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A man named Ando.


About denim

About mohair cardigan


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

This is my third time writing a blog here.

I'm getting used to this format.

If I'm always doing a lot of things, I tend to be late in starting my blog, so

I ran out of drinks so I went to that vending machine again today and bought some juice.

As a revenge, I bought a copy of Tea Kaden and it came out just fine.

,,I feel good for some reason.

Aside from the entrustment,

Starting this weekend, we will be holding a pop-up of "refomed " , a brand that I have been curious about.

However, it is only available online, so it is only sold here.

This is the second memorable select brand following cantate .

A brand started in 20AW by young designer Yoshiki Ando.

The concept is

``Things that the designer himself has experienced and seen from his childhood to the present.''

As for the handling history, this is strange to me as well.

I was checking Instagram as usual, and this look came across the reformed Instagram account in my feed.

I told him, but unfortunately I don't remember following him.

But if you dig deeper into it, it's honestly cool. Maybe it's because I'm conservative, but I don't get into new brands that much, but I keep it in mind and contact them! That's what happened this time.

When I contacted them, it was still before the fall/winter exhibition started, so I was able to place an order for 2022AW just in the nick of time.

I was curious about the SS , so when I told them I wanted to see it, they kindly agreed , so I decided to develop it as a pop-up.

The designer, Ando-kun, is about 4 years younger than me. First of all, I was surprised.

As we talked about various things, I learned that my father was a craftsman called a " plasterer " who painted walls.

The products, which incorporate what I felt while actually helping out into military and workwear designs, have a core and are eye-catching.

I felt that age doesn't matter, he has such strength, and I was also drawn to his personality, and I'm still here today.

It's a long introduction, but sales will start tomorrow, March 22nd (Friday) from 19:00 .



¥ 16,000 ( ¥ 17,600 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

A pullover vest made of linen.

It is impressive to wear it over a jacket in this look.

The linen material is the same material used in mosquito nets , which are used to repel insects, and is extremely light and dry to the touch.

In addition to the texture that is perfect for layering in the summer, it is also oversized.

Apparently, it was based on basketball bibs, and when you hear that, you can nod at the width and ridiculously large armholes.

I was on the bench, but I was on the basketball team in high school, so maybe it's a remnant of that.




¥ 24,000 ( ¥ 26,400 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

A sweatshirt with an eye-catching finish.

It's simple yet statement-making, with an exquisite pastel color finish.

I don't usually like to do a one-two punch of pairing sweats with denim, but I was thinking of pairing it with denim.

The reverse under the armpits and even under the sleeves create a dolman-like accent to the look.

Regarding paint processing, it is related to plastering. It is based on the image of paint that adheres to a wall while it is being painted, and since it is done randomly, there will be individual differences.

Also, once it gets dirty, they don't want it to touch the wall, so they wear it inside out.

So it's reversible. But I forgot to take a picture...



OFF ¥ 16,000 ( ¥ 17,600 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

BROWN ¥ 21,000 ( ¥ 23,100 TAX ​​IN ) _



OFF ¥ 16,000 ( ¥ 17,600 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

BROWN ¥ 27,000 ( ¥ 29,700 TAX ​​IN ) _

OFF is a classic, and BROWN is a seasonal color, but the hem-knitted thermal T -shirt and pants are standard.

It's like a crotch pull. Light and soft, some people may find it more comfortable to wear than a sweatshirt.

The T- shirt is a dolman and is moderately loose, between a sweatshirt and a T -shirt.

The pants are wide and have a drawcord at the hem, so they can be used as snow pants. It will have a rounded shape like this.

If you wear sweatshirts in socks, you may want to supplement with this.

I'd like to buy it if it's left unsold.



¥ 25,800 ( ¥ 28,380 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

A shirt with a patch on the lower arm rather than the elbow.

The cotton material has a firm feel and seems to promote an oversized feel.

Two buttons on the cuffs of the thick arms.

The chest pocket has a gathered design.

The brand's iconic design comes from the fact that my grandfather came to Tokyo with just a pouch.

I want to wear it with linen pants in the summer. The feet are made of Beesan.



¥ 28,000 ( ¥ 28,000 TAX ​​IN ) _

The prisoner jacket-like design is made into a light blouse made of linen and Tencel.

It has a rich luster and drape, and the switching on the chest and the gathered pockets let in light, giving it a deep look.

It has a fairly generous width of the body and shoulders, so there is no stress on the comfort of the garment.

Although it is a jacket, it can be worn like a shirt.



¥ 22,000 ( ¥ 24,200 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

Knickerbockers continues to be developed following Thermal.

The waist width is wide, so you can imagine wearing it with a high waist.

A two-tuck design that runs along the belt loops and tapers toward the hem.

As the name suggests, the hem has adjusters and tucks, just like knickers.

The hem is a little long, but the brand suggested that you could go up a size and wear it.

These pants have an outstanding presence and are perfect for those who are going to be wearing light clothing.

It's made of thick cotton twill fabric, Katsuragi, so you can expect it to wear well over time.



¥ 48,000 ( ¥ 52,800 TAX ​​IN ) _ 



¥ 30,000 ( ¥ 33,000 TAX ​​IN ) _ 

dungarees = jute bags

It seems to be used often in the field.

With this in mind, we created a work jacket and pants set made of linen.

The jacket is a large size with a fairly wide width.

It has an open collar, but it also has buttons all the way to the top, so it can be worn like coveralls.

The front of the pants is similar, but there are stitches on the front.

cross stitch. It's a little irregular, but I dare to change it by hand.

In addition, next to the front pocket of the jacket, there are pockets on both sides that go all the way to the back of the waist.

If you don't need a bag and only carry a pouch, this seems to be enough.

The matching pants are easy pants with pin tucks.

The length is a little shorter than knickers, but I wear a size 3 and it fits just right.

There are 4 buttons on the hem, and now that I think about it, I forgot to ask if they should be tightened in the front or in the back.

By the way, I'm in the former group.

Well, it's been a long time, but the last train is almost here, so I'm heading home.

Mr. Ando from reformed , who I decided to work with, was friendly and cooperated even though it was a short notice.

I can't say what, but I felt the same feeling of temperature.

I'm sorry if I'm wrong about the man named Ando, ​​but I think he is someone who admired his father's work and reflected that admiration through his clothes.

Is it as it is?

That might be okay too.


cliché kinoshita

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