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As if it were a living thing.


It doesn't matter what color it is.

Pants that aren't too cool.



This is Kinoshita from cliché.

This is the cantate belt that I previously introduced on this blog .

It's been about 3 months since I've been using it, and I feel much better.

I use it most of the time, except when I'm wearing sweatpants, so I feel like it changes pretty quickly.

It's getting cooler and cooler, so I'm proud to introduce it to you. lol


"Ribbon Belt"


¥35,000 (¥38,500 TAX ​​IN)

The quality of the leather and the luster of the buckle exude luxury, and it is also extremely versatile.

Casual, dressed up, anything goes.

As long as you have one with you, you can feel safe, and it has been used as an extremely reliable tool.

Plus, the way it has changed is really cool. .

My handling is sloppy, so there is some damage.

It's something you use every day, so it's a bit of a burden, so it can't be helped. It's also a taste.

It's hard when you first use it, but it soon becomes soft.

I've gotten used to it quite a bit, so mine is more supple than the new one.

Details such as details are introduced in the previous blog, so

I hope you will take a look at them.

Previously, it was released without this buckle,

This time it has been renewed with a buckle.

I borrowed some of Matsushima's personal belongings that have been used a lot, so I'd like to introduce them as well.

It becomes more glossy and glossy, and as mentioned above, it becomes softer.

Because it is a natural product, the rate of change may vary in some areas.

The slowness and speed of the scene creates shadows, and the atmosphere is outstanding.

In addition, the wrinkles on the surface are emphasized, so it feels like living skin, which is probably why I think it's so cool.

When I looked at the new condition again, it gave me a smooth impression.

I'm not saying it's dead, but it's becoming more and more alive.

Maybe that's easy to understand?

Now, let's compare the new and used versions.

The black color has a faded feel, as if the pigment is coming out a little.

Depending on how the light hits it, it can look like navy.

It seems that the used part will turn blackish green...

The brown color becomes darker.

It's also interesting that stains can form due to moisture adhesion.

If you want to feel the change strongly, please choose brown without hesitation and try growing it.

The back will also be a little fuzzy.

The changes may vary depending on the pants you usually wear.

When wearing denim, the color will bleed slightly, so please be careful when wearing rigid clothing.

However, this can be said about almost any leather belt, so don't judge it.

Anyway, the best way to know about this is to look at the photos.

If you are interested, please choose it.

Come to think of it, if I hadn't taken this job, I would have become a teacher.

I don't think it will be a jersey every day, and I want it to be crisp.

You would probably wear this with your suit and tuck your shirt in during changing periods to show off.

I don't want a stronger belt.

But I'm less interested in the delicate ones.

A leather belt with just the right amount of flavor that seems to have taken advantage of the best parts.

Don't forget to give just the right amount of emphasis and don't get in the way.

Once you start paying attention to belts, there's no end to it, and it's difficult to know when to buy them.

I also like to prioritize clothes if possible.

I would be happy if you could choose me for some reason.

By the way, the other day, a woman bought it for me.

Apparently it was a present from her boyfriend.

To be honest, I don't often buy things myself, and as I wrote earlier, I end up putting them off.

I have a lot of things like accessories and watches,

When we think of presents, we tend to associate leather accessories with wallets, etc.

The wallet also has its own timing.

It is something that is worn every day, and there are many opportunities to touch it. In addition, it is easy to feel its value.

It's definitely the perfect gift.

I was as happy as I was.

thank you for your help!

I only have black,

Adding brown makes your clothes look really appealing.

Now I want another color.



cliché kinoshita

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