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cantate 2022AW START.

I was looking for something like this.

2022's Ombre Open Collar Shirt.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Today was a public holiday, so I went outside during the day and now I'm stuck at home, but it feels like the summer heat is already here.

It's still hot during the day, and I feel like it's a pain to walk.

I'm looking forward to the temperature dropping.

I've already started buying a lot of new releases, so I have a lot of stuff I want to introduce to you.

I bought one too and am already wearing it even though it's hot. Turn on the cooler indoors.

Outside, all I could feel was the stares from those around me telling me it was hot. .

Now, as the seasons change, I've been meaning to introduce my personal denim.

As mentioned above, there are many things I would like to introduce.

However, when I washed it for the first time, I was so impressed with the result that I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Up until now, I had been wasting my time washing it and letting it show signs of aging, but it makes a difference if you endure it.

It gets stuck firmly around the waist and knees, and the color fades.

If you wash your clothes easily and quickly, there will be only a small change in your habits and lifestyles, so be patient.

I tried to wash it once again, about twice a week, after about two months of wearing it, but it lasted about six months.

It's about 60 days in terms of dates.

If you are in an environment where you can wear them every day, you may be able to wash them after 2 months.

The denim setups I used to wear often had to be washed in the washing machine twice in a row.

Absolutely heretical. Not yet, lol

This time I won't go dark and will go straight.

My first impression was that the color faded so much.

It has been given one wash, and even though this is the first time since I bought it from there, I can feel a big change.

To wash, turn it inside out, add detergent, and run it in the washing machine as usual.

It will wrinkle after washing, so please iron it afterwards.

I also buy products that have been biowashed or bleached, and I keep them because I like them. There are some textures that can only be achieved by washing products, so this is a different story.

However, I am writing this blog thinking that it is better to feel this joy and happiness. (Sorry if you know that!)

I also think that there are surprisingly few people among the younger generation who have cultivated denim properly.

Honestly, I'm one of them, and that's why it's so late.

Up until now, I had only dabbled in thick denim and items with strong designs, but now I have finally arrived at 5 Pockets.

I am acutely aware that orthodox denim is cool.

As for the jacket, I've been looking for a loose-fitting 3rd type jacket.

I wanted to buy these from a well-crafted brand that followed the vintage style, so I'm glad I waited.

Top: Personal items

Bottom: New

If you look at the photo, it looks quite different.

I'd been wearing it since I had long hair, so the back of the collar was probably covered in oil, so the color had faded.

But I like the faded collar.

The puckering also looks nice.

By the way, if you wear it on a rainy day, you will see a difference in the changes, so if you like it, please come by. lol

But this is the same with western boots, engineer boots, and leather jackets.

It gives it a realistic texture, so it's not necessarily a mistake to be exposed to rain.

It's already the second half, so as soon as the weather is bad, it's time to wear it! A lot of tension.

I was excited.

Next is the winding part. (The chain stitch part where the fabric overlaps)

There are some differences, but this one is also finished in a cool way.

By the way, the stitch widths for rolling stitches are 6.4mm, 7.2mm, and 8mm.

Among them, 7.2mm width is the width of so-called vintage jeans.

This cantate denim is also 7.2mm.

Actually, it's 7.2mm, which is special, so it shouldn't be a problem.

There is a story behind it, so please ask at the store.

Similar content, the stitch width of the three-fold rolled stitch at the hem of the pants is 8mm.

Some are over 10mm wide, but the narrower the width, the more fine and numerous wrinkles appear.

Not yet, but...

The belt loops, hidden rivets, each edge, and the wrapped stitching on the yoke part have become more shading and have more depth.

The area around my buttocks seems to have fallen off more than the rest, which is probably a sign that I was wearing a hip pant, haha.

The discoloration of the belt loops on the back tells you this.

The long-awaited beard is visible in the pockets, but you can't feel it around the thighs yet.

Speaking of strong, there was a trace of a cell phone in my left pocket.

It's embarrassing, but this is also a badge of honor.


"BIG Trucker Jacket" ¥68,200 (IN TAX)

"Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

It's already one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to wearing it again in the fall.

This blog doesn't have any pictures of me wearing it, and it's been half a year since it's changed over time, so I'm completely satisfied with it. lol

I only had one denim jacket left, so I turned into coveralls for fall and winter, so...

If you are interested, please hurry.

As I wrote on my blog the other day, there are some sizes missing for denim,

We still have a complete lineup available in stores.

It has a texture just like vintage denim and excellent discoloration.

Yet, the casual design makes it comfortable to wear,

It gives you a sense of security that goes well with any style.

Denim is full of value in choosing, which is different from buying used clothes.

I'm looking forward to seeing both black and gray have a different texture from indigo.


I'll soon be in my 30's, who I used to make fun of as an "old man" when I was little.

Significant skin deterioration, odor, and laziness,

Even though I'm a bit of an old man, I came here and realized how good denim is.

It's deep.

Although I am still inexperienced, I would like to learn more through actual experience.

Denim is seriously cool.


cliché Kinoshita

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