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Because it's spring.



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This is Kinoshita from cliché.
I thought the weather was nice during the day, but when I went to buy juice from the vending machine outside, it was raining like snow. Oh my gosh.
Since today is going to be a long day, I thought I'd buy two bottles, so I pressed the button for Tea Kaden, but for some reason it didn't come out.
It's not really true.
Well, today, since spring is right around the corner, I'd like to introduce a few styles to you since I have my eye on denim.
It can be said that denim is the most familiar item to everyone, and the ownership rate is extremely high.
No matter how many I have, I never get tired of them, so I keep adding them to my closet.
In addition to silhouette/form and sizing, there is an endless variety of colors and details.
In other words, it's a repeated purchase. It's a loop that if the color fades, you'll want a new one.
All the while, I kept saying I wanted a denim jacket.
Preferably a really big one! Based on this ideal, I had been looking for something without buying it, but I couldn't find it.
From Mr. Matsushima half a year ago
``I made what Kinopi wanted.''
So I personally ordered a set with pants at an exhibition.
According to him, this size makes him feel good and he wants to wear it as an outer layer like a coverall. When I went on a business trip, I wore a leather jacket underneath and a denim jacket over it.
I think it was just a coincidence, but I didn't care about that and it was an item that really came to me.
¥62,000 (¥68,200 TAX ​​IN)
A large trucker jacket that looks like it would hang behind the cash register at a thrift store.
The 3rd model is a long version of Levi's 557, which has a short length, and is based on Levi's 558 as its design source.
I am wearing size 48 in the photo, but you can also wear size 44 without any difficulty.
Since the length is longer, the sleeves will also be longer, so if you want to adjust it, we recommend choosing a smaller size.
I'm not that knowledgeable either, but I don't think I've seen many denim jackets this big.
557 and 558 seem to have a small number of balls, and since they are popular numbers, their rarity value is also very high. The price seems to be reasonable as well.
It's a different story, but I'm glad we were able to meet in this way.
My jacket hasn't really gotten that big yet, but Mr. Matsushima's has quite a bit of a hit, so I'll introduce you to it later.
The front has two pockets, and the buttons are nailed-on tuck buttons.
Unlike the 1st and 2nd models, there is no back cinch or front tuck, so there is no clutter, giving it a classy look.
"The materials are all made from Sunfolkian cotton, which is grown in the snowmelt and fertile soil of California's Sierra Nevada, and are spun with great care and time at a weaving shop in Okayama. I think you can really feel the difference from other denim."
This is the only one I've ever worn as a customer! As the person said, the color has not faded at all, and I want to keep washing and wearing it to improve my condition.
It's strange, but I can't find anything this size with such an authentic design and solid construction. If you want something big, the world is full of it.
I think I'll be with this jacket for a long time.
I often wear it with the button tabs fastened.
Since it's so big, there's no shortage of ways to layer it, and there are plenty of ways to arrange it, such as rolling up the sleeves to reveal the inner layer. Please try wearing each one to show your individuality.
If you're having trouble choosing pants, why not pair this new denim pair with two of your standard pairs?
Following the flare (517) and tapered, the new model is the 501 type 1955 denim.
The 40-inch size has been adjusted to the appropriate size, so you can wear it without looking unfashionable while maintaining the presence of the thickness and form.
But you can also get a glimpse of his masculinity, which is the point.
I own a 32-inch flare, but I wanted something thicker, so this was also nice timing.
It's wide enough to fall smoothly around the waist, and the hem is a little longer than traditional denim, so you can just roll it up. It's a good idea to pack it up once you get used to wearing it.
For my feet, I'm wearing Rios' western style, which I've been wearing a lot lately.
It depends on the model, but when it comes to tapered styles, I like to pair them with loafers.
However, the versatile denim pants are easy to match.
It blends in easily with Salomon.
This is Matsushima's RED WING, which only comes to mind when it comes to American casual.
It's a classic combination, and it's really cool.
I was asked if there was anything I should wear today, and since I wanted to write about it on my blog, I asked her to wear it.
Looking at it this way, it looks pretty stiff.
You can clearly see that the color has faded on the sleeves and collar, and it looks nice even though it hasn't been released that long.
When I go on a business trip, I don't use an umbrella even in the rain lol
He stoically expressed his taste.
If you wear it for about a week and the surface becomes glossy, wash it, and the color will fade easily.
By the way, since I've been wearing this style most of the time since I bought it, I've read into it a lot and found that I usually don't wear it on work days.
I can't bring myself to cover it up, and once when I went out to eat, I was a little embarrassed because it completely covered my face.
But I would like to wear it regardless.
Aside from digressions, the temperature is about to start rising.
I wrote something similar on yesterday's blog, but one way to stay warm is by layering with a large denim jacket.
When the weather gets warmer, throw it on over your TEE shirt and go out.
Come to think of it, one customer chose this top and bottom as a reward for getting a job.
In other words, something that can be worn and nurtured for a long time.
Denim is so familiar that it can be called basic denim.
Even if the color fades over the years, it will not fade as an object, and each item will be in your hands in a completely different form in a few years. So I don't get bored.
It's the fault of those of us who love clothes that we end up buying more clothes while thinking about such things, and we end up spending money on clothes for some reason.
Now that spring has arrived, I'm interested in denim. Again, I actually say this every year.
That's why it's spring, so please come once.

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