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ROTOL POP UP begins.




This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Starting today, we are holding a ROTOL pop-up. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the difficulty in viewing the page earlier.

We are very sorry.

You can currently view it from the top page banner, so please check it out.

I explained the outline in the blog the other day at the above URL,

Today we would like to introduce you to the lineup and its styling.

As always, this time's color palette is rich in color.

It may seem flashy, but if you incorporate it into your styling,

There are only items that blend in easily.

I think it would be interesting for our current selection lineup.

We also have some short sleeves and shorts, but I thought they were early preparations for summer.

¥30,000 (¥33,000 TAX ​​IN)

¥32,000 (¥35,200 TAX ​​IN)

¥32,000 (¥35,200 TAX ​​IN)

First up is a shirt and pants set made from rayon/nylon, which is a key material for this season.

The material is extremely light and makes you want to wear it as relaxing wear in the summer.

It drapes like high-quality pajamas, has a rich luster, and has a very classy finish.

In addition, due to the characteristic of the material, it has a cooling sensation to the touch, so it will not be sticky and will be comfortable to wear even in the coming seasons.

Shirts are available in short sleeve and long sleeve.

Please note that some colors and sizes are already missing for each item.

Both designs have no collar, so the collar fits well and can be worn like an open collar.

By buttoning all the long sleeves, it looks like a jacket, so

If you use it differently depending on your mood, you may find it more versatile.

In addition, the side slits, which are the heart of the design,

By adding buttons, you can also help fine-tune your silhouette.

It's also attractive because it allows you to see a glimpse of your innerwear and makes it easier to access your pockets.

The shirt has a slit. As for the pants,

In addition to the main side pockets, there is a hidden pocket on the seam.

It's a small pocket that can hold bills and coins,

The AirPods fit snugly and comfortably.


cantate "Fluffy Crew Neck Pullover" ¥39,000 (¥42,900 TAX ​​IN)

If possible, I would like you to wear it as a set-up,

BROWN has good coloring, and NAVY has a surprising impact, so

Single use is also recommended. The shirt is positioned like a plain aloha shirt.

You can also tuck it in and wear it like a jumpsuit, but

The following items are also attractive, so please look at the photos and compare them before making your selection.

¥54,000 (¥59,400 TAX ​​IN)

All-in-one made of the same material.

Around summer last year, I tried all-in-one for the first time, and I've been hooked ever since.

What I own are dresses and fashionable items,

This all-in-one is reasonably classy and masculine.

Because it is an item that has a strong image of work wear,

If the feeling of work is too strong, it will be too serious and you won't be able to do much with it.

However, some of me find the feeling of work appealing.

The size is about medium thick.

Patch pocket with flap at shirt collar, waist adjustment tab with dot buttons,

It has a belt loop.

If you make it with earthy materials such as cotton twill or herringbone,

Honestly, I feel like I might end up going that route.

However, this is also a strange material, and it's classy, ​​but it's moderately masculine.

I tried pairing it with both boots and sneakers, and they both have a good balance.

You can also make adjustments such as wearing a belt and cropping the hem,

I don't think you need to think too much about the volume of your feet.


cantate "Twisted Heather Crew-Neck Sweater" ¥65,000 (¥71,500 TAX ​​IN)


cantate "Satin Herringbone Bellows Jacket" ¥78,000 (¥85,800 TAX ​​IN)

You can also style it by knitting it from above or wrapping the sleeves around your waist.

Although this is an item category that feels difficult, it's honestly easier than setting up.

I often say I wear it when I'm worried, but I used to wear it about 3 times a week lol.

In addition to NAVY, BROWN is a highly recommended color.

I like colored things, so I was looking for the next eye-catching color.

This may be the end.

¥45,000 (¥49,500 TAX ​​IN)

¥49,000 (¥53,900 TAX ​​IN)

¥46,000 (¥50,600 TAX ​​IN)

Three types are available from the demolition/reconstruction series.

Fatigue jacket, cargo pants, cargo shorts.

It's quite impressive. That's what I was thinking at the time of the exhibition,

This also gives off a pretty good atmosphere.

The design has been partially disassembled, and the pattern and fabric thickness have also changed.

The seam part is expressed as a fringe by the thread that remains when it is left uncut.

It promotes the "uniqueness" that has been brought out on the outside and has been modified.

When it comes to patchwork, it does exist, but the big difference between it and others is that it doesn't look contrived.

The dot buttons are also original,

The jacket feels similar to a coach jacket when worn.

