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Individuality, awakening.


It was my fault for getting serious.

Kinoshita buys nice knitwear.

Israeli clothes.

I just realized that I don't have a Ron T.

6 sheep.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

What particularly caught my attention about this season's CLASS was:

Mock neck cut and sew, denim vest, and harness.

Although I felt that it looked like women's wear,

Women wear them in their daily lives,

These are items that I was envious of.

Women's fashion has a lot of options.

I wish there was one for men too, but I don't have the courage to try my hand at it.

Meanwhile, this season's CLASS items released as men's proposals are just too ideal.

Seriously, the world view is MAX.

This season's CLASS is difficult. I hear that a lot, but it doesn't really matter.

With the hope that it will reach at least a few people who strongly sympathize with it,

We have prepared a "super deadly projectile tool".



¥42,900 (TAX IN)


¥132,000 (TAX IN)

Type 2 harness that can be worn over the shoulder.

The image resembles armor, reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

Who can wear it? It's too difficult. .

No, no, but it's not at that level.

It's called a harness, but the point is the best feeling.

Honestly, I don't need it, but

It would definitely be more fun if there was.

Made of ultra suede and denim bonding material,

Charcoal x Bordeaux type.

It's soft, light, and you hardly feel like you're wearing it.

You can also enjoy changes over time such as slight discoloration.

The other is a heavy type that uses Russian calf leather and has an outstanding texture.

In contrast to the first one, it is a little heavy because it is heavy.

Russian calf is a high-quality leather made from vegetable-tanned reindeer hides, which is also known as the phantom leather. It is embossed and features a regular diamond-like pattern.

At first, it has wax on it, so as you use it and get used to it, the atmosphere will increase.

It has a unique whiskey-like scent due to the finishing agent, and is highly effective as an insect repellent.

The high durability and water repellency are also nice points for this kind of item.

The shoulder part is removable with snap buttons.

There are two snap buttons around the torso that can be adjusted and used,

It can be said that the approximate size is fine.

It's cool though.

Most of you have probably already left this page.

I think so,

If you are a weirdo, please come and think about how to match it with me.

Remove the shoulder and go inside. Almost the best.

When you put on a jacket over it, you can see what you're wearing.

It's like the ultimate self-satisfaction, but doesn't it happen sometimes?

Shoulder or backpack harness part,

It's messy and makes your clothes look cooler.

When it comes to rugged outdoor backpacks for climbing,

There are a lot of belts around the waist and all over the body, and it feels weirdly cool to wear a lot of them.

An extra plus one. Useless layering.

I think you will be attacked more often,

Choosing this item is more logical than buying new clothes.

There may or may not be a possibility. It's up to you.


cantate "Moleskin Bellows Jacket" ¥93,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Crew-Neck Sweater" ¥121,000 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.6 3FR (CRYSTAL BEIGE / CLEAR)" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

The first thing that came to mind was the styling. When in doubt, go for a bellows jacket.

Leather necklaces, leather jackets, leather vests.

There are many ways to add contrast to your styling with fabric,

A new option is a leather harness.

Just by wearing this, your confidence and fighting power will increase tremendously.

It's a little brown, so it stands out and can be used as an accent color.

The color will darken as you use it, so you can fully enjoy the fun of leather.

If you buy one, you won't need the second one, but if you have one, it will come in handy at various times. I think I would wear it if I had it.

If you are interested, please try it on first.



CLASS "CCCA18UNI" ¥31,900 (TAX IN)

Also, these days I'm curious about purple and burgundy colors.

It is like this. Of course there is no right answer.

I'm confident that until a few years ago, I only wore simple clothes.

After thinking to death about buying something that is said to be "all over the place and flashy,"

My clothes changed as if the shackles were removed.

I love things that are flashy and that I don't really understand.

A super deadly projectile that can trigger the awakening of your individuality that lies deep within you.

Put your individuality on your side and try out a harness.


cliché Kinoshita

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