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Israeli clothes.


If you have it anyway.

It was my fault for getting serious.

Addictive knits.

3 shirts.

Kinoshita buys nice knitwear.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

New products have arrived from Jerusalem, Israel.

As I introduced the other day, it is a unique brand that strongly reflects regional characteristics.


He founded the brand after working as an assistant for my favorite HED MAYNER.

A men's wear brand created by female designer "Yifat Finkelshtein".

Since it is made in the city of Jerusalem, Israel, it reflects the regional characteristics.

I think some people will be polarized as to whether it is flashy or not flashy, but

These are clothes that give you a sense of freedom.

Israel. To be honest, it's a country I'm not familiar with, so my background is nothing more than what I learned from my school's history.

I vaguely remember the holy city of Jerusalem and the ward.

I was good at social studies and history, but I had to memorize all the sentences as words when I took the test.

Now, it has completely disappeared from my head.

I took the opportunity to do some research before writing this blog.

Let's start with an overview of the brand.

The "spirit" and "polarity" of the city of Jerusalem, between its cobbled buildings, its human diversity, and its sublimity and profaneness,

This special city is the source and source of inspiration for the brand.

High standards of materials and tailoring, using natural materials, etc.

Our goal is to create clothes that can be used for a long time by paying careful attention to production.

This season's unique textiles are made by at-risk young women who belong to an organization called the Imra Association.

As a young brand, they are contributing to the local community and community.

Becoming more responsible and engaging with slow fashion values.

"SHIMI" ¥110,000 (TAX IN)

"JAMIL" ¥110,000 (TAX IN)

"PAZATZKA" ¥74,800 (TAX IN)

These 3 types have arrived this season.


person's name Maybe though.

All three types are one size, and may be oversized depending on the person wearing it.

The pants have a tight elastic waist so you can feel safe.

Although the number of models is small, there are several types of shirts, cut-sews, and pants.

That's why we also have a lineup of bags and accessories.

The items we have prepared are items that use colored stripes, a continuation from the previous edition.

A limited edition item that is only available in a few pieces around the world.

Several of the 4th, 5th, and 9th places were cliché.

The easiest way to convey the brand image is

Because it looks good, we have prepared all types in the same material.

Hand-dyed deadstock fabric is pieced together by hand,

The striped part also has puckering, giving it a unique look.

It's fun to see the new flavor come out every time you wear it, and the brown twill part tends to get irritated as well.

It's fun to see how the clothes will change over time, allowing you to enjoy different changes over time.

Type 2 zip blouson.

Zip-up like a sports jacket, with a low collar and thick ribbed sleeves and hem.

They may look the same, but the shape, stripe placement, and color scheme are also different.

SHIMI is a set-in sleeve.

JAMIL is about 160cm long from the end of one sleeve to the other sleeve.

Dolman sleeves with straight curves. It's like a flying squirrel.

At first glance, the forms with their hands down look the same.

In fact, it fits so well that it doesn't feel like dolman sleeves.

The pants are easy pants with a tight elastic waistband.

There are no strings.

It has a three-dimensional finish that is rounded towards the hem, and if I wear it at 175 cm, it will be a cropped length.

If you wear it around your waist, you can wear it full length.

They are known as flashy patterned pants, but they can also be worn under coats or with simple tops.

Isn't it a pair of pants that evokes an image of you?


cantate "T Shirt" ¥19,800 (TAX IN)

refomed "AZEAMI THERMAL PANTS" ¥24,200 (TAX IN)

Of course it's oversized, but since it's one size, I wondered what it would be like.

Surprisingly compact. It's just a surprise.

Zip it up with a stand-up collar, and to be honest, you can wear an inner layer as you like.

I think it could also be used as a comfortable chin blouson that allows you to go outside quickly.

If you have basic pants, this is all you need.

What is that? ? Keep that perspective to yourself.


cantate "Moleskin Trousers" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)

nine tailor "Wisteria Watch" ¥7,150 (TAX IN)

Unless the arms are raised, the silhouette is almost the same as "SHIMI".

This strong dolman not only looks great, but

The attractive feature is that you can wear a lot of innerwear without the bottom of the sleeves becoming bulky .

For example, thick knits, super oversized hoodies, etc.

Can I wear this under a coat...?

I often hear about such concerns, but you don't have to look to understand. There's no problem with anything.

It also has a solid lining, so it seems like it can function as an outerwear to some extent.

At this time of year, it may be easier to regulate your body temperature if you wear it loosely with short sleeves.


refomed "NEP MERINO WOOL SWEATER" ¥41,800 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Band Collar Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

The length you want to match with boots.

It is also attractive that the amount of stripes varies depending on the viewing angle.

This can be said about any item, but when so many colors are used,

I'm also happy that no matter what color I bring for my tops, I can pick it up to some extent.

I had an image of a white band color in Israel, so

I tried to fit it as if it were the right place.

Batch goo after all.

That being said, when I excitedly opened the delivery, there was a handwritten note on it.

I'm really happy about this.

I have no knowledge of Israel.

I had heard of it and had a vague image of it, so I did some quick research.

Jerusalem, Israel is said to be the holy land and the oldest city in the world, and is a holy city for religions including Judaism.

When it comes to fashion, non-religious men wear casual down jackets and denim.

They prefer casual styles such as sneakers, but styles that do not show any skin are the norm for women.

And when he becomes a married man, he hides his face.

The reason is that she doesn't want to be taken by another man.

Orthodox Jewish men wear all black and wear wide-brimmed top hats on their heads.

Israel has experienced four wars in 64 years.

Among food, clothing, and shelter, emphasis is placed on ``food and shelter'' rather than ``clothing,'' and ``clothing'' is of secondary importance.

It is said that something that is simple, durable, and easy to care for is best.

In the neighboring town, Tel Aviv, where fashion weeks are held,

Overseas fast fashion is preferred, and Yu*kuro ranks among the most popular in terms of design quality and quality.

Due to religious reasons for not showing skin, and also due to the high climate,

In central cities, active and cool fashion is preferred, including jerseys that are easy to move in.

Taking this into consideration, this YIFAT clothing is a creation that is not what you would imagine.

Influence from foreign fashion and women's social advancement.

And YIFAT is a female designer, and from the perspective of approaching men's products,

Needless to say, it is an androgynous collection.

Love for one's own country, region, culture and customs, which can be felt from the names of fabrics and clothes.

Clothes imbued with an essence that only they can create.

Wear whatever clothes you like, regardless of gender.

They seem to celebrate freedom and identity in the urban space and the complex conditions in which they live.

This season's theme is "FORGOTTEN DREAM".

It is created with the image of our roots emerging in fragments and piecing together the fragments of our memories.

There is also a feeling of being foreign to the sense of belonging.

Such mixed emotions play a part in this collection.

Clothes that skillfully combine traditional and current culture.

These clothes are so open-minded and unique that I think they're clean, but I think they also give you a sense of the local worldview.

Even if you're not familiar with the country, this will pique your interest and keep it handy.

I think tastes vary widely, but if you think it's good, please pick it up.

My impressions when I first saw the exhibition were:

It was a simple “What the heck is this!”, but...

I guarantee the coolness.


cliché Kinoshita

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