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is-ness for cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket"

is-ness for cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket"

cantate 2022AW START.

I ended up buying more.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

"You're wearing too many coach jackets."

I've been told this many times by my seniors, but I can't help it if I like something.

That's when I started liking clothes and buying them myself.

This is the same story as before, but I fell in love with coach jackets because of skating, and when I was a student, I didn't wear anything nice, and that's when I wore XLs like Caridnal.

I was just using it on a daily basis, thinking it was easy to wear.

After going to higher education, I was able to get a part-time job, so I stretched myself and bought a coach jacket with the U logo on the back of my favorite UNDER COVER. I also remember that Garcon's was popular back then.

Furthermore, after I started working part-time at KNOCK OUT, I became completely obsessed with BROWN by 2-tacs and bought one with the motif of LL Bean's coach jacket with a chin strap.

Around that time, I started thinking, ``Oh, I like this,'' and as a result of my purchase, I began to love and search for second-hand clothes, so I started going to a second-hand clothing store called chocaito that I could go to on my way home from school.

New arrivals were introduced on the blog about three times a week.

I always look forward to it, and when I see a nice coach jacket and go to buy it with enthusiasm, my senior Tsuda-san usually buys it for me or has already kept it. Well, it's a vague memory, but...

The store manager, Tomi, also often wears Coach, and I got hooked on it partly because of how cool he looks. All the people who taught me about clothes also like these items.

When I moved to Tokyo and started working, I bought unused coach jackets and used them exclusively.

It's made of unlined cotton material, but I love it so much that I wear it outside even in the middle of winter. You can really feel the power hidden in this coach jacket.

Now I only have about 4 or 5 pieces at home,

・Poly material with OLD GAP patch

・UNUSED chino fabric

・Whowhat batting calendar material

In this sense, we leave them so that they can be used depending on the season and purpose.

By the way,

Coach jacket = side riding

I don't think I can erase this image, but as far as I know,

This jacket, another one of my favorites, that I'm going to introduce to you now goes beyond even that image.

is-ness for cliché

"All Purpose Coach Jacket"

Color: Black

Size: OS

¥39,600 (TAX IN)

This is a coach jacket that I made at is-ness quite a while ago, and it's one of my favorites.

This time, I requested a reprint based on this.

I made some corrections, had the pattern redrawn, and had it specially produced as a cliché bespoke order.

It was originally worn by American football coaches, and has since spread into the world of hip-hop. Now that it has become mainstream on the street, it is also one of the permanent classics that can be approached from all genres and angles.

Required specifications include drawcord at the hem, snap buttons, and ribbed sleeves.

Two pockets on both sides of the shirt collar. The material is nylon or polyester.

The inside can be lined with white mesh or polyester.

I've been wearing this is-ness coach jacket for the past 3 or 4 years.

Clothes that you can really wear all the time and always look good.

It's not tied to the season and has a rough look, making it perfect for going out.

Even in fall and winter, wearing knitwear will keep you warm enough.

If you adjust the inner layer, you can wear it outside of summer, and it's water repellent, so you can wear it on rainy days as well.

It also has a certain amount of room, so it has good ventilation and is attractive for a wide range of seasons.

Having said that, being in such good shape is the specialty of is-ness.

The most attractive feature of this coach jacket is its stiffness and flexibility.

As I wrote earlier, it goes beyond even a certain image.

Most of the situations I wore clothes were for sports or leisure, but as I worked in the apparel industry, my taste in clothes gradually expanded.

I can't express my favorite brands and genres in words, but as my hobbies change, there are many clothes that I no longer wear.

For example, if I use an unusual item like my favorite M's Braque patterned item, I don't see coach jackets often appearing. However, the point of this jacket is that it is highly versatile and can be used as an option.

On the other hand, what about active scenes like skating?

Although he seems to fit in easily and takes it for granted, there are times when he shows a calm expression.

What a lovely coach jacket.

I want to keep it in my wardrobe forever.

And in order not to spoil the goodness of the base,

The secret is that it is simple in a good way and has a high level of practicality.

I believe that by suppressing this, the best qualities of a coach jacket can be demonstrated.

It's best to wear it casually and without putting too much effort into it.

Despite the finish, such as form and texture, being designed for active scenes,

Items can be seen and hidden somewhere. If I were to describe it in my own way, I would say it was glaring.

The tough impression and luster of the nylon twill used creates a calm image, and it matches well with deep textures such as wool.

Nylon is made from hollow fibers, so although it looks heavy, it is also very comfortable to wear. Even if you layer too much in the winter, you won't feel too cramped.

Come to think of it, the season this item was actually released was a skateboard deck released by is-ness, and it was a coach jacket that was born in a skate package.

This is getting long, but I have so many things I want to write that I'm having trouble.

The special points are mainly the pockets.

Based on the plan of redrawing the pattern and proposing one size, the size is larger than the original L size.

However, the sizing is not made to be excessively large, and the sizing is modified to fit all body types, including women, small men, and tall people.

Also, the pockets are the ideal shape that I used myself and was looking for.

Originally both side pockets had zips, but I had them removed because it was easier to stick my hands in if they were open at all times.

However, since I also carry things that I tend to drop, such as cigarettes and earpods, I have double zipped pockets on the right side.

I got greedy and had them add an inside pocket as well.

Now you can go out with peace of mind and empty-handed.

If there are too many pockets, it becomes something else, so this is the last line.

The base is just too good, so there aren't any major changes.

I think this is an item that I would like to recommend with confidence.

It was so hot that I felt like I was going to die, but after an early morning shoot at Yoyogi Park, the project was completed.

The model is my friend Kengo, who manages my hair.

I thought it would definitely suit her, so I just lined it up lol

It is versatile in all situations, such as body type, style, genre, and weather.

With that meaning in mind, we named it the All Purpose Coach Jacket.

Thank you, Kishita-san! !

*is-ness × cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket" will be on sale at stores and online stores from 12:00 on Saturday, August 13th.


cliché Kinoshita

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