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It means learning from failure.


Rios is my foot.

Fascinating T-back.

The source of my creepy self-confidence.

This season's bags are amazing.

Navajo pearl POP UP STORE.

I just changed my wallet.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Well, the typhoon has passed and Obon is over today.

With the first day of autumn upon us, I think it's time to start preparing for fall.

Thank you so much for coming to our store during Obon.

There are many people who are looking for Navajo pearls to add some extra summer flair.

Some people purchase cardigans, jackets, and matching pants in preparation for fall and winter.

Time passed very happily.

And, simply, "I want something good."

I feel like the number of customers like this has increased.

It seems that it is also prevalent among young children.

He was also eager to buy some nice denim and a nice shirt.

We have made many failures, and as a result, we are where we are today.

After failing many times, I came up with my own correct answer,

Even if you keep buying cheap things,

The final future turns out to be bland and gray.

Buy a nice shirt, buy a nice pair of jeans.

Changes over time, how to grow clothes, how to iron,

You have to spend some money to experience the joy of taking care of your clothes.

Even extremely wrinkled shirts now seem worth stretching out.

The shirt in the photo is the one I wore for half a year,

I purposely washed it, dried it, rolled it up, and brought it to the store.

It's a pain.

The satisfaction and sense of superiority that can only be obtained...

This is the correct answer considering that it will definitely remain in my possession in the future.

The best thing to do is not waste money, save up and buy the perfect outfit.

Even if you leave it dirty or it gets wrinkled,

Good clothes will make you feel good.

It's a pain, but it motivates me to iron it and remove dirt.

If you do that, you can pour love into the clothes you have, regardless of the price.

The aforementioned personal items I just ironed this morning.

You could almost mistake it for a new shirt, but this is where this shirt's strength lies.

I'll buy it when it's no longer good.

It's going to go bad anyway, so I'll have to think about it then.

Would you like to escape from such a negative spiral?

If you buy a shirt, this is it.

I won't have to worry about making additional purchases in the future.

In fact, I can't help but consider purchasing it in a different color. lol

Once you've bought something that you're sure will wear, you'll have a firmer purchasing criteria.

It shouldn't be too late to find a balance between removing and adding.


“The Shirt” 

¥48,400 (TAX IN)


“The Band Collar Shirt”

¥49,500 (TAX IN)

This shirt series has been renewed for the second season.

Including past product numbers, I now have 5 pieces.

I think we met about three years ago.

When I went to an exhibition at my previous job, I tried it on many times,

I bought band collars in quick succession.

At that time, I only had eyes for band colors,

I was able to learn the joy of layering and tucking in.

After all, the texture and comfort after washing are the best. .

Back then, there was no need for a collar.

I was saying such stupid things,

What if I don't have a collar?

Even when you're trying to dress smartly, a band collar is meaningless.

Then, at the beginning of this year,

For the first time, I reached for a regular collar shirt.

Let's start with the basics. This is all we have to protect.

In the end, this is

I can't believe it will have such a big influence on my own fashion.

This is a blog about shirts that I have written several times,

After wearing it super heavily for half a year, my perspective is different.

Grow your shirt, take on your own shape,

I had never thought of that, but this was serious.

The charm of the shirt, which has now become a part of the body,

Please let me know once again that it has arrived.

As if it were a dress shirt, a custom-made shirt so to speak,

This tailored shirt is

Needless to say, it is suitable for pairing with a suit or for casual wear.

Because I bought it to match the suit I bought last time.

Now, he has risen to the level of being one of the best, appearing on daily TV shows.

Even if you ask about the plush core, the number of hand movements,

Ah yes yes. Some people are like,

Like the perfection that comes from a good belt and good pants when tucked in,

In extreme terms, it will give you a look that will make you look good even if you don't wear it properly.

Although it is a common slogan,

Clothes that go back and forth in everyday life are

It's better to think that's not likely.

Washing it will make it dry and the fabric will be ruined.

A collar that doesn't look good even after ironing.

Sloppy cufflinks.

The look on your face when you put on a tie.

Because it is made mainly to improve these things,

cantate shirts have an overwhelming sense of reliability.

Even if you know that dress → casual,

The charm that you can't help but feel on your skin.

Exactly concentrated reduction.

The cafe au lait at Takachiho Ranch, which I like, is so rich that it's almost eye-opening.