The pants are like climbing pants and have a webbing belt at the waist.

Although it is light, it has flap pockets and a drawcord at the hem.

The hemostatic tape and knee pleats are faithfully applied, giving it an authentic finish.


cantate "Stupid Shaggy Cardigan" ¥145,000 (¥159,500 TAX ​​IN)


cantate "Satin Herringbone Bellows Jacket" ¥78,000 (¥85,800 TAX ​​IN)

Since it is similar to a projectile, I kept everything else simple.

I think it would be really cool for a woman to wear it.

This is a one-of-a-kind item that will help you get out of a fashion rut.

¥25,000 (¥27,500 TAX ​​IN)

A basic shirt that is a standard item.

It has a slightly large size and the armholes are thick.

Isn't this the perfect shirt to wear right now?

This time's pattern is different from usual, it's a tame and classic check.

It looks black, but it's actually blue.

The third photo was taken under sunlight, but I used a flash to convey the colors.

It's hard to understand, but if you look closely, you can clearly recognize it. That's good fabric.

It's dry to the touch, so it doesn't feel cold to the touch,

I think this is a shirt that has good breathability and will appear more often.


cantate "Fluffy Pants" ¥-

Tuck into denim! Leather shoes! As you can imagine,

I tried to relax as much as I could.

¥24,000 (¥26,400 TAX ​​IN)

I didn't introduce it in the same way, but this is also a series of demolition and reconstruction.

Cut off the body of a white Basque T-shirt,

Cut off the bottom of the sleeve,

It's fun to see how the border is placed in the space while leaving the hem intact.

I thought I was getting tired of Basque T-shirts, but on the contrary, I often see my friends buying them.

It's an interesting item that can be worn as an innerwear, and can make a difference!

I quite like it.

¥26,000 (¥28,600 TAX ​​IN)

Nylon shorts are ROTOL's specialty. It is amphibious.

In addition to the ever-popular black, this is also the ever-popular olive.

The gray color, which is similar to a space suit, is also very nice because it doesn't look like it's been used before.

Easy waist, pretty nice dot buttons on the front, zip fly.

A waterproof zipper is placed on the side from the waist to the hem.

When opened, a side pocket appears.

It also has a built-in reflector, making it safe to walk at night.

Even if you play by the riverside until late at night and get lost, it's easy to find. lol

A little futuristic feeling that outdoor brands don't have,

But at first glance, they look like simple shorts.


cantate "Mods Sleeve Shirt" ¥48,000 (¥52,800 TAX ​​IN)

Come to think of it, I can already go to a festival this year!

I was asked what kind of clothes I would wear if I were to go to a festival.

I kept this in mind when styling the look.

The shorts look great... (I don't wear them that often so I'm shocked)

BORDER: ¥13,000 (¥14,300 TAX ​​IN)

Actually, the blog I finished writing disappeared before I could update it.

It's been a prank from God since my previous job. It's been a long time since something like this happened.

Due to this, I was unable to update before the release, and the border was sold out in the meantime.

As expected, borders are popular in any season.

This green color, the pitch width reminiscent of the microphone from Stranger Things, and the retro feel.

A sequel has just been decided, so it's true that it's very popular for me.

I wanted.


cantate "BIG Trucker Jacket" ¥62,000 (¥68,200 TAX ​​IN)

cantate "The Noble Pants" ¥47,000 (¥51,700 TAX ​​IN)

For those who get it, I would like you to try styling it like this.

So please allow me to introduce you.


refomed "KATSURAGI DENIM KNICKERBOCKERS" ¥22,000 (¥24,200 TAX ​​IN)


The design incorporates the twists seen in vintage T-shirts.

The side seams are tucked inward, giving it an addictive look.

There is actually a secret to the width of the double stitch at the hem.

Apparently it is designed to prevent puckering.

There aren't many second-hand clothes that are this size, and there aren't many balls that come in this color.

It's impossible to even try to find a plain color, so it's a bit of a prick.

Basic WHITE and BLACK, these two colors are washed, so

It has a rough, slightly used texture.

On the other hand, BLUE, GREEN, and BROWN have a more durable texture and emphasize the silhouette.

The missing border was a flexible one that was in between the three types, with just the right amount of drape.


Many of the designs are masculine, but they are also unisex.

That's why it's not neutral, and the design is just right and has a really nice flavor.

When combined properly, it will give you a great sense of freshness.

A vivid lineup that looks like something worn by children overseas in the 80s.

I can't wait for Stranger Things. The clothes made me feel that way.


cliché Kinoshita

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