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Summer spent knitting


Changes in the belt over time.

So many men, so many opinions.

You forgot your pants.

ROTOL and the rainy season.


This is Kinoshita, who is sensitive to cold.

The temperature is rising, isn't it?

If you walk outside, you'll see people with a lot of exposure, so you can almost say it's summer.

But there's a lot of fun to be had.

Leisure in the summer.

Go to the beach or have a barbecue.

Ice sweets in the summer.

Ise City's famous "Akafuku Ice" is the best. I want to go eat it this year.

When summer comes, I turn on the air conditioner.

Piping hot oden and hot pot eaten under the air conditioner.

I remember that my parents liked that style and used to do it often.

It's like the ice cream you eat under the kotatsu in winter. The best.

But air conditioners are great, but they don't adjust properly.

However, it's cold no matter where I go, and the difference in temperature between inside and outside makes me dizzy.

That's why I usually wear long sleeves even in summer.


"Twisted Heather Crew-Neck Sweater"

¥65,000 (¥71,500 TAX ​​IN)

I went to an exhibition this morning, and I was wearing a denim jacket and denim, which matched Mr. Matsushima's style.

Isn't it too hot?

However, for us, it's still the last moment to wear a jacket.

Actually, it's hot when I say hot, but I pick it up because I want to wear it, and I prioritize my feelings.

It gets really tough around July, but when you remember the existence of air conditioners, you can't help but carry light outerwear and shirts.

But I don't have that many of them, and I get bored with them.

Light shirts, thin jackets, and knitwear are also great for summer.

When it comes to linen, it is too thin and the lines of the body are too exposed.

This thickness solves that problem and also ensures breathability.

Thanks to you, the volume when tucked in is also perfect.

This knit is made of cotton linen, and I purchased it about two months ago.

In fact, it appears more frequently as the temperature gets higher, and I like to wear it alone rather than as an inner layer. However, I'm happy with the finish, which makes it useful as an inner layer in a wide range of seasons.

About two weeks ago, it was hot during the day and chilly at night.

I couldn't bring myself to wear short sleeves just yet, and I was wearing too many shirts and jackets, so I decided to change my mood and went out wearing this knit.

There is good ventilation during the day, and the touch of the skin is stress-free.

If you roll up your sleeves, it will go away even more, and for the time being, the way it accumulates is cool.

By the way, the reason for wearing long sleeves in the summer is, of course, because it's cool, but the fluffiness is also a key point.

By the time I got home, the temperature had dropped, but it was damp.

But in such cases, it's best not to roll up your sleeves.

The train was cold, and the air conditioner was buzzing everywhere I went.

I would like to have a piece of clothing like this that allows me to feel comfortable without having to take it off.

You can wear it more casually and relaxedly than wearing sweatshirts.

The neck of the T-shirt of the same brand that I am wearing as an inner layer is also

It's just the right amount of glimpses, and it gives off a nice flavor.

If you feel that it is bland, it would be better if you add some accessories around the neck.

When I was in my hometown, my seniors who taught me how to make clothes liked to wear cotton knits.

It was impressive that it matched Levi's,

Biowash, it wasn't a flare, but it's stuck in my head.

Wearing an oversized knit,

Roll up your denim

Pair it with sandals and wear a BB cap on your back. All long hair.

The feeling has changed a bit, but the base remains the same.

I've always thought that it's cool that it doesn't seem pretentious.

He has an unsophisticated personality, as if he is unemployed, but that unsophisticated nature is also good.

As expected, if I were wearing a Dal Dal T-shirt, I wouldn't feel clean,

Don't worry, this knit has you covered.

A knit that can be worn even in the summer, perfect for pairing with pale denim and leather sandals.

There are many ways to spend your summer comfortably.


cliché Kinoshita

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