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After washing the knit.



Genre called summer cashmere.

A story about how my life changed when I discovered glasses.

Your heart is also a one-wash tumbler.

A shirt that is constantly rotating.

This is the story of when I bought my first suit.

If only I had found the clothes I like now when I was a child.

Bleach denim is a seasonal word for spring.


This is Sugimura from cliché.


The warm sun is shining and we are entering a cheerful season.

The long rain has subsided, and the cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Park are in full bloom, and the view from the second-floor store window is pink.

You can enjoy an ``upside-down cherry blossom'' instead of an ``upside-down Fuji'' reflected on the counter.


It's easier to go out than last month, when the temperature was unstable, and the city has become much more lively.

The peak season for cherry blossom viewing in the Kanto region is late March, so now is the season.


"Assemblage Grange Cardigan"

¥159,500 (TAX IN)


"Assemblage Grange Crew Neck Sweater"

¥137,500 (TAX IN)


In connection with the season, I will talk about my seasonal clothes.

This cantate grunge sweater is my favorite item of clothing and I wear it three times a week.


It's reassuring to be able to play a role as a light outerwear at this time of year.

Even though it's getting warmer, it's still too early to wear just a shirt.

Just put it on casually,

By adding the volume and luxury of knitwear that cut-and-sew does not have, it is an easy shortcut to improving your look.

The one-size-fits-all design allows you to enjoy a natural layered look just by layering it over your existing clothes, and you'll probably end up wearing only this one.


The sweater is made from a mix of cotton and resilient cashmere.

I don't remember the exact number of times I washed it because I didn't pay attention to it, but

With the recent heavy rotation, the frequency of washing has naturally increased...

While I was doing laundry, I suddenly thought about this.

I used to like cantate's wool cashmere knit,

I once noticed that the more I washed it, the better the texture became.


,,, I wonder what will happen to this cotton-cashmere sweater.   

↓ New on the left, after washing on the right

After repeated washing, cotton and cashmere become mixed together,

The finest assemblage (assembling, splicing) is now visible.


The borders of the visible stitches gradually disappear,

Creates a bundled look with increased elasticity and texture.

The fluffy texture appears on the surface and increases the volume by incorporating air.

The contours are also softer and more rounded, similar to knitting.

The color is slightly lighter and has become a gentle cream-like color.

Even if you dry it in the bathroom dryer or in the shade in your room, it will dry quickly because it is warm.

After that, ironing and brushing are smooth and comfortable. 

If you don't have a brush, I think steam alone is sufficient!

By the way, cotton has a natural twist that allows it to release absorbed moisture when dried in the sun.

Like cashmere, this material has excellent bulk resilience.

It is also attractive that it does not become sticky even after washing, leaving a fluffy and voluminous finish.


It seems that the hole positions, which have been incorporated over time using data, will be in the same position for every 100 garments made.

It doesn't spread even after washing, and the holes are not damage but imitations, so I was concerned about the texture after washing.

The size of the hole remained the same, but the threads that spouted out from around the hole covered it to hide it, making it look like a pattern.

This makes laundry fun. . .


Dry cleaning is originally recommended, so if you are unsure, please consult your dry cleaner.

In my case, even after washing it, I don't have any problems wearing it, and I'm starting to love it even more.

Please note that this is your own judgment.


It's a bit annoying, but this knit is knitted with a tight stitch, so

No wrinkling or shrinkage is seen after washing.

While maintaining the silhouette of the brand new era, the texture of the fabric has steadily increased,

It has become soft and familiar, like a part of your body.


The fabric does not sag due to wear,

From winter when grunge sweaters were on sale to spring when it started to get warmer,

Always keep the number one position in styling.

In the meantime, clothing has changed and more items are arriving in stores, which means that the options for matching clothes are expanding even further.

From now on, I won't give up my number one spot for a while!

I feel like that's what he looks like.


I've already started thinking about styling for April to June.

I was thinking about how many more times I would have to wash it and see if this knit would continue to grow.



cantate "Regular Chino Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

Use a striped pattern on the inner layer for a spring-like look.

Coupled with the fact that the sweater has become fluffier and lighter after repeated washing,

You can wear it in a relaxed and soft atmosphere.


A relaxed style perfect for sunny days off.


stein "OVERSIZED SS SHIRT" ¥31,900 (TAX IN)

class "CCDS06UNI B" ¥86,900 (TAX IN)

I'm worried that even after washing BLACK, it will turn grayish and white...

(According to what I heard, it will take some time, but it will become charcoal black or gray.)


If the previous border combination seems catchy,

You can also wear it like this for an adult look.

Make the top look subdued and arrange it with shorts underneath.


Although it is only worn over short sleeves, this combination has a lot of contact with the skin,

It's a luxurious way to wear it that allows you to enjoy the finest texture.


Even with a small number of items, the style is complete without making it look simple.

This grunge sweater has a luxurious feel.

It's a simple and calm combination that is neither too greedy nor too ordinary.


It can be completed even if the number of items is reduced, so

I'm not kidding, I'm planning on wearing it with a tank top this summer.


I actually want to wear it naked.


cantate "Postman Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

class "CCDS06UNI B" ¥86,900 (TAX IN)

Continuing the 2 styling, I paired it with class Dormeuil shorts.

Probably because there are many people who have been allowed to wear shorts since April, the number of people who are watching the show with more concern than before has increased.


The roundness that can only be achieved with knits, the light silhouette that can only be achieved with shorts,

Temperature-wise, there are limited times when you can enjoy both of these things.

The last time I updated my blog was in February, and it was so cold that I had to be brave enough to wear shorts.

Definitely when spring comes! That's the style I had secretly decided on.


cantate " 〔EXCLUSIVE〕 Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥51,700 (TAX IN)

Nine Tailor "Phlox Hat" ¥19,800 (TAX IN)

Paired with light denim that goes well with the soft spring sunshine .

Wear a shirt as your inner layer and sneakers on your feet, and go out feeling light and happy.

It's a greedy combination that looks lightweight and provides the ultimate comfort to the person wearing it.


cantate "Trucker Jacket Inspired by -On the Road-" ¥81,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "〔EXCLUSIVE〕Sulfur dye Pants" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

It's also great to wear as an outer layer over a denim jacket.


cantate "Denim Flare Trousers (personal property)" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)

Ah, I want another one!

(I'm sure those who bought this sweater will sympathize with this.)


I bought a cardigan, so I want a crew neck.

There are times when I want to wear it as an ensemble,

While I'm wearing a cardigan, I can only wear a crew neck.

I'm starting to get concerned about the wide range of swings due to its simplicity.


Moreover, once you know the process by which a sweater grows,

You can wear it except midsummer.

I'm sure I'll be wearing it for a long time, so I want it even more now.

This needs to be considered.



Each season has its own style, like spring in spring and summer in summer.

A sweater that can always be the center of the season.

Unlike the cherry blossoms that scatter in the rain, this sweater has a long season.

I'm a little quick, but I can already imagine winter clothes.


"Arashan cashmere is known as the king of cashmere.

The cashmere and cotton assemblage has a texture you've never experienced before. "


As they are worn and washed repeatedly, the assemblage progresses little by little, and they age like wine.

Once you experience it for yourself, it's a bottomless pit. 


I've only been wearing it for a month and a half, and I've only put one foot in a swamp.

It's already been 3 months.

My mind is so wet that I can see how things have changed in six months.


Ah, I want to do laundry soon.


cliché Sugimura

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