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I'm wearing it again.


About stein.

We met late last year.

Look at the photo, it's cool

Although I was aware of its existence, I was unable to get my hands on it for a long time because I didn't have the antibodies for its artistic ability.

The price is cool, and it is positioned as a coveted item.

The 11inch body is too high.

When I go to a friend's house and imagine them taking their clothes off at the front door, I'm like, ``Whoa.''

But boots are this long. I said,

I tried it on.

On the contrary, I was so impressed that I wondered what I had been wearing before.

I unconsciously compared Rios to something that wasn't Rios.

I was surprised by the low height of Rios and the difference in comfort.

Ikeike's embroidery is also symbolic.

When I caught a glimpse of it, I thought it was dangerous, but now it looks cool.

I find myself rushing to put them on when I go out, and showing off even if one side looks like it's tucked into a boot, even though I'm not aiming for it.

Actually, when I look at it with pants, it looks so cool that I honestly don't care about that.

When it comes to western boots, don't overthink it.

I think so when I try to match it with various clothes.

It's just cool.

Even such a simple reason is acceptable.

And just like that, I ended up wearing them again.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Today we will talk about Rios' western boots.

Mr. Matsushima recommended it to me at my previous job, or rather from the day I met him.

Seriously, buy it for every event.

They were chanting something like a nembutsu, but I remember thinking to myself, ``Maybe I'm a yakuza,'' and trying to dodge it.

Since then, I haven't even put my feet in it, because I'm afraid I'll buy it.

I also wear sneakers and leather shoes.

Perhaps it's a vestige of my skating days, but there are times when I want to wear worn-out shoes.

However, no matter how well dressed you are, there are times when your shoes can ruin everything.

The scene was ruined.

There are times like that.

There were many reasons that ultimately led to my decision, but

Even though I wouldn't wear it, I liked the essence of Western style.

I have some clothes like that at home that I bought second-hand.

I was thinking how cool it was to watch it from a grouper.

The preconceptions I mentioned earlier kept me from getting involved.

I am now grateful to have found these boots.

"Rios Of Mercedes"

-Harness Latigo Cowboy Roper Style-

¥200,000 (¥220,000 TAX ​​IN) 

So, I'm now on my second pair.

Rios of Mercedes is a custom boot manufacturer founded in 1953.

We have a factory in Mercedes, Texas, and manufacture boots of the highest quality by continuing to follow traditional manufacturing methods.

There are other brands of western boots, but the good thing about Rios is that they are ``just like the original.''

The Fast Rios I wear are the Roper type, which uses the same leather used in Wicket & Craig's horse tack.

Leather made from vegetable-tanned cowhide with oil and other fats added.

At first, it is hard and feels hard to put your feet on, but it warms up with the temperature of human skin, and the more you wear it, the more you get used to it, so you can fully appreciate the aging of the leather.

The EVA sole used in running shoes gives it a solid look.

It's so easy to walk, and I can even run now.

You can't imagine it from the looks, but they're actually as comfortable to walk in as sneakers.

I have ungainly shaped feet, so I don't have many shoes that fit me well, but these boots have a good amount of room in the width and have excellent grip.

Also, these boots don't have cork in them; instead, they have cloth in them.

As a result, it doesn't get stuffy, and the sole has a good bounce that makes it easy to walk in.

If you think about it, you're also riding a horse, so there's no way it's difficult to move.

But I didn't think it would be so easy to move.

It's been about half a year since I started wearing them.

As you wear it every day, you can feel that the oil in the center of the instep is getting more and more familiar with it, and as it gets used, the instep lowers and the shaft becomes a little lower.

At first, the overall shape is thin, but it looks like it's starting to collapse a little.

It spreads horizontally and wrinkles appear along with it. And my toes are curling up, making it easier to walk.

It has just the right amount of volume, and Rios' unique rounded spring toe goes perfectly with the wide pants you usually wear.

"Harness Latigo Cowboy Cowboy Style"

¥200,000 (¥220,000 TAX ​​IN)

This model has a slightly pointed tip, which is different from the previous Roper.

The sole is made of extremely thick leather.

Only the leather sole has wooden nails called "pegs" lined up in the arch. These are used to fasten the insole and outsole, but now most of them are iron nails. Iron seems to have some disadvantages, such as rusting and damaging the leather.

For this reason, the highest quality men's shoes, including Rios, still use wood pegs.

This is also "just as it was back then."

The voluminous feel is different from the crepe sole type, so please choose according to your preference.

Roper Style has a voluminous and masculine impression.

Cowboy Style gives you a look that is a little delicate and adds elegance.


¥200,000 (¥220,000 TAX ​​IN)

This is what I want next too.

Uses leather from HORWEEN, famous for cordovan and chrome excel.

First of all, this TAN color catches the eye, and I would like to pair it with denim.

This is a rare model made from the leather of gloves actually used by Major Leaguers, and it is soft from the start, and the rich oil content will absorb into your skin, allowing you to feel the changes over time.

The shaft is made of suede, and although it is the same color, it has a rich contrast that tickles the man's heart. I like the casualness.

There are differences in the color change and wrinkles in some areas, and it's fun to see the pile on the suede side.

Also, as with the second model introduced, the pointed toe features the world's first double welt finish.

It also gives a sense of volume compared to the original single, so

Pointy shoes = brother

I used to think that way, but the more I wear them regularly, the easier it is to match.

I would like to match it with light denim.

Western boots were originally made for cowboys to ride horses.

It is said that if the shoes don't fit properly, it can mean the difference between life and death if you fall off a horse.

A pointed toe that allows you to quickly find stirrups (a harness for putting your feet on) when riding a horse.

High shaft for leg protection.

It was something that was adapted to the lifestyle of the time and was perfected naturally.

I just researched it, so I'm sure there are many other reasons.

The stitching on the instep and the flashy embroidery on the shaft are also used to prevent the shaft from falling over, as well as to represent the team's affiliation and team colors.

However, under such circumstances, how cool they were was probably quite important. It's like the motivation we feel every day when we wear clothes.

Western boots are formal boots in the cowboy world,

We tend to think it's flashy, but...

For men's clothing, Mr. Matsushima simply said, ``Only Western clothing is allowed to have decorations.''

Apparently, there is a reason behind the decoration of Western food. Other decorations are just decorations.

Nowadays, however, there is no need to think too deeply about it, so if you order something, you can choose the color, embroidery, height, etc. as much as you like.

Rios are all custom orders, so you can't choose from catalogs, etc., and this model is only available at cliché.

I think people who want to wear shoes can wear them, and those who are good at it don't have to wear them.

But they will definitely respond to those who ask.

It's a waste if you don't know.

The methods used at that time were used without using modern methods. Rios of Mercedes' western boots are filled with such romance.

I feel that there is something in common with the military.

Also suitable for serious American casual wear.

That was all I had in mind, but it's so easy to wear that I've worn it in many different styles and now it's my favorite.

You can match it however you like.

because it's cool.

For that reason alone, I think these boots have the power to move your heart.

That's why I'm wearing it again today.



cliché kinoshita

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