintage coveralls.

The first work brand that comes to mind is the Postman Jacket.

The Postman jacket has lapels and is a slightly A-line jacket.

It's similar because it has work elements, but I think it's more like Lee or something like that.

I had some doubts, so I asked Mr. Matsushima, and he said,

"It looks like something a postal worker would wear."

Well, it sure looks like he's wearing it.

I took this opportunity to look into the Postman jacket once again, and I also had these questions.

At that point, I thought maybe I was being drawn into it, but at the same time, I also thought that names are important.

If you look closely, you can see that the coveralls have a detailed, urban finish.

It's easy to put on, and you can put it on loosely without worrying about it, but it's high quality.

A finish that seems like I've encountered it before, but I've never encountered it before.

Perhaps it's the fact that I've seen a certain amount of clothing that I can only feel its charm.


Don't turn away from this jacket just because it looks simple, and that's why you should check it out.

Come to think of it, I was struck by the fact that it was not introduced very strongly at the exhibition.

Is there something to the contrary?

I don't dare to ask too much, and I feel like I want to use the information I've learned so far to unravel the story.

Relaxed and loose fit. I love that it's easy to put on in early fall.

This jacket has an authentic design and goes well with styling, making it suitable for layering.

It is an item that shows the ruggedness or has a rough atmosphere,

The first impression of quality is the fine details.

This is because they know that even if they keep things that smell like earth, people will get tired of seeing them.

First of all, the laurel button on the front catches your eye.

The content is similar to the "Troublesome Denim" blog I wrote previously, and the buttons are all in the same direction, with ☆ on top.

It is not easy to attach each button by hand in the same direction. At times, factories are in a race against time, and they are able to do so with such consideration.

And it doesn't seem like they're specifically asking you to do that...

Lee and BIG MAC's buttons are original with logos, but I also like how they are modest and not pushed out all the way. In the first place, I never use a button with a brand logo. lol

By the way, the buttonhole under the second button is for attaching an underwater watch chain.

Pay attention to the fineness of the hand movement, as if you were making a dress shirt.

There are times when larger stitches bring out the best, but this is fine.

It has a stylish and urban atmosphere.

This is also the case with the BIG Trucker Jacket and other denim jackets, but at the base of the sleeves under the armpits.

This is actually a big point.

In the original and vintage models, all of these overlapping parts overlap in the same position, so when you lower your arm, it stings your side and hurts.

I've never really experienced it that much, but when I put on the original, I remember that it hurt quite a bit when I lowered my arm as hard as I could. lol

The evolution of subtle details that are rarely talked about.

Even if you don't know about it, it will give you a chance to learn about it, and it's also interesting to know that such a thing existed.

This is something that can be changed now, and I think it's a fun part of clothes that buyers want to talk about with pride.

The main thing that attracted me to this blog is probably the wrapping stitch.

I think the coveralls you often see have triple stitching.

The shoulder line, sleeve base, etc., which would normally be triple stitched, are all double stitched.

It doesn't look heavy and doesn't make too much of a statement.

It had just the right amount of mildness, and I guess I was attracted to that strange feeling.

These coveralls are simple, with ready-made buttons and double stitching, but still maintain a high quality feel.

It seems that some of the store brand coveralls from the Great War era include these.

However, it was simplified because of the difficult situation. I can't help but think that maybe that's the motif, and I can't help but feel the charm of it all the more.

It's too late, but there are two colors available: BEIGE and INDIGO, which looks like hickory.

Made of Sunfolk cotton with a dry touch, it has a finish that will change over time.

I'm looking forward to seeing BEIGE lose more and more color and become closer to white.

But I'd also like to see the hickory-like INDIGO become more like SAX.

I just wrote a blog about changes over time the other day, so I'm getting more excited.

Also, cantate is available at BEAMS stores starting this season.

Although it is available as some items, we also have a special order for INDIGO, which is not the hickory of this jacket.

Since it is made of the same fabric as denim, you can also set it up.

I think the online store is already out of stock.

We also carry other items, so be sure to visit a store that carries BEAMS F.


cantate "Crew Neck Sweater" ¥121,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "Ombre Open Collar Shirt" ¥52,800 (TAX IN)


10eyevan "NO.6 3FR" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

It's nothing, it's nothing.

Clothes that make you aware and make you feel interesting.

I feel like I've seen a lot of clothes, but...

Even for people who have seen more, I think it will seem fresh.


cliché Kinoshita

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