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A jacket made from scratch.


It's not that I like sweatshirts.

The best new definition.

white jumpsuit.

Genre called summer cashmere.

devil single riders

A good man who drips with water.

A sexy guy.

The reason I wear a hat.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

That thing you seem to like.

It reminds me of that rapper.

There are many different types of the word image.

Is it a good image or a bad image?

The atmosphere and images are endless.

He seems kind, he actually seems dangerous, he seems really kind, he seems clumsy...

-I guess that's what his personality is like.

Looks fashionable, seems to like black, seems to like flashy things,

-I wonder if she'll wear clothes like this.

Even in our profession, we sometimes have to think about this.

This looks really good on him, doesn't he like it?

I mean, it looks like I'll be wearing it, and I might even own it.

Even as a designer,

At the exhibition, I was actually imagining that person.

It's actually the source of the idea.

People have many images, prejudices, and preconceptions,

Even if we don't realize it, images are imprinted on us subconsciously.

Just to be sure, today we'll be talking about clothes too.

Let's continue talking about clothes again.

It's like that brand, it's like that brand.

Big, childish, mostly monochrome, no flashy colors.

Just, classic, quiet.

Flashy, with many patterns.

This is an image created by the person or the world,

It may be far different from what you really think.

It is our job and mission to understand and pass on the information.

Whether that's the case or not, as a store we want to offer something that looks like a store.

I just want to respect it and not spoil the atmosphere of the brand.

I don't mean to destroy it, but I want to inject new elements into people who are stuck in that image.

By combining genres of clothing that have never intersected and having people look at it from a new perspective,

I was exposed to different cultures and genres without even realizing it, so naturally.

I think everyone should wear whatever they like when it comes to clothes.

It's not fun to focus too much on one point,

It's because of my age...I think it's something young kids would wear, but I think I'll wear it when I'm older.

I want you to throw away unnecessary preconceptions.

If it suits you, you should buy it, and if it looks good, you should ignore that image and wear it.

This is a story about a bespoke order from a cool brand that has such a cool look.

My favorite brand of my favorite person.

I can't say I own that many, but I love the look, the clothes,

It taught me that there are no fixed ideas about the people who make it.

"A brand that gets you high."

When I look at clothes at an exhibition, I can't subtract or add anything.

There was nothing I wanted to change, so I asked them to make it from scratch.

As a theme,

“I want you to make something that people at cliché would wear!”

Along with the absurdity.

In other words, it's completely custom-made and extremely luxurious.

``I'm always satisfied when I see collections at exhibitions.

But I'd also like to see some creative creations that are off-topic.

I like the worldview, so I'll probably wear it even if it's unreasonable.

I want you to make it as you like! ”

If I had to say so,

"Size fits as snug as possible"

This is all I asked for.

I leave the rest up to you, so I'm excited to see what kind of items will arrive.

During several meetings, I realized that I have always loved sportswear,

I like bright colors and patterns, and I like wearing a variety of clothes regardless of genre.

I wear both old and new clothes, but the basics are simple, and I often wear items that have destructive power.

I also wear a lot of wide pants and leather shoes.

I said things like this like a bullet, and (sorry for that part), it gradually took shape.

I was curious about what kind of image he always had in mind when making clothes, so I asked him.

Simply put, I feel art in everything I see in my life, not just clothes.

Incorporate whatever you think is good, whether it's food, pictures, videos, or music, regardless of gender.

I see, there really is no fixed concept.

I felt that this is now a marriage of two things, as if they were intersecting.

By the way, space suits and racing wear are also great! That's what we were talking about,

I think that's the source of the idea, and I'm impressed that you can understand why I'm drawn to it.

At the same time, I had no idea what kind of clothes would be on sale.

I was scared, lol

What about leather?

Nice timing for me as I have recently become interested in wearing cantate leather.

However, that's a specialty of mine, and I'm the type of person who doesn't push myself too hard.

This is a leather jacket that can be worn easily without worrying about daily wear.

A zip blouson style made from sheep leather.

Picking up "sports" elements, BLACK with a truck jacket motif,

Picking up the "racing" element, it will be released in two colors of RED, reminiscent of Michael Schumacher.

The design is as flat and minimal as possible, and the styling does not interfere with other items.

This is an impactful piece with fine details that make it stand out even if it doesn't stand out.

Pockets on both sides, tight ribs, raglan design.

The zipper is small and has an elegant riri design, giving it an elegant atmosphere.

The same color for BLACK, IVORY that stands out for RED,

Hello to hip hop "1STRIPE".

An homage to that nostalgic track jacket.

Wear it with a smug look on your face and look at the camera with your arms crossed.

This is our first project with "stein" since we started cliché.

I've always wanted to do it, but

Even when I went to exhibitions and looked at the clothes, I couldn't find anything I wanted to change because they were all at their maximum value.

It would be rude to have someone make something to fill in the blanks in a hurry because they don't have a story.

We weren't in the mood, and we couldn't keep up with the heat.

Wouldn't it sell? Looks like it'll sell! When you get a feeling of

Because what sells doesn't sell.

That's why the way you approach clothes will change dramatically.

I think that bespoke projects have the potential to change for the worse.

I want to be motivated to do it.

By the way, I didn't want you to have any preconceptions this time, so

I dared to withhold various information until the end.

Some people may find this surprising, while others may not.

I think the red and sizing are also rare, which is not found in this brand.

By the way, I asked Sugimura to write a blog about size selection etc.

Please use this as a reference for styling.

S for Sugimura, M for me, and L for anything above that.

As always, feel free to choose the size according to your mood.

I would like to tell you that, if possible, without increasing the size,

Please keep the sleeves short and not too long.

It looked better than I imagined.

I'm almost in my 30's,

The leather that I wanted for Don Pisha,

It would also be nice to have a leather jacket that can be worn casually.

What I thought was just fate.

I decided to purchase it when the samples became available.

Sugimura, who has just finished moving, is wearing an outfit that looks like something he would wear.

He chooses the smallest size and wears calm clothing.

I don't own any leather or clothing from the same brand, but

I wore it with a warm, warm look on my face, which I haven't seen in a long time.

In the next blog, I will introduce Sugimura from the perspective of someone who looks like he might wear it.

stein for cliché



SIZE: S / M / L

¥145,200 (TAX IN)

Stein shows us a different side than usual.

If you think you already look good,

It can be first leather or second leather.

I want you to pick it up.

Clothes that you would wear, but also look ahead to the future.

It was completed as ``the clothes I want to wear in the future.''

The surprising image is a happy miscalculation.

*stein for cliché "LEATHER TRACK JACKET" will be on sale from Saturday, March 4th.

・On sale at stores from 12:00

・Online store 13:00~ Release

*Sales will be prioritized in-store, so the online store may be sold out.

*Purchase will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


cliché Kinoshita

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