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It's obvious, but it's not natural.



This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I wrote before,

Have you ever seen mole skin?

There was this.

Moleskin, which I had been picking up without thinking about it, literally means mole skin.

surely. Although the meaning can be easily translated, I never really paid attention to it.

If you think about the origin of the name, it becomes like this.

This was a story about moleskin, which redefined clothing based on this idea.

If you are interested, please see the blog URL above.

I was thinking that there are quite a few similar things,

I remembered that a senior colleague I respected from my previous job said the same thing.

Since he said that, I have been thinking about things like street signs, plastic bottles, and the structure of cans.

I'm having an AHA experience by doing some research, even though I'm having a bit of a headache.

Mr. Matsushima, who makes these clothes, repeats the same process by translating it from his daily life into making clothes.

Do you understand something?

Even if it's just a letter that I see all the time, sometimes...

It's like, ``This is the character...''

Even things that are commonplace are not.

I wonder if that is really true.

That's the story.

This time it's corduroy. This is also an interesting idea.

First, regarding the fabric called corduroy,

It refers to an uneven fabric with characteristic ridges, and its structure is a pile fabric.

To use a familiar example, it has the same woven structure as a towel. That's surprising.

Towels have a loop pile, but corduroy has a cut pile.

So-called fluff. Although it's a different image, it's best to imagine velvet.

The process to complete it involves cutting a woven fabric with ridges made of pile loops with weft threads,

Afterwards, by removing the size, soaking, and rolling the pile, the pile loosens and becomes fluffy and ridged.

Once the fabric has dried, the pile is burnt using a large machine, and the dyeing process begins.

I was watching a video on YouTube, and it was so spectacular in scale.

If you are interested, please look up "corduroy manufacturing process" and you will find it.

The result is corduroy with expressive ridges.

It is soft and is now a popular autumn/winter staple.

Now that we know about corduroy, let's get back to the topic.

Corduroy is shiny and expressive.

The color intensity changes depending on the viewing angle, but it is darker when viewed from above.

When viewed from below, it has a strong gloss and appears whitish.

This is a common corduroy called "back hair".

If you have ever worn them, you will know that the disadvantage is that the ridges get crushed.

Even if it's beautiful, as you wear it, the ridges will collapse and the atmosphere will change.

Usually I think of it as a taste, but this time it's a suit.

Once you get that taste, the route will change a little.

The one on the left of the first photo is my personal corduroy (back hair).

The product on the right is in new condition. Both are the same fabric.

The flavor comes out and the ridges are crushed, which means that the area will be whitish when touched, and the second photo will be in that state, although it may be excessive.

The "back hair" on the left side of the photo looks whitish when viewed from below.

Now, if you reverse it, it will look whitish in its normal state, so

Even if the ridges are crushed, it will be blurry and hard to notice.

Therefore, this corduroy is not a "back hair" but a contrasting "row hair".

I use the fabric upside down.

This creates a sparkling white shine, giving it a very elegant look.

The antithesis of corduroy.

These are clothes born from new ideas.


"Fine Corduroy Suit"

¥363,000 (TAX IN)

Just like the suit I introduced last time, it has double trousers with two tucks.

Just like it was made to order at a suit shop.

It has a quality that does not fit into the framework of domestic bras.

Since the development of a real suit in a domestic bra is rare in the first place,

Expensive! It is not strange that this happens.

However, that's because I see it as a domestic bra,

This is normal because it is a "suit" that is authentic and made with carefully selected fabrics.

When you go out into the sunlight, it's this sheen, this shade.

Double peaked lapels and two patch pockets.

Maybe I've gotten older after six months, but I feel like suits look better on me than before.

A suit that I want to try now. I've already finished altering the suit I have, so I'd like to wear it when the time comes.

The size of the jacket has increased slightly since last season so that it can be worn alone.

Although it will be sold as a set, I would like people to pay attention not only to its use as a casual dress but also its versatility.

The side vents and lining of the sleeves are made of high-quality raw silk fabric.

Needless to say, the finished product is flawless and highly satisfying.

The feeling of it wrapping around your skin is comfortable, and you can feel a sense of security as if it were sticking to your body.

It might be tempting to just say that the shape is beautiful, but

I still remember the excitement when I introduced it during the 22nd SS.

I once again feel the quality of the construction and its technology.

Pants are two-tuck, side adjuster,

A beautiful silhouette with a center crease.

It bulges from the hips down, and from the knees to the calves there is a continuous in-curve, out-curve, and in-curve.

The sizes worn are different, but either way they don't feel sluggish.

The unbreakable form is probably the reason why we make our suits at this suit shop.

There is a key task called ``Kusetori''.

A craftsman spends 1 to 2 hours on each piece, and once the piece is completed, it is ironed to create a curved shape, then sprayed and ironed again.

Then, the fabric will gradually bend.

This is not stretching; there is no change in the overall volume or dimensions.

In terms of image, you could say it's like creating a form using shape memory.

By doing this, you can create pants with a beautiful silhouette and a good grip on your legs.

It sticks better to your feet, so the hem doesn't go up even when you lift your feet.

Similarly, the feeling of security I felt when I first put the jacket through the sleeves and legs is the true identity of the jacket.

It's a very small detail that you can't tell at first glance.

What gives us a strong impression that something is beautiful or cool at first glance is a combination of these things.

The habit is removed so that the wrinkles are reduced when worn.

It's not a pleasant word, but the industry term for it is "killing habits."

This is called habit.

You can tell at a glance.

This is a "good suit".


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥25,300 (TAX IN)

Wearing size: 46 (175cm)

The beautiful luster of the surface of high-quality furniture and the deep color of wood.


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

Wearing size: 44

A sparkling gold-like beige.

Although it is difficult to notice even if the taste comes out, after wearing it for a long time,

The sleeves and knees are a little white, just like Wes Anderson, which will add to the atmosphere.

After that, it is easy to care for, as you only need to worry about changes over time.

I also like this way of thinking that prioritizes what happens after the item is in your hands.

Another good thing is that it redefines clothes.

Even if it's historical or major things that we already know and have earned citizenship,

why? Why? Repeat.

You can't start without knowing first, and there are many parts of the world that cannot be covered by publicly available information alone.

Why? It's such a hassle and I don't want to worry about it anymore,

Cantate and Mr. Matsushima are the ones who can do that.

Through these clothes, we also gain knowledge and become more interested in them.

I only wear this brand, this is the only one that wins! I don't mean that at all, but

There are many things to learn not only about clothes, but also about everyday life .

There's a reason for everything.

Of course, it is not easy to think again.

But if we stop doing that, there may be no future.

It's not a bad idea to approach it from an antithesis perspective.

It's obvious, but it's not natural.

However, the antithesis, the opposite opinion,

Only those who have investigated this matter have the right to speak out.



cliché kinoshita

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