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I can't replace it.


I was caught off guard.

cantate 2022AW START.

I ended up buying more.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

As always, there was a survey from a certain media the other day.

The theme was "About eternal classics."

It has been around since before we were born and is still used as a standard.

For example, denim is something that was familiar to me, something that my father wore or my older brother wore when I was young enough to remember.

They exist everywhere, regardless of industry or genre.

Other brands include Birkenstock, Ralph, Champion, Converse and Nike's Air Force.

When it comes to clothes, many people have them regardless of whether they like it or not.

It's something that will never go out of style.

To be extreme, I'm more into products and gear than fashion.

Sampling motifs from various brands,

The brand's unique essence is added to it, and it is derived from that and spreads into various genres.

After working with Mr. Matsushima, I often have questions and talk about them.

What's the point of buying the original?

Or what is the point of buying a modification?

It's hard to understand, but I'm talking about old clothes or current clothes.

It's all about their hobbies and preferences, but as long as they have those,

You cannot avoid situations where you are forced to make a choice.

In the case of the former, there is a sense of complacency and inattention that comes from the added value of one's age.

In terms of the latter, is it durability or quality?

The answer will vary depending on the item, but both conclusions are good.

The truth is that there is good in either case.

However, for example, this bag.

Once you see it, you can't get it out of your head.

There are probably many people who think that regular canvas is fine, but

If you look at it and ask about the materials used and the production background,

I have no choice but to choose this one, suppressing the words ``My wallet...''.

The LL bean bag that I didn't really pay attention to can now be considered a "wind thing".

You buy it because you're attracted to the nuances of old movies and portraits, so why not buy it cheaply?

Having said that, as long as there are things that you can't get out of your head,

If you don't buy it, those worries won't go away, and you'll have to worry about the price later.

A permanent standard.

I don't think it will ever go away (as long as I'm still alive),

It's okay to get a little excited. Because it is "irreplaceable" and different from the original or other brands.


"Traveler Bag"

¥154,000- (TAX IN)

Come to think of it, those who gave up at the previous exhibition will be able to do so at the next season's exhibition.

Are you doing this again? Please give me a break! I remembered him saying that.

When I saw that it was ordered as a result, I realized that it was really like that lol

It's stuck in my head and won't go away.

Two colors based on OFF WHITE have appeared in SS, and INDIGO has released a new color this season.

I had a vague idea of ​​it, but when I saw the real thing, it had a very atmospheric finish, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it changes over time.

Just to review again, I'm sure you've all seen it before.

The motif is LL Bean's "Bone and Tote Bag".

Among them, the top part is designed with an XL motif that can be opened and closed.

Although the original family has leather bags, this tote bag model does not have leather handles or the bottom.

What's more, the leather is "Vaux Barenia", which can be said to be the king of smooth leather.

In addition, using Kurashiki canvas, it is not only durable, but also

It has a finish that gives off an overwhelming presence.

Vaux Barenia is a delicate and fine-grained leather obtained from male calves. It feels smooth to the touch and gives off a very elegant atmosphere.

It has excellent elasticity and is matte at first. It looks just like tanned leather, but it's attractive that the flavor comes out as soon as you use it.

If you do some research, you will find that this leather is also used by a certain luxury brand. Rather, it will be positioned like a proprietary patent.

It is not allowed to be adopted in the middle of the day, and it is even rarer to adopt it in a domestic bra.

I would like you to actually hold it in your hands and check its quality.

I was on a shoot today and used it to store my luggage.

Once again, I was overstuffed and in a good state of muscle training.

My hands are still stinging. My shoulder hurts too.

As I've said many times, be careful not to overfill.

I don't even study and am in that state every time, so I'm already getting a lot of taste.

Both the leather and canvas have become soft and stiff.

It looks so good that even the stress that is difficult to maintain is postponed,

Isn't this a bag that encourages the desire to use it?

Of course, it is durable when it is this thick,

There are serious doubts as to whether the needle will pass through the tough leather and thick canvas.

Making this combination is also not easy.

The zipper is made by WALEDES and is so heavy that it is used in the military.

Furthermore, the top stop is U-shaped.

This detail is also used in cantate denim, and can be seen on MA-1 etc.

When I asked Mr. Matsushima this question,

During the war, MA-1 and military zippers were designed with a U-shape to make them difficult to remove, as it could be life-threatening if the zipper came loose.

It is also said that instead of using the usual small top stopper, they removed it and attached it themselves using parts found nearby.

cantate is the first to use this in denim.

As a buyer, this kind of consideration makes me want to use the product for a long time.

There are no pockets inside, but I was able to easily store enough space for four nights during the Golden Week the other day.

・Care products

・Clothes (4 pairs of pants, 2 jackets, 5.6 pairs of innerwear, underwear, 2 pairs of shoes (3 pairs in total))

・Camera, PC etc...

Recommended not only for traveling and everyday use, but also for returning home.

The capacity inside varies depending on the purpose, but even if the contents are empty, that's still the case.

Please let them appear in various situations.

That said, the size underneath is also a concern.


"Shoulder Tote Bag"

¥55,000- (TAX IN)

A small size that has been introduced as a new item from 22AW.

It has a cute finish with a small size that looks like a parent and child.

In addition, this size comes with a shoulder strap,

The handle has also been slightly reduced in size, and a pocket has been added to the outside.

For some women, it may be difficult to wear something that size, and it's also a good size for when you go out quickly.

As can be said for both sizes, it is hard enough to stand on its own,

Another good point is that it maintains its shape regardless of the capacity of the contents.

It's still an interesting bag.

As I wrote in the beginning,

If you say it doesn't have to be leather, that's fine.

Focusing on this bag, it's not like I use it just because it's good.

It's a one-sided story, but the way natural materials like denim, canvas, and leather change over time is amazing.

The other day, I had Mr. Matsushima take care of my Rios, and I was impressed by how soft it became and how the color changed.

Up until now, we have been talking about changes over time, but are we really using it to the fullest? When asked if I had raised her well, she replied that there were times when she tried to take it easy. (I tried washing denim in vain)

Because it is the best material, perfect for conveying its goodness so that you can truly experience and enjoy it.

If it is good in the end, there is no doubt that the more it grows, the better the texture will grow.

That's one of the reasons why we try to hire the best products.

Although the price may be high, it can be said that this bag will definitely give you back what you paid for.

It's not just a luxury-oriented thing.

The bag is basically casual, but if you look closely, it looks like a luxury bag.

It's simple, so it goes well with anything, and it's also great for sports.

It's true that I was worried about the leather part at first, but

There's no point in worrying about it, and while trying not to cause excessive damage,

A finish that you want to use heavily.

It's a luxury...

An updated version of a permanent standard.

It's okay to get a little excited.

Because it cannot be replaced.

This is an item that not only gives you satisfaction, but also shows you its charm.


cliché Kinoshita

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