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I was looking for something like this.


Modern vintage jeans.

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers EXCLUSIVE"

I was caught off guard.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

22AW is gradually starting to rise.

The first item that arrived all at once was cantate.

Since we have received so much, the freshness at the store is excellent.

For those who are always late to the start and miss the size,

All sizes are now available, so please hurry.

Well, the first thing to consider is a T-shirt.

It's an item that can be used immediately this season, so we hope you can get it while still feeling the temperature of the off-season.



¥19,800 (IN TAX)

Before I knew it, I was wearing a T-shirt a lot.

It's a plain T-shirt that I didn't buy much, but

My personal favorite is that it combines toughness and elegance.

There are many large T-shirts available.

There are also many quality T-shirts.

I was struck by the exquisite combination of size and material.

In addition to the 3 sizes available: 44, 46, and 48, this is a one-size-fits-all size 0.

It hits me right when I'm tired of big things.

But if you don't feel like it's too snug, then you should definitely give it a try.

The appropriate looseness gives it a rough feel, yet it doesn't look sloppy.

In addition to the length that fits well even when tucked in,

The shiny look creates a perfect balance with the earthy items.

Can be used as an inner layer or worn alone.

Is it easy to understand that there is no need for this?

First of all, the neck is clogged.

Although it is described as a simple miso, it has a good seasoning that is neither too clogged nor too loose.

I just mentioned that it's a problem if too much is visible when the first button of the shirt is opened.

A neck that is suitable for innerwear as it slightly protrudes from the front.

So what happens if it's just one piece?

The slightly wider shape gives it a nice sense of spaciousness.

This T-shirt and denim is my current trend.

Clogged eyes.

Because it is packed to the limit, it has an attractive firmness and shine.

It may be easier to see if it is a dark color, but it comes with an option that makes it difficult for fibers to adhere.

When I came home wearing a black T-shirt, it was full of hair, and when I took it out of the laundry, it was full of hair.

I think that stress will disappear.

The reason why this supple and soft texture remains even after finishing the treatment is that

This is because it contains the natural oil "cotton wax" contained in cotton.

A durable yet gentle texture, this T-shirt has all the good points.

In addition, regarding the size, if the fit and length of the sleeves get in the way,

The value of it as an inner layer (here I think of it as underwear) is lost.

It feels stiff and affects the shape of the clothes you wear.

In order to prevent this from happening, we created an exquisite size balance, and the 0 size is a size that is suppressed to the point where it feels like a disadvantage.

Therefore, it is easy to wear and looks good.

And it has the added benefit of being highly versatile.

That's why I find myself constantly searching through the laundry to find this person who can always come up with the best solution. A stress-free experience for you.

So, it seems like it's a good idea to have two or three copies.

From experience, I can say that it is really hard to wear out, so there is no harm in buying in bulk.

This time there are 4 colors: BLACK / CHOCOLATE / BEIGE / OFF WHITE.

I want to pair BEIGE with the flare denim that just went on sale the other day, so I'm thinking about purchasing more.

Also, this is now available as a new model.

There must be many people who have been waiting for this as well.

"Turtle Neck L/S Shirt"

¥25,300 (IN TAX)

Just the right cut and sew turtleneck.

For some reason I haven't been able to meet you until now,

This is an item that was surprisingly not available from the brand.

Simple and just the right size, yet of acceptable quality.

It's made with the same GIZA cotton as the T-shirt and has a tight finish.

It is shiny and, as mentioned above, fibers do not easily adhere to it.

Like T-shirts, this item can be worn for a long time without getting too tight around the neck.

In the turtle, the folded part becomes dull and untidy.

If that happens, my role will be over, so I'm happy about this.

If it costs just under 20,000 yen for one piece, it's a pretty good buy.

I don't want to miss this opportunity,

I ordered two colors for myself: OFF WHITE and BLACK.

I have a feeling it will be great as an inner layer in winter.

I'll wear this a lot!

The size is loose enough to be worn loosely.

It doesn't have a wide body or long sleeves, and it's a size that won't weigh you down.

These days, these items are wide horizontally,

Many items are meant to be worn alone, so

It was also a bit of a problem that it wasn't suitable for layering.

The hem and sleeves are ribbed with the same material,

The finish allows you to wear it with a slightly sweat-like feel.

The silhouette is just right and it doesn't feel bulky when worn under a jacket.

The fact that it fits well even when tucked in is also attractive.

There are a lot of cut and sew items in the world,

There's no limit to what you can choose, and in fact, there are often compromises.

But as I kept making detours like that, I ended up having too many things on hand.

I end up with a lot of clothes that I never touch.

I would like to recommend it to those who want to choose something that is reliable and reliable to some extent.

I've already met a few people like you, so I'm sure you all had the same problem.

I was looking for something like this.

I feel like I can hear such happy voices.



cliché kinoshita

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