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This is a souvenir from Germany.


Breakdown of strength.

Military definition.

What I want now is a coat.

I'm going to skip it again this year.

modern military.

Don't miss out on this big wave.

MORE SALE starts! !


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

The store will be closed for 2 days.

We are looking forward to seeing you again from Wednesday with new works!

Well, just like that, a newcomer has arrived.

It's still cold.

Basically, the new items arriving at this time are usually light outerwear or knitwear.

However, what arrived was a cardigan and short-sleeved T-shirt, which are typical of this season. lol

It's too cold. .

This is the only brand with such free design and crazy delivery times.


Let me introduce two items from free-spirited brands.


¥20,900 (TAX IN)


¥96,800 (TAX IN)

Iconic T-shirt and embroidered school cardigan with prints on the front and back.

Mysterious words written irregularly,

This is the seasonal theme that BLESS has been using until now.

Moreover, this time, it is the 25th anniversary. On the shoulder of the T-shirt are the words "25 Years".

If you are a fan, I think it would be a good idea to buy one as a souvenir.

Authentic items that are different from jogger pants and other strange clothes that have the brand's unique atmosphere.

While having one or two habits,

On the contrary, it has a finish that blends into everyday life.

BLESS's seasonal theme products are:

It is called a souvenir.

Aside from the material, it's mainly the logo and embroidery.

Even though it's just a simple item, it has a presence, so this is it!

As I said, I felt a sense of comfort.

Only BLESS is a logo addict.

To be honest, when it comes to introducing items up until now, it's been standard practice to focus on the item and write about it in detail.

However, this item is really nice! will give you.

It's a simple item that increases motivation.

Arrived with the atmosphere of a shop in BLESS's home country,

It is an item that shines together with the feeling of going to Germany.

The cardigan is made of soft sweatshirt material.

It has a brushed lining and can be made oversized to be used as a jacket.

Although it's not this big, Sugimura often wears old sweat cardigans.

It was a crap item, so I didn't pay much attention to it, but looking back at the photos now, it's kind of nice.

Add a tie to your setup and wear a sweat cardigan over the top.

It's a good seasoning to cover + remove.

The classical styling is just my favorite, but...

I felt like it followed the BLESS concept of being all genres and genreless, and it made me feel excited again.

The sophisticated styling is not too formal,

A cardigan for wearing a "big fashion" look.


Jacket: personal item

Shirt: personal item

cantate "CWM Two Tuck Trousers" ¥49,500 → ¥29,700 (TAX IN)

This is one size.

Kinoshita, who is 175cm tall,


Pants: personal item

refomed "AZEAMI THERMAL TEE" ¥17,600 (TAX IN)

Sugimura is 168cm tall.

All of BLESS's products are standard.

It will be archived even after the season has passed, so you can buy it anytime.

The point is always a full lineup.

However, if you stay to buy it for the next season,

Only then will it disappear.

They have their own uniqueness, which makes it understandable. lol

I also ordered the T-shirt that I will introduce next several years ago.

But this time it's a vivid color, so if you want it, do it now.

Thin body.

It is tall and long, so think of it as a souvenir TEE.

This pattern is printed as a season theme,

As the seasons pass, the number of logos will increase, and the placement and desires will change.

Part of the fun is that even though they look the same, each season is different, like spotting the differences.




I'm a little early though.


cantate "The Blazer" ¥231,000 → ¥138,600 (TAX IN)

CLASS "CCDS02UNI A" ¥24,200 (TAX IN)

When I saw it, I thought it was a T-shirt supporting the Olympics or something.

It's a new arrival from CLASS, and I think it's 80's style with the leggings.

A well-fitted blazer and T-shirt,

I could have gone deeper with Ranshu, but

I at least tried to match it with a modern (?) Air Force One.

Items that spark your imagination.

They come in one after another and teach me the joy of styling again.

Like Mitsui in Slam Dunk.

The cardigan is navy with red embroidery.

Each T-shirt is printed with a specific color scheme.

Where is that?

It doesn't matter where you are, but if it's BLESS, you'll feel better.

I always buy it when I feel like it, thinking that's what BLESS is good at.

A unique atmosphere.

This is sure to be fashionable the moment you hold it in your hands.

By the way, there is only one cardigan!



cliché Kinoshita

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