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At your feet.


Genre called summer cashmere.

A story about how my life changed when I discovered glasses.

Your heart is also a one-wash tumbler.

A shirt that is constantly rotating.

This is the story of when I bought my first suit.

If only I had found the clothes I like now when I was a child.

Bleach denim is a seasonal word for spring.

After washing the knit.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Socks are not stable. What kind of socks do you wear?

I can't answer the question,

There's also Kinoshita, who doesn't want to hear it if possible.

I usually wear off-white socks.

I used to only buy black socks, but when I came across off-white loose socks, I bought them all at once, and now I don't have to buy new socks because they're on time.

Honestly, any socks are fine, but

It's like a pillow when you sleep.

The comfort of your shoes will determine how comfortable you will be throughout the day.

・The length is different

・Gets hard when washed

・Not enough cushioning

These are the only disadvantages of socks.

Is it because you can't find perfection and are always searching for the best?

Even if I could find it, a year later, when I tried to buy more, it was no longer available.

Maybe it's the socks issue.

・Wear leather shoes too

・Wear sneakers too

・Wear Birkenstock and sandals

If you want to wear boots, you need a certain length,

I haven't worn sneakers or ankle-length shoes since high school.

The point is, the longer the better.

Ideal socks that can be worn with any season or footwear.

If I couldn't find something stable even after searching, I made an original one.

Actually, we've been talking about it for quite some time, and it's finally here.

Just in time for spring, it will be released in four bright colors.



¥1,980 (TAX IN)

We all talked about making socks,

Everyone unanimously requested fluffy socks.

Cotton/acrylic that is chewy but not too hot.

Check the tightness and make sure it is balanced and not too tight.

I also put a name in jacquard weave,

These are simple yet clever original socks.

I like the color, but

I like the issue of "New York Times Magazine" with Adam Richard Sandler on the cover .

Maybe the color comes from that.

The result is an exciting combination of Adam Sandler's pop worldview.

I don't always know which one to buy.

It's a consumable item, so let's just say it's Yu*kuro.

Even if it's something you bought randomly at Don○hote late at night...

Even though I think about it, I don't feel like it.

If it breaks anyway, I'll just throw it away, but I wonder how long I'll be able to use it before I throw it away.

Socks make you feel good

It's okay to say that your style is determined by your socks.

Based on the concept of not being too expensive, just right.

They fit the clothes we wear, and we don't have to choose which shoes to match.

I think these socks will be highly versatile.

If you just buy a pair, you'll be like, ``Damn,'' when it comes time to wash them.

We recommend buying multiple colors so you don't have to frantically search through the laundry you've brought in.


It's not BLACK, it's CHARCOAL.

This has a lot of meaning, and it's actually a color that I surprisingly haven't worn.

If it is BLACK, the tip will turn white, but what about this color?

A color that gives the impression that dirt is not noticeable.


When I was in high school, it was popular to add color with socks.

I wanted to pick up colors like this again.

It is not the size of the area such as tops or bags, but

It's nice to be quiet enough to look casual.


ROSE like skin tone.

If you pair it with denim, it will look good for this season,

It's a light beige-like color, so I think it can be used as a white color in winter.


This is stable. The first thing you should have is ivory.

The point is that it has been made for a long time.

Loosen it to accentuate the visible ankle.

Choose your total coordination at cliché!

I'm not forcing you to do that,

If your favorite clothing store has highly recommended socks...

I thought I would be very happy if it were me.

Add a little something to your usual styling.

cliché socks for your feet.


cliché Kinoshita

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