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Don't "fit" into a mold


If you have it anyway.

It was my fault for getting serious.

Addictive knits.

3 shirts.

Kinoshita buys nice knitwear.

Israeli clothes.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Tech and outdoor clothing have an established image to some extent.

Materials such as nylon and poly that come to mind.

Easy-to-wear, fluffy, fleece-like.

I like it, but I don't wear it often or own it very often.

Since there are many items that are comparatively simple unless they are used clothes or outdoor brands,

It can be said that it is easy to incorporate into everyday styling.

However, when knits and other seasonal materials come out in the fall and winter,

I don't think they are very compatible.

Don't lump everything together, like tech for tech and outdoor for outdoor.

I can imagine that it was made with the same doubts as me.

This fleece is full of brand originality.

I personally think it's a masterpiece.



¥74,800 (TAX IN)


(¥40,700 TAX ​​IN)

The mood is relaxed. The genre is a bit of a mode.

I may be brazen, but I always look for these kinds of clothes from Stein.

It is extremely difficult to express this atmosphere with inorganic items.

Sizing, design that doesn't stick out too much, etc.

This fleece has a single color for a unified look and is elegantly finished.

While wearing a unique atmosphere, it has an active side and a calm side.

However, when it comes to second-hand clothes, my head is in a state of confusion.

Although the zipper placement gives you the exact image of the top, the design doesn't convey that image, which can only be described as amazing.

Stein style activewear. It always hits me hard.

There were BLACK, NAVY, and KHAKI, but by far NAVY.

We have narrowed it down to one color and have sizes S, M, and L.

It's hard to put into words, but this is a nice NAVY every time...

It uses Polartec to give it a deep look, but it has a smooth texture with little napping.

Highly stretchy and of course comfortable to wear.

It's shiny and has a texture like this, making it easy to pair with knitwear or expressive items, making it a very useful light outerwear.

I think it has a relatively voluminous feel and is rounded at first glance.

By creating a line similar to a dolman that connects the yoke to the shoulder,

The shoulder slope is strong, and the vertically falling silhouette creates an impressive finish.

The ribbing on the sleeves is just a slight accent, so

It's also attractive because it doesn't sag even if you wear something thick inside.

Sometimes people are confused about the different colors, but they are reversible.

The back side is made of brushed wool gabardine, and the color is charcoal, giving it a relaxed atmosphere.

I also like that by putting the fleece on the back, it feels like it has better heat retention.

It's great that you can use it depending on not only your mood but also the temperature.

The matching pants have an easy wide silhouette.

It's not straight, but has a slacks-like side that hangs around the hem for a neat look.

We make extensive use of piping, which is also partially featured on the jacket.

Although it is simple, it has a shade, and the side lines are also an accent.

By the way, the piping on the hem has elastic only in the back.

It was invisible from the front desk, and I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of the item, which did not give the impression of being comfortable.

The polyester set-up pants sold in the first half of 22AW also have a similar finish.

The attention to detail, such as changing the color of the zips on the top and pants and using riri zips, is irresistible.

It has a somewhat neutral atmosphere that goes well with leather shoes, boots, and leather feet.


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥25,300 (TAX IN)

Once again, the pants are selling first, but these are definitely tops and bottoms!

I understand how you feel because the price is just a price, but I think it will be extremely useful for everyday use.

When I went to the convenience store like yesterday, I was wearing track pants and a jersey.

I don't even see him as a member of the soccer team anymore, or rather as a coach.

With this setup, you don't have to worry about that.

Not to mention that you can use it like this.


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥25,300 (TAX IN)


This jacket and footwear pair easily, which wouldn't normally be an option.

I had released fleece pants before, and at that time they were two-tuck wide pants with belt loops.

Not only was it warm and good-looking, but its silhouette and use were extremely versatile.

The atmosphere is different, but this one is also super talented.

Honestly, I can understand why you only buy pants.

The hem is not tapered, but is just the right thickness that falls rounded.

Piping and coloring that looks purple depending on the lighting.

Nike and New Balance are also good, but...

This setup is highly recommended for those who like leather shoes or wear leather sandals.

There are quite a variety of brands available at cliché.

You might think about this and that.

I'm planning on widening the range quite a bit.

Honestly, I feel like there are things that don't intersect. lol

But it's no fun to fall into a routine.

The quickest way to go beyond the boundaries of genre and create your own style is to mix things up.

Do you dare not fit into a mold?

The pants and top she matched with were actually from an unexpected brand. And.

I might just be enjoying this outfit for myself,

I think these clothes give you a sense of surprise and interest.

Stein style easy wear.

I would be happy if people who don't usually pick it up get it.


Please be aware that if a person who has a pattern breaks the pattern, it is said to be ``unconventional,'' and if a person without a pattern breaks the pattern, it is said to be ``unconventional.''


cliché Kinoshita

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