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I don't wear inner pants.


Santa Claus is in a hurry.

Brown, the best.

Fashion begins with imitation.

I'm glad I bought it. #1


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

It suddenly got cold and I was shivering quite a bit yesterday. My feet are very cold now.

Gradually, my clothes became a little thicker.

My pants are the same as usual, denim and chinos. It's a little chilly.

The wider it is, the better the airflow is, which makes it even colder.

I'm thinking about wearing the crotch puller I bought last year, but it might get hot during the day.

In such cases, thick cotton pants, moleskin pants, and corduroy pants come in handy.

And this year,

Get off! Crotch pull, camel color!

So here's one thing: How about some knit pants?



¥41,800 (TAX IN)

I fell in love with sweatpants at the beginning of this year. It continues to be a boom.

I was attracted to the fact that the hem was not tied and had the elegance of slacks.

The reason I wear it is because it's easy and doesn't look sloppy.

Similarly, these knit pants have no hem.

Taking advantage of the loose feel of knits, the corduroy-like thick ridges give it a rough look, while also giving it a unique three-dimensional feel and a shoe-cut hem that won't sag.

Pants that go well with various areas, as well as neutral colors.

The material is a wool rib knit material made by knitting thick yarn to its limit.

The fabric is knitted at a low speed to avoid stress, and heat compression is applied at the end to create a textured look.

It's thick and has plenty of heat retention.

It's stress-free with no tingling.

When you put them on, they look a bit like sweatpants, and are so comfortable that you can't help but pick them up.

The waist, hem, and pockets are left uncut.

The waist part helps with the look when tucked in, and the wide belt means your stomach won't get cold.

Although it looks simple, the pockets give it a handmade feel.

At the hem, it flares out like a shoe cut, depending on the shoe, whether it's leather shoes or sneakers.

Although it is the brand's first straight silhouette,

If anything, it has a beautiful flare-like form.

I often wear leather shoes, and I want to wear comfortable pants with style.

Isn't this a great book for such a selfish person?

Wearing size: 3 (175cm)

Wearing size: 2 (175cm)

Because a designer wore it at an exhibition,

Great silhouette! I ordered it from there.

The other day, I happened to meet designer Mr. Ando.

According to him, who was wearing these pants at that time, these pants are his favorite this season.

The reason is that if you ask a knitting factory to make it because it's knit, it will be flat and you won't get a three-dimensional effect.

In order to bring out the best in wool rib knit and eliminate these concerns , they asked a cut-and-sew factory to make it for them.

Furthermore, the pants have no side hooks, giving them a more three-dimensional look.

The falling feel creates a feminine mood that follows one side of the foot.

These kind of ribbed pants are sometimes seen in women's clothing, but I have never seen them in men's clothing.

I was looking for it and found it on refomed.

He said that the price has gone up a little, but it can't be helped if it's to make it better. I feel more at ease.

It's easy-going and has just the right amount of uncouthness because it's his image source.

Elegant silhouette. This is such a fresh and chaotic book in a sense.



cantate "Crew Neck Sweater" ¥93,500 (TAX IN)



10eyevan "NO.6 3FR" ¥79,200 (TAX IN)

It's a knit, so it's warm, and the shape gives you an AW-like feel.

The silhouette changes slightly depending on the waist position, so please try it on while trying it on.

CHARCOAL is worn in the correct position, and BEIGE is worn at a high waist.

When you raise it, it falls straight down vertically.

When lowered, it has a rich drape with a slight flare.

Both leather shoes. Sorry for my preference. .

On the other hand, I am sometimes asked at stores if sneakers are okay.

Since they are similar to sweatpants, they go well with high-heeled sneakers like NEW BALANCE and NIKE.

The fact that the string is attached to the outside gives an impression of roughness.

On the other hand, wouldn't sneakers be better?

While thinking that.

The ``feeling of looseness'' that we often hear about is something that should not be overdone.

If you get an unexpected invitation, you'll have to change clothes, so wear these pants to maintain your sense of style.

Even those who wear crotch pulls can take them off.

These pants are like an extension of the crotch pull, but their natural appeal makes them easy to match with your styling.

These pants are knitted and give you a warm feeling, so we wanted them to be used not only for their design, but also for their daily companions for their heat retention properties.

Seriously, I can't wear inner pants.

For those of you, I would like to recommend refomed knit pants.



cliché kinoshita

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