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I dug into cantate's mohair cardigan.

This is Kinoshita from cliché.
The three-day weekend was warm, but the temperature has changed completely, and today it was snowing unseasonably. .
On Saturday and Sunday, I went to Isetan for POP UP, and yesterday I went to Kagurazaka and had a relaxing day.
I didn't find anything in particular, so the game bar that caught my eye? I went there, surrounded by a large number of board games, and drank alcohol while playing them.
After that, I went to a thrift store and bought another track jacket.
Thank you to the owners of both stores for their kindness! !
Well, even though the temperature has dropped today, looking at the weather forecast, it seems that the maximum temperature is also on the rise.
Although I can't read it yet, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a growing desire to gradually wear lighter clothing.
cantate "Stupid Shaggy Cardigan"
¥145,000 (¥159,500 TAX ​​IN)
Contrary to its apparent temperature difference, this mohair cardigan actually has a wide range of seasons. This is a great position to have when wearing light clothing.
From now on, you can of course use it over short sleeves as if it were a layer, even when it gets warmer.
When you think of mohair, you think of grunge.
I think a wide range of people, not just my generation, imagine Kurt Cobain.
As the literal translation of grunge = dirty, it means items that are damaged or have the earthy smell of old clothes all over them.
However, this cantate cardigan has a luxurious finish that goes against that image.
The material is mohair/silk.
Come to think of it, I also longed for carts back in the day, and at a time when everyone around me was only wearing old clothes, I bought a 60's mohair cardigan.
I was self-sufficient based on the values ​​of the time without thinking about anything, but as time has passed and I look at it now, I often notice many things.
Although it is called a mohair cardigan, it is actually made of nylon, wool, and other synthetic fibers such as acrylic to improve durability, and where does the essential mohair go?
It's about 20%-40%, so it's kind of nice! Even if you wear it with this in mind, the hair will fall out or stick to other clothes, causing stress.
There was some deterioration, but eventually I stopped wearing it. lol
that's why,
"Good texture, luster like raw silk, long pile"
If you were to ask me if I had ever felt the benefits of mohair directly, it would be a huge question, and I couldn't really answer that question.
"Good texture, luster like raw silk, long pile"
I see, I can't help but feel that the three benefits mentioned above are extremely persuasive.
The one I'm wearing has already been worn a few times.
At first, the hair is lying down, so by brushing it or wearing it under outerwear, the hair will stand up more and more, giving it a more expressive look.
I'm concerned that it's too long, but I guess it has a shaggy feel that you don't get with regular mohair cardigans. Isn't it a fun item to look at?
Price's translation is also well condensed.
By the way, mohair/silk has an absurdly high batting rate, and it has a delicate image, so you might be a little worried about its durability, but don't worry.
The durability is also increased because the threads are twisted with three strands.
However, I can't guarantee that it won't tear, so if it starts to deteriorate after being worn for a few years, give it a grungy finish...LOL
The size is one size, and the loose sizing makes it suitable for layering with parkas, etc.
You can pair it neatly with a dress shirt, or enjoy a slightly unbalanced pairing with old clothes.
I'm sure there are some people who have recommended cantate since my previous job, but I'll say it again.
When making this cardigan, I felt the curiosity and excitement of a mischievous child. Designer Matsushima said .
If it looks good, that's fine, and if you feel that way, you're right.
If the material is not properly sewn, that's also correct.
Like the former, if you really go this far, you might feel like it's ridiculous, and you might say it's unnecessary.
For the latter, you'll probably feel the same sense of elation as when someone bought you a toy from when you were little. Of course it looks cool too lol
I don't have any intention of deceiving you, but if you feel like you've been deceived, please try this at least once.

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