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want to go on a trip.


cliché is a cliché.

That's what this store is for.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Thank you very much for coming to our store this weekend!

I was able to meet some people for the first time due to the release of BDU, which made me feel warm.

I think the earliest one has already arrived, so I would be happy if you could use it a lot.

Come to think of it, last week there were a lot of visitors from far away, and it seemed like they were on a lot of business trips and training.

Many people from Mie Prefecture, my hometown, also came.

Travel is also in a relaxed mood. It looks like it's going to get more exciting from now on.

I want to go somewhere too.

That's right, I went on a 4-night trip during Golden Week, and this bag came in very handy.

The name is "Traveler Bag".

A large tote bag that you can use not only for everyday use but also for traveling.

Just holding this makes me want to go on a trip.

I want to show it off since it's a big deal, but

The fact that you can feel fashionable may actually be the biggest factor.

I have introduced the product several times before, so please check out this blog .


"Traveler Bag"

¥154,000 (TAX IN)

Available in 4 colors. INDIGO×BLACK is sold out and there are now 3 colors.

This time I will talk about the convenience of this bag.

Honestly, with this kind of impact, I feel like convenience is no longer an issue...

Kinoshita, who is famous for carrying a lot of luggage, challenges his limits.

I always end up overpacking. Becomes bready.

That said, I wonder what it is like.

Let's recreate the contents of our recent trip.

This is the amount for 4 nights,

When I visited kink at a cantate event, it was about this amount. (2 nights)

By the way, I was carrying not only this bag but also a backpack. .

Now, let's take a look at this menu.

I had 3 days worth of clothes, and on the last day I styled them with what I had worn and what I had on hand.

I thought I might wear sweatshirts because they're comfortable, but I ended up bringing them with me, and sandals are also a must. But this is surprisingly not used.

3-4 hats. I also put in a waist bag that is a bit big,

A makeup bag, writing utensils, sunglasses, books, a MacBook, and two pairs of shoes. .

It won't come in. lol

Do you want to go in? The zipper seems to be screaming a bit,

It is highly durable and the zipper is heavy so you can rest assured.

But be careful not to overfill it to use it for a long time.

Don't imitate good children.

The form is no longer fastened, but it will fit this much, so

I think it would be a good idea to use it as a reference, adjust the amount, and divide it into portions.

Ideally, I'd like to go with this much.

A day's worth of styling, essential mac and shoes.

The hotel has amenities, so you don't need pajamas.

It's well designed so you can travel with minimal luggage.

This is an extra edition.

T-shirts, denim, shirts, jackets and shoes.

This is Matsushima's case.

I've seen it several times on business trips, and it's a minimum amount of luggage that I can't even imagine.

Moreover, the package was sent in cardboard the day before, so

The clothes pictured here are actually not in the bag.

Something like that.

I would be happy if it was helpful.

As you can imagine from the way I pack my luggage, it's extremely heavy.

In the past, I even changed my style to buying a cart and carrying it along.

Well, because of its weight, the leather ages extremely quickly.

Now you can feel the softness even from the appearance.

I travel because I want to go somewhere.

But there is one reason why I want to go out with this bag.

There are also opportunities to receive things from things.

From those who bought it,

I'm most looking forward to taking this with me on holidays.

Some say that. I understand, I totally understand.

To have it, to use it.

It's now just an excuse to carry this bag.

22AW will cost ¥198,000, and there is only one of each available.

Is this an excuse to buy?

But it's okay. Even if I'm being kind to myself sometimes.


cliché Kinoshita

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