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is-ness for cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket" #2

is-ness for cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket" #2

is-ness for cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket"


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Continuing from the other day's blog, we would like to introduce you to a coach jacket that is specially made for is-ness.

Many people have told me that they want it for a while, so

I am very happy to hear from many people.

Unfortunately, it's going to rain tomorrow. And it was raining heavily (apparently).

As I was writing this blog, a typhoon hit before I knew it.

There seem to be many people returning home or going on trips at this time.

There were also voices of concern about whether planes would fly, whether trains would move, etc.

Now that it's on sale, I have a faint hope that there will be some people I'll be able to meet for the first time in a while, but Typhoon...

Even though I'm thinking about my expectations, I'm really impressed with how much of a rainman I am.

If you can come, please be careful. Just put it on and go home. lol

I talked about the process of making it last time, so

If you haven't seen it yet, please visit this URL .

is-ness for cliché

"All Purpose Coach Jacket"

Color: Black

Size: OS

¥39,600 (TAX IN)

A coach jacket that comes in one size.

Of course, I thought about expanding the size,

We asked Mr. Kishita to make these in outstanding sizes that would suit a variety of body types, men and women, and look different.

Suitably loose and easy to layer,

It is also OK to wear it as an outerwear for fall and winter.

It may be difficult to use it this time of year, but it's also water repellent, so I think it's a good idea to carry it around in case it rains.

The lining is made of mesh that is reminiscent of basketball bibs, so it also helps regulate body temperature.

Even if you don't feel like trying out new fall/winter items such as knits this season,

When it comes to light outerwear, you might want to branch out a bit.

Choosing an inner layer around this jacket is also an option.

There is a wide range of variation, so even though it's a simple item, choosing clothes will be fun.

Let's start with the general details.

Nylon twill has a characteristic hardness and does not have the impression of crunchy nylon.

It has a strong luster and a look that gives you a glimpse of its quality.

Rarely, you will see some with Velcro or buttons as shown in this photo, but the 80% type only has rubber ribs.

Even if you don't use it, it still lives on as an accent.

Since the ribs have a certain amount of tension, they are rarely fastened.

It also comes in handy in the winter because it blocks out the outside air.

The inner pocket you added.

Ideal for holding things such as business card holders and IQOS.

I feel a little lonely without it, and in that sense, this pocket is indispensable.

In addition, the right pocket has a large pocket that is easy to put your hands in,

It has a zip pocket that eliminates the problem of contents falling out, which is common with loose-sized clothes.

For me, it's only for earpods.

This is also an essential drawcord.

Squeezing it down further enhances the roundness and expression of the fabric, and the contrast under the sun is very cool.

Personally, it is a must to narrow it down a little by default.

I once wore it tight enough to make it look like a short length, but when I paired it with thick military pants, it gave me a manly look again.

The size is just right so you can listen to the arrangement.

OS: Length: 75.5 / Shoulder width: 56.5 / Body width: 63 / Sleeve length: 63

Wearing model: 166cm

Sometimes I feel like wearing sweatpants, sneakers, and a baseball cap,

The image is that you can easily put it on without worrying.

I've been wearing it for a long time, so I've tried a lot of different styles, but this kind of rough styling is probably the most popular.

Even when I go out nearby, it keeps me organized.

I'm attracted to that kind of ease.


cantate "Fluffy Crew-Neck Pullover" ¥45,100 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fluffy Pants" ¥45,100 (TAX IN)

Of course, even in active scenes.

Looks good for leisure activities such as camping.

In early fall, just throw it on a T-shirt and it's perfect.

Model wearing: 175cm

When I say big, I mean it's big, but it looks surprisingly compact.

Honestly, I wondered if I could make it bigger, but I persevered lol.

I'm already nearing 30, so...

I try to leave a nice, calm impression.

The crisp nylon used for the body has a strong old-school feel and is a perfect match for this style.

This toughness and luster give it a sense of elegance, and it goes great with denim, slacks, and curved pants.


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

m's braque "EASY PANTS (BONDING)" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

I didn't realize how great it was until I tried it on.

It's not interesting because it's confined to the category of clothes.

In fact, we also have a brand image and branding, so we are trying to match that.

As a store, we truly want to make suggestions based on what we actually feel.

I own or have bought most of the clothes they sell.

I also have different types of the same material, so

I am doing this job because I want to have real experience and a certain level of persuasive ability.

Lately, for some reason, I've been trying to compete with the customers when buying clothes lol.

I try to keep things to a minimum because I have a life to live, but if it were me, I'd want to buy clothes from the staff who buy a lot.

That way, you will feel a different sense of temperature, and there will be far more variations and drawers.

I wish I could tell everyone, so I'm putting a lot of effort into my blog.

In some parts of the world, online stores are ahead of physical stores, but online is also essential because the store needs to be well-known.

It's a dilemma, but I'm really happy that people come to the store and buy clothes while feeling the temperature.

That's why we previously delayed the online release.

I've always liked people, going to meet them.

I want to hear their real opinions, and there are many things that I can't understand unless I meet them and see them.

In short, it's probably going to rain heavily, but please come to the store! but,

You may not be able to say so, so if it seems dangerous, do it online.

If you are coming, we look forward to seeing you.

*is-ness × cliché "All Purpose Coach Jacket" will be on sale at stores and online stores from 12:00 on Saturday, August 13th.


cliché Kinoshita

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