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Kinoshita buys nice knitwear.


If you have it anyway.

It was my fault for getting serious.

Addictive knits.

3 shirts.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

The season when fashion is so much fun has arrived.

It's finally 14 degrees, or maybe it's already 12 degrees.

You can wear knits and layer them.

When I was thinking of wearing a knit today, I realized that I didn't have any.

I have so many clothes in my closet, but I can't wear

Cantate knits have been appearing in many styling styles for some time.

As always, I'm starting to want it more and more.

It's very attractive for someone like me who doesn't have any knitwear to wear.

To be honest, I ordered quite a lot from cantate this season.

Although it has the name of direct management and select,

I ordered so much that my wallet was dry (next time too).

MA-1, mohair cardigan, turtleneck x 2, moleskin setup, sweat top and bottom, band collar shirt, checked shirt...

That's impossible! I don't have my wallet.

The price wall is rising.

While saying that, I try it on again and again.

We have always been confident that our knits are of good quality.

I've never bought anything that I can say that about.

Used wool knits for around 10,000 yen.

→There are many colors, and many colors are available. But it's only because it's cheap.

The next winter, it pilled so much that I didn't wear it anymore. And it's tingling.

A new one for 20,000 units.

→It's close to the tension at that time.

The silhouette is also modern and is at its peak this season.

I don't have a particularly strong attachment to it. But I wear it...

They have not been able to establish themselves in a position that they can rely on in times of trouble.

40,000 units for design items.

→This is what you want to wear as a hand.

Plain knit for around 60,000 yen.

→It is also relatively durable and will make you look stylish just by wearing it.

I'm satisfied and feel like I'm wearing something nice.

Be a little careful when choosing the price and size.


→It is a power word. Lol (now here)

By the way, the average person can be satisfied with 20,000 units. From my mother's point of view, this seems like a stupid thing to say.

If you go up to 40,000 units, it's an amount that people who like clothes can spend to a certain extent.

60,000, I want something good, so I'm willing to pay the price.

Although I thought it was expensive, knits and sweaters are actually

I think around 60,000 is normal.

In fact, I think this is the zone where things start to get better.

But, when it gets close to 100,000,

Honestly, it's not a range that I would want to buy under duress.

Honestly, it is difficult to be self-sufficient.

You need to have a certain amount of material, such as other people's opinions and actual impressions.

So, should I buy this or not? That's the topic for today.


"Crew Neck Sweater"

¥121,000 (TAX IN)

This is a knit that is released regularly, but this season's colors are PANDA and GIRAFFE.

The result is a unique mélange-like texture created by combining two colored threads.

Made from Mongolian white cashmere and Super140's wool.

Not only is it extremely soft to the touch, but it also has a unique texture with a slimy feel.

It is no exaggeration to say that he is an "excellent thread user."

Compared to the baby cashmere ones from cantate this season,

In contrast to baby cashmere knit, which is characterized by its smoothness,

This knit has firmness.

Although it is a knit, it has a nice three-dimensional feel, similar to a sweatshirt.

*Brand new

65% cashmere, 35% wool.

Why add wool?

There are many ways to make good products, such as only using cashmere.

This is the question I asked Mr. Matsushima when I first learned of the existence of this knit.

The reason is that adding wool makes it more durable.

It's heavy so it's warm, and I think it might stretch if you hang it on a hanger, but since it's tightly packed, you don't have to worry about that.

Also, while incorporating the goodness of wool, it also suppresses the goodness of cashmere.

It is made of 65% cashmere/35% wool.

Originally, the yarn was made from 100% cashmere, 70% wool, and 30% cashmere. Moreover, it has 3 strands.

It's extremely luxurious, and it takes a lot of effort.

On the contrary, knits of such high quality are scary.

It's expensive, and being able to wear it next year is really important.

As someone like me who has had many failures, I will be cautious about this as well. .

As if to ridicule my concerns, Mr. Matsushima, who came to the store to collect the money, said something to me.

“I washed it, so why don’t you touch it?”

Me: “Yes, lol.”

This knit will grow.

Knits that can be worn for a long time, and knits that get more and more texture.

Anyway, I'm impressed by the demonstrations each time I release it.

Actually, I have a turtleneck knit that used the same thread that was released in 19AW.

I was impressed by the tightness and the sturdy and durable finish, which is what I wear under my fall/winter outerwear.

Like shoes, knitwear is not something you just wear every time.

Letting it rest is also a very important point in ensuring that it lasts a long time.

Even though I think so, I end up picking it up far more often than other knits.

That's how I experienced its durability firsthand.

Now, let's get back to the topic.