If each one is 100%, it will look good no matter how much you break it down.

That means knowing when, where, and what kind of clothes you are wearing, and

It's as big a difference as it is to pass it on without knowing it.

This is just a joke from someone who loves clothes,

If you are interested, we would be happy if you could come and ask us about it at the store.

If you don't normally work with clothes and want to wear whatever clothes you like, that's totally fine.

Looks good, carries well, that's all you need to choose it.

From there, it's all up to the skill of the salesperson and the manufacturer.

We work as clothing professionals, so we want to do our best to convey the message.

When I was thinking about that,

The number of photos was also ridiculous. Sweat

I would be happy if you could watch it patiently.


m's braque "W4B COMFORT LOOSEN JAKCET" ¥96,800 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)

New color GREIGE.

At first glance, it looks like OFF WHITE, but

On the contrary, it can be said that this is the aim of the exquisite coloring.

There is also the advantage that dirt is not noticeable.

Even though the usage is the same as usual and you don't have to worry about it,

It is useful for how it blends in with clothes, gives it a fresh feel, and gives it a stylish look.

Good buying frame.



cliché "EX WIDE TROUSERS" ¥30,800 (TAX IN)

The SAX that Sugimura ordered without hesitation was also in a new color.

I regret that I should have bought this too.

It's amazing how much color you can add to your styling.

I used to wear SAX a lot, but one day I stopped wearing it.

It was probably because it was popular and people were taking advantage of it.

A few years have passed, and I'm starting to notice it again because the way the colors come out due to the fabric has a beauty that's different from others.

Coupled with quality that you don't want to let go of,

This is one piece that I would go out of my way to buy again.


cantate "Fine Corduroy Trucker Jacket" ¥82,500 (TAX IN)

m's braque "EASY PANTS (SHINEE TWILL)" ¥46,200 (TAX IN)

Continuation of OFF WHITE. A dull off-white that can be considered pale YELLOW.

While it can be used as WHITE, it gives off a cool atmosphere when worn together.

It's hard to put into words, but it has a faint vintage feel.

You'll be able to feel a sense of depth that you don't get with crisp, pure white.

To be honest, I have never worn a white shirt so much.

The number of people like me is increasing, and we are already running out of sizes, so please hurry.


m's braque "FIELD JACKET" ¥79,200 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fine Corduroy Trousers" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

CORAL, which has been continuously developed since last season,

When you imagine autumn and winter, the charm changes again.

This is the time when beige, khaki, and earthy earth colors are on the rise.

It's a pink color that I would like you to choose again.

This is a shirt that has often appeared in the magazine LEON,

Coloring that makes you feel the sexiness of adults.

Look at the paper and I want it! I'm sure we're not the only ones who have been aroused by this desire.


cantate "Assemblage Grange Cardigan" ¥159,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Satin Herringbone Cargo Shorts" ¥52,800 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.3 II BR" ¥80,300 (TAX IN)

Navy, broad, long length.

This is my style from a few years ago.

I wonder how they matched it...

I thought about this when I styled it, but it was easy. Getting used to it is scary.

Pair it with shorts, which is a patent for this season, without tucking it in.

If you match it with the width of your pants, it will look cohesive and look great.

In early fall, wear a cardigan and pair it with a jacket.

A band collar that really expands your imagination is a must-have.

There are 5 colors and 2 types,

It's best to start with off-white and then move on to color.

Sugimura, who bought CORAL from the beginning, seems to be buying OFF WHITE.

This also failed. But isn't that okay?


Clothes become essential as you get older.

I bought the regular color OFF WHITE/48 six months ago ,

I said that I wear them all the time,

In the end, it's too big to wear under a suit...

So I downsized and ordered next year. lol

I like the 48 so it doesn't hurt at all.

When it comes to wearing a tie, it doesn't look good at all.

If I had known from the beginning, I would have bought the 46 .

Distracted by the world's oversized boom,

The end result is that the size selection has been affected more and more.

Probably everyone does.

We still fail like this.

In the end, I ended up spending money to learn.

I think you will think about it carefully.

If I can deliver reality to everyone through my blog,

It's not bad to fail.

A piece that will let you know the joy of wearing a shirt .

I hope it reaches everyone's hands.


cliché Kinoshita

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