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Brown, the best.


cliché is a cliché.

That's what this store is for.

want to go on a trip.

Santa Claus is in a hurry.

The future standard.


Kinoshita is interested in pink and purple this season.

But that's only for tops and scarves, and in the accessories (leather items) department, I'm interested in brown.

belts and boots.

I have never spent money on belts, and until last year I had always

I used a basic black one that cost about 10,000.

As a result of looking for simple and strong statements,

For now, I've settled on a cantate belt, which is normal, has a square buckle, and is highly durable.

I don't want anything more than this at the moment, so I won't be buying a belt for the time being.

The only thing I can't give up on is CAMEL. (I want to buy it when I can afford it.)

BROWN is an essential brand color for Ralph Lauren, J.CREW, LL Bean.

When I look at past photos, I am captivated by the modern atmosphere created by the color brown.

The belt is black, and the boots are also black. This was pretty much my own rule,

Recently, brown belts and brown boots have become popular.



SIZE: 41/42/43

¥95,700 (TAX IN)

When I was looking for something like that, I found something good.

When looking for boots this season, my rule is to go for something a bit feminine.

Speaking of brown boots, I also wear Rios' ones.

Since they are strong, wear boots with a contrasting design.

The brown boots are reminiscent of American casual style, but I wanted them to go well with American casual style with thin lines without being bulky.

Isn't it a good idea to wear it with knit pants or ribbed sweat pants?

Recently, Nicholson has been expanding its line of shoes,

Among the many available, we have only prepared this square toe "WISKEY".

Calf leather with Vibram sole.

It does not have a heavy appearance, but has a relatively delicate and sharp finish.

The shaft is not too high and there is a side zip.

I think the appeal of these boots is that they look like a size up of women's boots.

The slightly raised toe doesn't lose volume to wide pants,

Even when paired with narrow pants, the hem can be covered neatly.

If you wear it over and over again and it gets wrinkled, it will become even more cool.

It looks so simple that you can't tell what brand it is.

It's not difficult, it's normal.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I keep wearing black, and I don't particularly get tired of it.

But I can't help but be curious about Brown.

Depending on the combination,

The destructive power produced by brown exceeds expectations.

I don't think it's particularly fashionable or anything like that, but I like brown! I would be happy if you could feel the same way.

For example, this ivory sweatshirt + bleached denim,

Speaking of the royal road, it is the royal road and simple combination, but...

usually. Of course it's fine, but I usually feel like this.


cantate "Fluffy Crew Neck Sweater" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥49,500 (TAX IN)

Black gives a cool impression, but brown gives a softer and brighter look.

It's clean, yet has some nice nuances.

Just change the color of the accessories without changing the base.

It's a simple act, but once the base is solidified, it's hard to break free.

Why not try your hand at this timing?


cantate "Postman Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

CLASS "CCCA15UNI A" ¥80,300 (TAX IN)



refomed "WOOL RIB KNIT PANTS" ¥41,800 (TAX IN)


CLASS "CCCA11UNI A" ¥82,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Regular Chino Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)



cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

Gives a classic impression.

Personally, I like the styling of the CLASS shirt and cantate chino pants.

This is just a subjective opinion, but the appeal of brown is that it gives the impression of not being too formal.

cantate "Ribbon Belt" ¥38,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Traveler Bag" ¥154,000 (TAX IN)


My brown members.

The black belt is sold out.

The black bag is also sold out.

I only wear brown shoes.

Everyone's first touch is black,

I'm sure there are many people who already have one and have gathered around.

It's good to buy clothes that you don't usually buy, but don't change your usual clothes.

"It's a little different than usual."

Aiming for such an exquisite line will also give you a nice sense of self-satisfaction.

But it just changed the usual black to brown.

The beauty of brown is that it darkens over time.

Try picking it up as if you were going to turn your black hair brown or straighten it with a perm.

You'd look better if your hair grew a little longer.

Brown, the best.



cliché kinoshita

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