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I ended up buying more.


Modern vintage jeans.

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers EXCLUSIVE"

I was caught off guard.

cantate 2022AW START.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Continuing with the introduction of cantate 22AW.

It's still hot, but I can't say that now that fall and winter are starting to set in, so I'm wearing long-sleeved shirts.

Last time we introduced T-shirts and a new turtleneck, so this time we'll introduce shirts.

Even after discovering this shirt, there are many stories behind it.

I remember that because I was not familiar with long-length shirts, I refused the offer and kept mumbling to myself.

"It's not long..."

Young Kinoshita, who knew even less about clothes than he does now, thoughtlessly suggested such a thing. Personally, I guess I was in the midst of a short-length boom.

It's a really embarrassing story when you think about it,

“I don’t know how to put them together!”

Honestly, that's what he said.

This is something that was said well in front of the designer.

Is it a new culture of not eating or not eating?

I guess I developed a bad habit of not jumping into things I didn't know.

He's a really unpleasant guy.

A few years later, he is now a famous player who appears once or twice a week.

I hate myself for not taking action sooner, and

I am constantly impressed by the tailoring and the good shape of this shirt.

I already have a few shirts, so I've been updating them again and again, and this shirt has been perfect for me.

Ha, I wonder if I'll buy it again.

Whether I'm happy or sad, I'll tell you how I feel.


"The Shirt"

"The Band Collar Shirt"

¥48,400 (TAX IN)

Variations of white shirts and striped shirts that lasted several seasons

This marks the end of the series, and only plain colors are available.

There are many people who already own Stripe, so it's a fresh new product.

The two regular band models remain the same,

As before, it is released as a flannel shirt using GIZA cotton.

But even though they are the same, there is a big difference in appearance.

A flannel shirt refers to one with a brushed surface,

Even though this shirt is brushed, you can clearly see the texture of the weave.

The texture of the ground does not distort even when touched, and it does not slip even when pulled hard.

It feels soft and shiny like cashmere,

I couldn't believe the finish was 100% cotton.

Strong twist/light twist is often heard when twisting yarn.

Depending on the degree of strength, there will be big changes in texture and strength.

As the name suggests, high-twisting is strong, and by doing so, it has firmness and stiffness.

Sometimes it has a rough, grain-like appearance, and the image is similar to that of linen. Of course, it is also very strong.

On the other hand, if it is twisted lightly, it will have a softer and more delicate look.

However, the strength is inferior to that of hard twist.

But when it comes to making a fluffy and warm shirt, you want to choose the latter.

However, the disadvantage of strength is also influenced by the "weaving" stage after the thread is used.

Apparently, it is possible to make a durable fabric even with a loose twist.

It seems that there are only a few that can make this possible. .

What I want to say is that this shirt is made from lightly twisted GIZA cotton.

It has a delicate, soft and fluffy texture,

With proper hammering, the finish is just as close as possible to retaining this texture while still being as durable as possible.

On the contrary, it just increases its strength! However, if you push too hard,

The fabric is hard and it feels terrible to wear, it's not like I could wear it.

It's simple and I looked at it the same way as the previous shirts, so

I was wondering what was wrong with it, but the essence of this shirt is not the thread but the weaving.

It's a process of making things that amazes me every time.

The model is the same, but I hadn't come across a simple yet good flannel shirt like this, so I decided to keep it in check.

I've already worn it indoors, but I'm looking forward to wearing it outside.

Available in 3 colors: CHARCOAL / AZURE BLUE / MILK.

Neutral, pale colors should create a nice contrast.

The collar greatly influences the impression of this shirt, but it has a three-dimensional finish that makes your spine stand out.

It has a soft impression from the outside, and has the perfect height and balance to blend in even when worn with jackets and other upper clothing.

It looks soft because it uses a plush core instead of an adhesive core.

If it's not crispy and hard to the touch, it's a plush core.

The sleeve cuffs also have the same specifications and are packed with benefits.

Add a radius to the ends of the sleeves to form them, and finely stitch them together.

The sleeves peeking out from the sleeve tips are also perfect.

And as for the length, it's still long.

I talked about this benefit in my previous shirt blog, but

This shirt has side slits and a longer length to create a blouse-like image.

On the other hand, the details are just like a dress shirt.

I think the slow pace and the finish, which neutralizes the image, are the key points that make you addicted to it.

Even when I raise my arms, the hem doesn't stick out and I don't look sloppy.

It's easy to browse when you're tucked in, and you can even adjust the accumulation according to your mood.

Even when I'm out, the hem peeking through the jacket is very useful,

This is an essential shirt for me.

In the first place, regarding the length, as mentioned above, there are various other things such as making sure the hem does not stick out.

It's hard to transcribe, so please look it up if you'd like. lol

Grandpa shirts are exactly like that.

CHARCOAL that looks like black has faded.

You can also match it with the same color sweat pants from CHARCOAL,

You can simply match it with denim.

I think it will be quite a while yet,

I think he'll look good if he gets a tan someday and his facial expressions show more.

I'm looking forward to using it as a layer over a ringer T-shirt or a T-shirt with a faded print.

AZURE BLUE has a nice gray tone,

A piece that I haven't added to my wardrobe.

Rather, it's a color that I don't have many chances to encounter, so I was wondering how to match it, but it blends in well.

Why not wear it under your coat and play with stylish color combinations?

Pair it with a cardigan that will soon be available in new colors.

Not only the color but also the feel of the hem is uneven.

I also like the way it collects when you put your hands in your pockets.

CHARCOAL and troubled MILK.

It's a gentle, clear color that looks like ivory.

If it's still available in a few months, I'll probably buy it...

It's still hot so I can't do it, but I'm trying to pair it with a turtle for an autumn image.

The color combination is completely my preference, but it is a highly recommended combination.

This is probably the 5th shirt I own.

Regular white, 3 striped bands, and this flannel.

Every time I get something exquisite, I end up buying more.

Enough? I don't have time to catch my breath.

And the shirts I have at hand become more and more cool with each season.

What kind of expression will this flannel shirt give you?

I think this is a fun item to wear.

As a side note, I was talking with someone who often comes to visit me the other day,

The topic became what was the trigger for me to start buying reasonably expensive clothes.

When I feel like I'm getting older, I guess it's after I get married and have children.

I think the pocket money system is the mainstream in the world, so I think it varies from person to person.

Maybe as I get older and start meeting a lot of different people.

It would be a problem if there were a lot of people with discerning eyes around me, but it also has to do with image, and I want people to look good even if they don't wear flashy clothes.

I'm concerned about my wife's eyes, so I can't do any bad shopping, so I buy good clothes.

It's not just the quality, but also the care that comes with it, and the fact that it doesn't shrink after you buy it.

Of course, you have to have a design that you like, but this is an important point.

I bought it and it shrunk a lot.

If that happens, you will have to buy it again.

No, I want to use it for other things, I'm disappointed that my money was wasted, and various problems arise.

One thing to mention is that all of cantate's clothes are one-washed.

It's easy to choose the size, and once you buy it, you only have to worry about it changing over time.

That kind of consideration for consumers is also what I like about this brand.

I've gone way off topic from the shirt in the title lol

It is also posted online, so please check it out.

So I decided to choose the band color CHARCOAL.

I guess I'll end up buying more.



cliché kinoshita

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