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The entrance to splurge.


No problem, coveralls.

A little emotional.

A really good turtleneck.

I'm moved by that, I long for it.

Combat uniform in modern daily life.

Pierre Jeanneret.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

4th Delivery has arrived from stein.

It's already knitwear, and knitwear is already starting to become popular both in stores and online.

Everyone, it's really early.

If you don't buy it first, you often won't find the item you're looking for.

Then, in November and December, when it's on time, I find myself wanting more knitwear.

The time to buy is when you want it.

Moreover, I guess this knit is also not available on time.

While I was deciding what to buy, I was swayed by the appearance of this knit.

I'm writing this blog while looking at the colors and thinking about them once again.



¥38,500 (TAX IN)

Available in two colors: vivid green and black.

A high-necked knit made from lambswool with a distinctive rounded shape.

We only use the wool of lambs collected within 6 months of birth, and we use extra fine lamb.

It bulges, has high insulation and moisture retention properties, and has an attractive finish that is light and soft to the touch.

GREEN goes well with classic styling like those found in OLD GAP and Ralph Lauren. Even though it's a flashy color, just adding one piece can completely change the atmosphere.

Black for the cautious. I would like to pair both with denim or chino pants.

The collar and sleeves are ribbed, but it's only a weak accent.

Needless to say, the volume that accumulates there is undeniable.

The sleeves are raglan, and only the center knitting is switched inside out and inside out, giving attention to how it looks.

Maybe it's because I like women's clothes (I don't actually wear them) ,

I especially feel the feminine essence in stein's clothes.

Although the design is relatively simple, it has a solidity that is not found in men's clothing, and the stripped-down atmosphere is stylish.

Even items with designs have a cohesive feel that comes from a sense of unity, so they don't feel unreasonably cluttered.

When I spoke with the designer Asakawa the other day, I told him that I like that look.

"I get it! It's nice to have the freedom to wear women's clothes."

In fact, Asakawa seems to like women's clothing and fashion itself, and although she says she wears black every day, she often uses it as a reference.

Remove and add to existing things.

As a result, it stands as a middle ground between medieval, mode, and casual.

It's not flashy, but it has an impact. I think it's attractive that she's so natural.

Wearing size: M (175cm)



cantate "Moleskin Trousers" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Shoulder Tote Bag" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.6 3FR 46 1015S 〈CRYSTAL BEIGE〉" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

Here's how to mix colored knits.

It goes really well with tote bags.

Wearing size: S (175cm)



Tucked into wide pants with a noticeable tuck.

Although it is simple, it is a style that is perfect for going out.

As new items continue to arrive, my material desires have reached their peak.

So far, I have about 6 cantate clothes that I ordered earlier.

Unlike sweatpants that can be worn even in hot weather,

I only recently started wearing moleskin pants.

Shirts are good because they have an expression, but I still want to match them with knits.

If you buy pants, you'll want knitwear. I want a jacket and shoes.

If you buy knitwear, you'll want pants, and it's an endless loop.

Moreover, RIER was delivered today and will be available in stores tomorrow. (Including personal orders)

Ah, it's impossible because the expenses are too much.

Even though I say that, somehow everyone is buying it.

“I bought this!”

"Wow, that's terrible!"

That kind of conversation is fun, and it's nice to be like a gal.

Let's splurge together.


cliché Kinoshita

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