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I'm moved by that, I long for it.


No problem, coveralls.

A little emotional.

A really good turtleneck.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I wasn't able to write my first blog, but

We started handling CLASS from 22AW.

I want to handle CLASS no matter what.

But what do you think of one of the brands that hasn't expanded its account that much?

With that in mind, I contacted them once, and miraculously one of my accounts was gone, so I decided to join them.

That's why it's been on store shelves since this season.


CLASS, created by Michiyuki Horikiri,

“Turning permanent items into avant-garde items, and turning avant-garde items into real clothing items”

Based on this concept, we are developing unique items.

As I said in an interview that I design products in the same way I would shop, the brand is a brand that makes products that are not tied to trends, and that can be said to be non-major products.

I first heard about it when I was in my hometown.

Without knowing much about it, I bought a T-shirt and belt when I went shopping from the countryside to the city when I was a freshman in college.

I didn't really check it out after that, but when I moved to Tokyo and started working at a clothing store, I bought T-shirts again at the recommendation of a senior colleague.

(You could say it was the uniform of the time) ``The length of the Healthknit is really amazing,'' he said.

I remember being forced to buy it for my own personal taste, but...(I still wear it)

After a while, when I was tired of clothes being monotonous, I started looking at CLASS clothes again and started buying them.

I haven't worn it lately...

I might not wear this again.

With the addition of CLASS clothes, the clothes that used to be in the second class in the closet,

As if the clothes I had just bought were revived, they rejoined the army.

A small change can create new variations.

I wonder what kind of clothes I can find while feeling such goodness.

I look forward to it every season.

And Mr. Horikiri, the designer.

It's hard to say that we've gotten closer to each other, but in my mind, he's like a master.

Every time I go to an exhibition, I spend 1.2 hours one-on-one explaining concepts and products.

In reality, there aren't many brands that take the time to explain things in such detail.

When the number of accounts increases, it becomes too busy to do that.

I'm not saying that's why, but the number of CLASS clothes produced is not that large.

My stance is that even if there are many difficult clothes, as long as there are at least a few people who want to wear them and they like them, that's fine.

Of course, it does not follow trends and does not appeal to buyers or the general public.

When I go to an exhibition, I can't read anything, and I get so excited because I don't know what will be there.

There are many brands that are popular with the public.

There is no way you can predict what it will be like before the exhibition.

It's like watching a movie for the first time every time.

What's more, it's incredibly funny and gives you the highest sense of excitement.

You can't solve it according to the textbook,

I can't help but be overflowing with interest in such a mysterious atmosphere.

I read the few interviews I have, and even at exhibitions I ask questions even if I don't understand.

But since I can't read and understand the mysterious details myself,

It's a little scary to ask, but it's also fun to get more than 100% responses.

By the way, the thing that made me most excited was that Mr. Horikiri's roots are in skateboarding. (From GQ)

I'm not particularly good at it either, but I've been doing it, and I like skateboarding and fashion.

What made me even more interested in CLASS, which I didn't get a glimpse of at first, was that

Looking back, maybe it was then.

It's true that there are times when the atmosphere of the look makes you feel that way, but I never expected it to be that way. .

By the way, I finally got to listen to it last time. Do you still skateboard?

``I still do it by myself sometimes at night.''

Apparently, he even met legendary skater Tony Alva.

By the way, his deck is still ALVA, of course.

I'm really jealous of her and she's the coolest. .

However, the reason why the various images are so chaotic is that

I guess it's the charm that keeps attracting me more and more.

Military, dress, casual, American casual mode.

Although genre boundaries don't matter at all, and the sense of balance created by all the mixes feels strange, it shows us that there are no rules for us.

I thought anything would be fine, so I decided to incorporate it into my styling.

That basically sums it up. Approximately 80% type.

This time, a mesh mock neck like thermal,

A denim vest with cut-off sleeves,

Ultra suede harness.

(Leather harnesses will also be available later.)

Now, how should I wear it?

I always stop for a moment, but I can think about styling for the rest of my life.

Spices are also items that can be said to have surpassed the standard, so as mentioned above, the number of products produced and distributed is not large.

In a sense, I have the idea that I might not be able to get it if I don't buy it, so I always end up buying it because of that.

After that, it gives you unlimited time to think about your own wardrobe.

The many persuasive powers that come from making only what you like and not commercially.

Since then, our store's style has been added and derived, and it continues to exist as an even more diverse genre.

With an innocent heart, like a child who was able to stand and walk for the first time.


¥31,900 (TAX IN)


¥63,800 (TAX IN)


¥42,900 (TAX IN)

Mr. Horikiri teaches us that fashion is freedom and self-expression.

She's the person who loves and enjoys clothes the most I've ever seen.

The extension of this is to enjoy everyday fashion even more.

"CLASS" is a trigger for us buyers.

Every time I meet her, I'm at a loss for words, wondering what she's wearing.

At the exhibition the other day,

"I wish there were no seasons."

I remember him saying this while wearing a tank top and jacket on an extremely hot day .

It's completely different from everyday life, and so is the brand.

They calmly do things that we cannot do.

I'm moved by that, I long for it.

That's CLASS for me.


cliché Kinoshita

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