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I'm glad I bought it #1

買っておいてよかった #1

cliché is a cliché.

That's what this store is for.

want to go on a trip.

Santa Claus is in a hurry.

The future standard.

Brown, the best.

Fashion begins with imitation.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I'm glad I bought it. Chino pants.


cantate "T-Back Jacket 2nd Type" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)

It's been a while since we had such a classic match.

When you start shopping for clothes, the first thing you want to do is try out some simple styling.

On the other hand, the casual look with Vans on her feet is good.

It's a phrase I often hear, but it's because the styling is simple that I want to pay close attention to every single detail.

If you don't do that, you won't be motivated.

If I compromised, I would end up coming back 5 minutes after I went out.


CLASS "CCCA14UNI A" ¥63,800 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Shirt" ¥46,200 (TAX IN)

I'm glad I bought these chinos.

Even items that pack a punch can be put together in a calm manner.

Striped shirts and chinos are a return to basics.


I like dark clothes, so the pants I often choose are black.

But if you have this, you'll probably like it and keep wearing it for a while.


cantate "Mac Coat" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

I'm glad I bought some chinos.

The navy coat and beige chinos are nice and easy to understand.

If the beige color is too dark, it will be too finished, which is a concern.

It's a little white and gives off a mature atmosphere.

I've already worn it quite a bit.


cliché "BDU JACKET SET UP (wear only jacket) " ¥77,000 (TAX IN)


CLASS "CCCA18UNI" ¥31,900 (TAX IN)

I bought the beige one.

But I should have bought some olives too.

I still have it, so I'm considering it, but the color is exquisite.

The key is the ruggedness that comes with just the right military feel.

I don't have olive pants other than military pants.

Even if you want to match it with BDU, if you wear military pants, the top and bottom pockets will make it noisy.

This styling really hits the spot.



I should have bought some olives too.

I kept the same styling as before, but I changed only the jacket.

It's a simple story, but the black and olive color scheme is good.

The good thing about these pants is that they maintain a good balance without being too masculine.



CLASS "CCCA11UNI A" ¥82,500 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Harness Latigo Cowboy Roper Style" ¥220,000 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.6 3FR" ¥79,200 (TAX IN)

I should have bought some olives too.

After all, it's sour.

Although the top has a flashy color, it pairs well with the shirt underneath to make it look neat and put together.

Not only is it beige, but it goes without saying that it goes well with brown boots.


cantate "Postman Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

I should have bought some olives too.

In any case, it's not too late.

This is the style that I thought was the most fashionable.

As in the previous brown blog, the belt and shoes are brown,

The other images are made to stand out without using dark colors.

A classic shirt that can be worn as an inner shirt to accent the neckline.

Tucked in a little roughly. The jacket is the same color.

Finish off with work pants that are elegant and have a masculine look.

I'm glad I bought beige chinos.

I don't usually wear beige pants, so these pants are new to me now.

Of course, new styling comes to mind,

Outerwear, jackets, and shoes that I didn't use end up in my new wardrobe.

Even though I'm in the apparel industry, my perspective changes depending on the pants I don't have.

This may seem like an exaggeration for people who normally work in other jobs, but it will have a big impact.

As the temperature drops, I feel the need for outerwear.

When it comes to outerwear, I think it's enough to wear something good for a long time.

However, if you have the type and number of pants, it's perfect.

After changing jobs, the way I shop has changed.

Sometimes I end up buying on impulse, but

When it comes to standard items, I don't buy a lot of them.

I try to buy quality items with the goal of using them for a long time.

If you have all of those things, you can manage fashion to some extent.

The most recent one was last week's shopping.

I'm glad I bought the beige chinos.

But I should have bought some olives too.

If you don't buy it, it's not worth buying.

It's up to you whether you're glad you bought it or regret it.



cliché kinoshita

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