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Reach where it hurts.


If you have it anyway.

It was my fault for getting serious.

Addictive knits.

3 shirts.

Kinoshita buys nice knitwear.

Israeli clothes.

Don't "fit" into a mold.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Now that some deliveries are coming in, I wonder if the number of brands will increase?

This is good news for everyone who thinks so.

We also purchased PWA (Progressive Workers Association).

We have selected only the models that are currently in stock from among the many available.

It took a long time for PWA clothes to arrive at the store.

Everyone is older than me, but the people who are close to me, so-called seniors,

A brand that comes together as one individual.

Everyone gets along well, and the exhibition has a very homely atmosphere.

It feels familiar, and in a good way.

PWA is a strange person, an extreme person,

This is a label that proposes everyday wear for independent people.

When I first learned about the brand, it was a pants brand.

However, this season, Topps has joined the group.

So I've narrowed it down to just this top and pants, available in all colors.

Available in 3 colors: BLACK, CAVE (GRAY), and TANGERINE (ORANGE).

Only TANGERINE has no pants.

There was originally one, but it seemed difficult, so

It disappeared from the original development. lol

Functional and reasonably priced tech wear, which is rare for us.

When playing with friends or going out for a while. Pick it up when in doubt.

That's actually good.



¥29,700 (TAX IN)

Half zip made of nylon.

Also known as an anorak parka with a built-in hood.

The outer surface is made of Taslan nylon with a matte texture, which does not have a strong shine and is moderately elegant.

The back uses a 3-layer material laminated with a special urethane moisture permeable film.

It has a fully functional finish with an Aquaguard zipper and spindles on the sleeves and hem.

A balance that maintains the good qualities of second-hand clothing while not flattering modern fashion too much in a good way.

Not too much, just right.

Waterproof zip, snap button.

The neck is a little wide, making it easy to stuff things like parkas inside.

The size is large, but can be adjusted with spindles on the sleeves and hem.

The pockets are a front zip pocket and a slash design.

A very large yoke that can be worn with a lot of innerwear, so you don't have to worry about it even when it gets hot.

If you still can't stand it, open the ventilation.

Since this is my first top, I thought I would gradually step up the gear, but...

Excellent top speed from the beginning.

"Reach where it hurts"

This is a highly functional item that embodies these words and is perfect for daily use.



¥19,800 (TAX IN)

The pants are made of the same material and are inspired by the snow pants of the U.S. military.

Snow pants are originally layered pants that can be worn over pants to protect against the cold.

This is also sized so that it can be worn over sweatshirts from the same brand. ( Cliché doesn't have them , so please use other pants!

Wide silhouette with easy waist design, knee pleats, spindles at the hem, and L-shaped pockets.

The matte texture should blend well with other clothes.

However, if possible, please set it up.

The amount is not that high, so even if it goes up or down, the damage will be weak.

I think it would be better to buy several colors.


Top: XL / Bottom: L


Top: L / Bottom: M


When it comes to personal preference, I like tops XL and pants L.

Choose the color of your choice!

In handling PWA at cliché ,

I can't imagine my brand being included there!

I remember Nobu-san telling me that.

But it seems interesting, like Nobu-san, who humbly says so.

I think this will be a setup that allows us to be flexible on a daily basis.

Nobu-san, it's okay.

It fits perfectly as I expected!

*PWA items will be on sale at stores and online from 12:00 tomorrow, October 15th (Sat).


cliché Kinoshita

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