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A story about how my life changed when I discovered glasses.

Your heart is also a one-wash tumbler.

A shirt that is constantly rotating.

This is the story of when I bought my first suit.

If only I had found the clothes I like now when I was a child.

After washing the knit.

Bleach denim is a seasonal word for spring.

At your feet.

I bought it "whatever it takes".

Many repeat customers.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Let's talk about my bag situation.

I don't carry a backpack much these days.

The reason is that it makes you look conservative.

When I often wear jackets and shirts with them, it reminds me of my school days.

Sometimes I want to ask for help, but I have a tendency to want to look good even if I have to force myself to do so.

For example, a double-breasted suit and a backpack.

It's fresh, but I feel like it's no longer stylish.

When wearing a suit, you should choose a bag that you can hold in your hand, and if you associate it with freshness, a negative chain reaction will begin to occur as a representative of your lack of dignity.

White shirt, coat, backpack,

Even more so when the pants are black or navy slacks.

Sometimes I realize this by looking at myself in the mirror at the supermarket.

Hmm, this is a problem. .

The item I chose was a tote bag.

The three tote bags are mainly large ones and are used on a daily basis.

I wear various clothes,

It goes perfectly with everything, and I can spend time without worrying.

cantate from the back, and the two in the front are from BLESS.

Cantate bags are just stylish even when you carry them without filling them.

Because of its authentic design, it appears frequently.

I'm even talking about wanting a smaller type of shoulder bag in addition.

Although the price is high, it can be used for a long time and is highly durable.

It's natural to enjoy the changes over time. The standing position is a leather bag.

I think it would be better to prepare for the upcoming Golden Week travel season.

Once you buy it, it will make you want to start planning your trip.

And, like this, this bag is almighty.

Each has their own place.

I want a bag that I can rely on anytime, anywhere.

On the other hand, even if you cannot rely on it on a daily basis,

I also want to have a bag that can help me get up to the goal from the right side when I need it most.

Among the things I have, that is a foreign object called BLESS.

I don't use it every day, but it's convenient to have.

I'm a total devil, but the things that make my normally simple self stand out a bit are:

It's all thanks to the fact that I buy these kinds of projectile-like accessories.



¥29,700 (TAX IN)

Plain, map, all over pattern,

It has appeared as a new product among the patterns that you have probably never seen before.

An unexpected “crane”.

As someone like me who loves Japanese patterns, I have no choice but to resist.

I like gobelins, all-over patterns, and flashy things, so

This is an item that you would want to have just because you want to own it.

The Gobelin series started with cats and dogs, but this time the crane was the clear winner.

It's really cool.

Surprisingly thick and durable texture.

Imagine a thick cushion cover.

The color shading clearly appears, giving a very deep finish.

It has a typical design that resembles two docked bags, and has four handles.

It's free to use, so you can use it however you like,

,,How do I use this?

I get asked this a lot.

I was also confused the first time,

Even now, I still use it because I find it annoying. lol

However, the overwhelming visuals seem to ignore that troublesomeness.

Similarly to the BLESS wallet, there is a sense of humor that comes with having to put up with a certain level of ease of use.

At this stage, it has a negative image, but don't worry, the positive will win in the end.

There are roughly four ways to hold it.

There may be more, so if there are, please let me know.

For me, this is the most practical way to hold it.

This is probably the most mainstream usage and the largest state.

You can use the largest capacity, so when carrying a large amount of clothes, etc.

The size is perfect for returning from big shopping.

It doesn't have any defensive power, but it's convenient to be able to separate it when you carry your PC around.

Even if you don't have a PC, it's a good idea to divide your small items in half by genre.

At one point, I was wondering if I should unpin both sides and sew them.

I like the fact that this fabric is thick and can maintain its shape.

I do this when I don't have much luggage.

By the way, the usual type with soft fabric,

If it moves even when folded, the contents will get mixed up,

I've been worried about stuffing too much and worrying about it breaking.

The fabric used this time is hard, so it has a high staying power when folded, and the handle is also tough.

I think one of the characteristics of this bag is that it eliminates various concerns.

Extra edition.

I don't think anyone actually does this, but you can also carry it on your back like a backpack.

If there is something inside, the shape will be very distorted, so I think of it as just a decoration.

Next, the pattern. Why Japanese pattern in the first place?

It looks like a furoshiki or something from your grandparents' house.

To begin with, BLESS is both a residence and a shop.

(I don't know now, but) There are many people from other countries, including Japanese,

BLESS is an established category consisting of a fusion of multinational and other genres.

Professionals from all walks of life, including architects, designers, and hairdressers, gather together.

The collision of these things creates something completely new.

For BLESS, it doesn't matter whether it's a Japanese pattern or not.

Using furoshiki from the home of a customer living in Japan,

The brand is flexible enough to have collaboration items with customers.

It's funny, is not it?

Whether it's absorption or adaptability, we don't reject new essences,

I admire the feeling of taking something in and making it your own.

However, depending on the item, the SDGs spirit of BLESS appears,

Its value as a brand is also very high.

Although this bag is not

We are lucky to have picked it up in Japan.

After all, I can carry Japonism with pride.

Something you may have at home,

By passing through the BLESS filter,

It's under a spell that makes it incredibly attractive.


cantate "Anorak Parka Type D-2" ¥77,000 (TAX IN)

cantate " The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Sulfur dye Pants" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

Style it easily with your usual styling.

It may seem difficult, but military, American casual,

In summer, take advantage of the Japanese essence and pair it with linen and sandals.

When in doubt, just wear denim, a T-shirt, or a simple style.

This is a rare finish that is specially designed to be compatible with natural fibers.


cantate "Hard Twist Satin Suit" ¥363,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "Back Satin M-51 Pants" ¥52,800 (TAX IN)

I was a fan of DARK, so the number of orders I received was also in favor of DARK.

Considering that, LIGHT works better, which is very frustrating.

There has been a sudden whirlwind since last night, and earlier it was only black.

I felt that the priority of purchasing accessories increased during this period.

By the way, I still support DARK.

The good thing about DARK is that it is more glaring than LIGHT.

It's negotiable with everyday clothes, but if you're a visitor to cliché, you'll definitely want it.

Because of this pattern, we don't interact in everyday life.

It's normal to have trouble figuring out how to match them because you're not familiar with them.

Whether this design is easy to use or not is ultimately up to the person.

If you ask me, I'll probably tell you that it's definitely difficult to use.

(If you say you can use it every day, you can definitely use it.)

But I'm just using it because it looks good,

Even if it's hard to use, I want to put up with it and use this visual, it simply improves.

It is an item that greatly intervenes in the motivation that is most important for every day.

I have always bought things according to my intuition,

Sometimes you have to buy things like projectiles or you'll run out of spices.

It's like curry without spice.

It's like plain miso soup. (This is me from yesterday)

In other words, this bag is an outdoor spice.

Good for seasoning or as an addition.

Even when I don't have to go in, I'm kind of happy to have the option.

It's bland and I don't know if it will go well with it, but I tried it in a dish and it was delicious! ,

The experience of feeling the range of variation because it contains dozens of spices,

I'm sure everyone has one too.

Surprisingly, the collision of such foreign objects,

Creating something brand new, making it a discovery and making it your own as an individuality.

That's why I would like to recommend it to people who have been buying only orthodox products.

Such a BLESS crane bag.

Please do try that out.


cliché Kinoshita

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