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Aging Man.


Rios is my foot.

Fascinating T-back.

This season's bags are amazing.

I just changed my wallet.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Rios's boots, which had been sent for repair, are finally back.

It took a long time to order the soles from my home country,

Reunion for the first time in half a year.

It felt like I was meeting my long-distance girlfriend/wife for the first time in 10 years.

I hugged her and rubbed her face.

The shaft is brown.

A cool guy with a black upper and leather sole.

This is my third pair of Rios, including the one I bought this year.

I had heard that it would be swampy, but

I never imagined that I would actually end up in a swamp.

Good grief.

I wrote a blog about making it before,

" Rios is my foot. Please refer to "

I'm in love with how comfortable they feel.

Is my foot distorted, or is it a disease called clubtoe? Because of this, the shape changes.

Perhaps because of this, narrow shoes cannot be worn for long periods of time,

No matter what kind of shoes I wear, my feet end up hurting a lot.

When I reach my limit, I wear salomon recovery sandals.

Since I met Rios, that has disappeared, and I can wear them comfortably and forever.

Before you know it, you end up choosing it every morning.

He's my partner.

When it's this easy, I want to choose according to the outfit,

First of all, you'll want them in different colors.

Rios' design features a "roper" with a rounded toe and a voluminous volume.

There is a pointed type, so you'll probably want both.

Each has its own strong appeal, and the benefits when combined are also different.

As a result of narrowing it down further, you will want another color with a shape you like more.

In the end, I liked Roper,

・BLACK EXCEL Stovepipe (Roper)

・L/BROWN of harness leather, Harness Latigo (roper)

・Black point with plenty of oil

Landed on these three feet. If I had to be greedy, I would also like a brown point,

As expected, if I don't keep it in place, I won't be able to buy clothes.

I'm looking forward to the next one.

In other words.

This is the formula for western boots.

※Brand new

*Personal items

The secret to long-lasting wear is to let them rest for a few days after wearing them.

I liked black,

I was wearing only the pointed black shoes that I had sent for this repair.

After I lost it due to repairs, I stopped using Western for a while, but

It was during that period that I discovered the appeal of Roper & Brown.

I think this is a test given to me by God because my priorities have become different.

Now I'm able to wear them in a well-balanced way, but maybe before I wasn't able to find the right way to match them.

Now I'm invincible, and then I bought another color, black.

Aging is cool after all. .

So, Rios All Stars gathered together,

I'm thinking of writing "Until the new Rios become my feet."

So comfortable that you'll choose them every morning = one with yourself


First of all, we'll start with Stovepipe, which was released the other day, along with Mr. Matsushima's personal belongings.

Rios of Mercedes


¥275,000 (TAX IN)

It's only been a month and a half, so it's not like I'm aging a lot, but

The familiar shaft is slightly lowered, and the toes are curled up.

This greatly improves comfort,

Your feet will be held firmly in place.

The color of the denim transfers to the white piping,

Above all, the biggest charm, the core of the tea, is becoming visible.

Somewhere reddish, the overall color becomes slightly darker,

Only the wrinkled areas become reddish.

How cool is that?

The erotic scent of engineer boots that you can enjoy in the Western world.

Needless to say, the manly one is definitely this "Stovepipe".

Rios of Mercedes

"Waxy Kansas"

¥275,000 (TAX IN)

Next up is Waxy Kansas.

We will introduce Mr. Matsushima and Mr. Sugimura's personal belongings.

Since the leather is made with plenty of oil, the changes are noticeable.

It has a wrinkled texture and a more atmospheric finish.

Even with this, Mr. Matsushima only wore the shoes for the time he was applying the soles to Stovepipe, so he only wore them for about a month.

It's been about 2 days since I bought it, and the aging was close to this level.

These boots make it easy to understand the importance of oil.

Western boots are made for work with horses, so

There is no need to use oil or high-quality leather.

So these boots are heretical.

Even in the boot world, it can be said to be a super high quality western boot,

You can't experience this charm anywhere else.

Black always looks great.

Even now, I realize how good brown is and want it even more.

After getting both colors, I finally realized the charm of each.

If you want to get started or are even a little curious,

You might want to try black.

Rios of Mercedes

"Harness Latigo Cowboy Roper Style"

¥220,000 (TAX IN)

Finally Harness Latigo.

Since losing Black, aging has accelerated rapidly.

how is it? This outstanding sense of masculinity.

The shaft goes down, the toe curves up,

It has a completely different silhouette compared to the new one.

Inside leather, piping, stitching, and welt.

It has been toned down overall, but

For those who want to feel more aged, we recommend brown rather than black.

Because the color is getting darker and darker.

Eventually it will become darker,

Of course, considering that we will be together for a long time,

There is no doubt that you will choose brown from the first pair.

This guy has been wearing it for about two years now, so the insole has a lot of foot shape,

It has become more held.

It doesn't feel like it's "sinking", it feels like it's "printing on your feet".

We tend to think that even if we wear tight shoes, they will sink and become comfortable.

It has an image of a foot shape that fits your foot,

It will give you a feeling of wearing that you have never experienced before.

After buying it, everyone was convinced and said in unison.

“You'll understand when you wear it”


"Kinchaku Bag"

¥66,000 (TAX IN)

The same can be said for this bag. (The one with the string tied around it is my personal item.)

It's super good. .

You may not be able to tell much from the photo, but it has become much softer.

Mr. Matsushima's personal black one is so soft that he can't remember how hard it was, yet has a waist. lol

My brown color is still a little soft, but

As much as I was wasting drinks,

Some parts have changed color or aged.

My heart hurts, so I rub it again and again,

The part where I washed it in the park is especially dark because a crow dropped its droppings on it.

I hate it, but I've decided to treat it as a medal.

From now on, I will continue to use it as hard as I can without being ashamed.

``Even your droppings will be used as nutrients for the leather.''


"L-Shaped Wallet"

¥60,500 (TAX IN)

Sugimura's personal wallet also shows a drastic change in color.

The belts and traveler bags that everyone uses,

Every day I see how much he has changed in a good way, and I fall in love with him every day.

Aging is unbearable.


cantate "T Shirt" ¥20,900 (TAX IN)

m's braque "W4B COMFORT LOOSEN JACKET" ¥79,200 (TAX IN)

cantate "Traveler Bag" ¥198,000 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "WW II T-Back Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Harness Latigo Cowboy Roper Style" ¥220,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Traveler Bag" ¥198,000 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.3 III BR" ¥80,300 (TAX IN)


cantate "WW II T-Back Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

cantate "Kinchaku Bag" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Stovepipe" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

Finally, we will bid farewell with our aging-man style.

Jeans, bags and boots. Clothes and shoes that I grew myself,

It has a charm that cannot be compared to the aged clothes you buy second-hand.

Even cell phone marks, crow droppings, scratches and damage.

The one-of-a-kind characteristic that only that person has.

It depends on the quality, but leather is really great.

It is something that projects your daily life as you treat it and grows as it is.

Just like jeans, we always hit 100% or more,

It gives you a sense of aging and taste, not deterioration.

Unlike items that are damaged and become unwearable or unwearable,

The way it grows becomes a new form and the essence of the material.

That's why I never get tired of it.

When you think about it, in terms of a long-term relationship,

Leather and denim are must-have items for men.

I believe that there is no such thing as a living thing, but this is just a living thing.

Emotionally, these are items that I want to carry with me for the rest of my life.

Please feel confident in recommending it.

I also plan to write a blog regularly to report on changes over time.

I will use it extensively and let it age as much as you do.


cliché Kinoshita

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