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It's different from the open look of summer.


Fascinating T-back.

Aging Man.

RIER that may only be cliché.

I hate the word compromise the most in this world.

I like corduroy.

This is a modernized MA-1.

Hey Sugimura, you got it... Is that you? lol

Just try wearing it.


This is Sugimura from cliché.


M's braque clothes exude an elegant charm and intelligence.

The brand is also known for its unique color scheme.

It's easy to see, it's transparent, it's a gold color, etc.

It's not shiny or skim-like,

The atmosphere blends into the clothes, as if you're being sucked in from the inside.

Moreover, those who like the brand and those who don't,

It's strange because no matter who sees it, they can feel a different atmosphere from others.

In a sense, you could say it's a brand with a wide range of entry points.

Some of our customers made their m's braque debut with a hand-printed high neck shirt the other day.

Once you see it, you will be able to reaffirm its charm that you will not be able to get it out of your head.

Before I knew it, I started asking for clothes from M's Braque.

Aloha shirts have a strong impression in spring and summer, but they are a little different in fall and winter.

It’s not just the bold patterns that stick out,

When you can get a glimpse of the brand's unique sense

I have a strong desire to purchase that I can't stand no matter what.

m's braque


¥79,200 (TAX IN)


¥50,600 (TAX IN)

A field jacket and flare pants setup.

Kinoshita, a military geek, likes it.

The design has a front pocket that catches your eye.

First of all, we pay attention to the practical storage capacity,

After all, it's a little different in the hands of M's Braque.

The shoulders are slightly dropped, and the sleeves that stretch out from there are high and neatly straight.

For a silhouette that is long in length relative to the width of the body,

The collar has a stand-up collar, and the front has a fly-style design for a clean look.

Even when worn as pants, the crease line continues neatly from around the compact hips.

And a beautiful flare silhouette.

When you actually wear it,

It looks straight up to the knees and gently curves from below the knees to the hem.

The fabric is a mix of red, blue, and yellow tweed.

The unevenness of the nap gives it a strong expression,

When incorporating it into your styling, keep the inner layer simple,

You'll want to wear it to highlight the texture of the fabric.


cantate "Crew-Neck L/S Shirt" ¥22,000 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

Although he looks like a low-class warrior,

If you wear it as a set up, you will feel like an advanced warrior.


cantate "The Band Collar Shirt" ¥49,500 (TAX IN)

Kinoshita chose a band collar shirt to match the collar of his jacket.

A shirt that can be seen along the neck is very gentlemanly.

Without any discussion, we both chose light-colored innerwear, so

The optimal solution for us was a combination of GREIGE/BEIGE.

m's braque


¥63,800 (TAX IN)

Another item is a fabric with a diamond pattern on top of a plaid pattern.

As the product name "shirt jacket" suggests, it is lined, so

An item that can kill two birds with one stone and can be used as a single shirt or as an outerwear during cold weather.

Also, even though it is a brand that follows the dress mode,

It even has the feel of Stussy, which is my favorite brand.

How good are you at mixing things together?

The front has the same Hiyoku style,

The cufflinks have a rare corner drop.

The pockets are seam pockets.

At first glance, it looks like there's nothing there.

It has a rounded shape like a blouson,

Differentiate yourself through the details,

It seems that the intention is to expand the range of combinations.


cantate "Sulfur dye Parka" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)

m's braque "EASY PANTS (HERRINGBONE)" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN )

I had decided to match it with a hoodie for a skate-like look.

I was debating whether to get Vans shoes, but they were too good to be true, so I decided to stick with Rios.

For that reason, I wanted to attack the pants and try pattern x pattern.

I tried making herringbone easy pants.

The fabric has a fleshy feel and the width is quite wide, so

From thick ones to big ones,

You can also freely choose the volume of the inner layer.


BLESS "Demimoorebag Deux Pieces" ¥183,700 (TAX IN)

cantate "Assemblage Grange Crew Neck Sweater" ¥137,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fine Corduroy Trousers" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

Kinoshita was trying out an outer layer, wondering if this was enough.

I did a lot of trial and error, but

I was comfortable with the idea that something normal would look good without adding too much arrangement.

M's fabrics have a strong atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else.

I hope you can take advantage of the color scheme and incorporate it.

By the way, it has heat retention and is warm enough, so

In terms of temperature, layering from above seems unnecessary.

Run into winter while adjusting your innerwear.

M's braque clothes have a mysterious charm that attracts people.

It's a strange brand, I don't know what makes it that way.

When I tell people about the appeal of m's braque, I often say things like its good shape and beautiful fabric.

There are no fixed words, Descriptive words appear.

"Bewitching, intellectual, artistic"

When I hear this word alone, I think it's a work of art or something. I think you may be mistaken,

For me, m's braque is

It's like wearing an exhibit on display in a museum.

I often see slogans like wearing art, but that's not true.

It's different from the open look of summer.

In the fall and winter, enjoy the deep and bewitching look that doesn't show any skin.


cliché Sugimura

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