The top one is washed, and the bottom one is new and available in stores. I washed it 5 times.

The navy knit is from 21AW, and is new and Matsushima-san's personal item.

So when it comes to navy, please consider washing it about 10 times.

First of all, there is a limit to how it feels on the skin, but there are limits to conveying this through photos.

If you are in the area, we have samples available at the store, so please come by.

When I actually touched it, my impressions were that it was really smooth and comfortable.

Considering that the new one is a little hard and stiff,

While maintaining its solid and durable base, the outer layer is made of cashmere/wool.

It feels like it's gushing out like mist. It's terrible anyway.

First of all, wash your knitwear. If you think about it normally, it's taboo.

The quality label says that it cannot be washed and must be dry cleaned.

It is your own responsibility.

However, it is not difficult if you follow the steps,

Not only is it easy to make, it also adds texture. If you've come this far, there's no doubt.

There is another benefit of having wool in it.

Since knits are knitted, they tend to stretch a little after being worn for a day.

However, thanks to the unique resilience of wool-based raw materials,

After about a week, the size will gradually return.

You mentioned that you wear it often because it's durable.

It is important to give yourself a proper rest.

This is a knit that you will want to keep with you for a long time. introspection.

In the end, I think the most important part of expensive purchases is what happens after you buy them.

We are professional salespeople, so we think we know more than the average person.

But what about the customer who buys it?

Even if you leave it as it is just because it has washing instructions written on it, it won't bring out the best quality.

Even if you look it up on the internet and put it into practice, you are often wrong.

In that respect, cantate allows you to feel before and after practicing.

I feel like I'm receiving incredible aftercare that takes into account the wearer. The more I listen to it, the more it comes out.

If you do this, this is what will happen.

By knowing the cause and effect thoroughly, your attractiveness will increase to 100% or even 200%.

Fabrics, threads, and clothes are all very profound. I'm still immature too.

It's better if you do this.

Things that you don't know, normally it would take a long time to find out, but

The appeal of cantate is that you can take shortcuts.

If you're curious about it, you can dig deeper on your own.

With such thoughts spread throughout, and the excitement...

This may be a joke, but good things last forever.

I think I'll pay for something that will help me grow attached to it.

I feel like I'm serving a customer.

In the end, I'm just trying to convince myself that I want it. . (And it has exceeded my imagination.)

The color is PANDA.

I used it a lot for styling,

This season, I would like to change this PANDA and add a "Salt and Sesame" color to the innerwear.

Size: 48 (175cm)

BLACK×WHITE, reminiscent of PANDA.

When I was retouching a photo of myself wearing it, I thought the silhouette was really nice.

48 is big for me, but

The gusset under the armpit and the reduction eye are effective,

Not only is it a visual accent, but the shoulders fit and the sleeves sit very well.

Even when viewed from the back, the line enters exactly from the edge of the shoulder, giving it a three-dimensional shape.

Size:46 (175cm)

GIRAFFE is reminiscent of a giraffe.

It is a combination of CAMEL type and DARK BROWN type.

The tension of the ribs is also firm,

The knitwear I own doesn't weaken, and the sleeves keep gathering.

The natural blouse of the hem is still showing.

Even though there is no rubber in the ribs, it is difficult to stretch because of the ingenuity in the weaving method.

It's a trade secret...


cantate "British Air Force Blouson" ¥176,000 (TAX IN)



cantate "Postman Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)



cantate "Moleskin Trousers" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)




At this point, I feel that this price is reasonable.

Of course, I don't intend to impose any pressure on you, so

Please choose what you think is best for you.

I have been in this industry for a long time, both as a sales person and as a buyer.

Personally, I have bought a lot of clothes and have looked at them a lot.

Sometimes there are failures. In fact, the beginning is full of failures.

As he wanders around, he encounters new clothes and decides how to buy them.

What do you need right now, apart from things you suddenly want on an irregular basis?

In fall and winter, you need knits and parkas.

How many times should we repeat this for universal things?

From a salesperson's point of view, I think it's okay if the product ultimately sells.

That's why,

There are also lies in this world.

Although not in cliché,

Even though it is unknown territory, there may be times when you are being deceived.

Nowadays, Mr. Matsushima is the only person who teaches me the value of things.

Why this, why at this price, and how long can you wear it?

Think again.

I think the great thing about cantate is that it redefines clothing.

Right now, I don't have the option of finding and buying something with the same color scheme.

This is the result of our uncompromising and uncompromising efforts.

To be honest, it's a really good knit.

You should buy it. lol

I'll buy it, but what will everyone else do?


cliché Kinoshita

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