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This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Arctic Monkeys is a British band that I've always loved and recently started listening to again while working.

Due to the influence of Jujutsu Kaisen and King's Ranking, I've always had a lot of up-to-date music, so this is also refreshing.

I started playing Arctic Monkeys after a friend recommended it to me when I was in college.

The guitar riffs are really cool, and first of all, the playing ability is incredible.

My impression is that it's crazy, and even though it has a playful title, it's seriously sung and has a lot of sexy music.

It's just too stylish.

By the way, the friend who told me about it only talks about UK rock.

After graduating from university, he disappeared overseas and before I knew it, he was working as a tea craftsman in Kyoto, although I don't know his name. That's a strange thing.

When I get a call out of the blue, I'm asked if I have any clothes or shoes like this.

By the way, I've never really gotten into it because it's a different genre.

Today I'd like to talk about this bag that I started using when I was on a business trip to Nagoya and Osaka.

I wonder what this guy is like, but it sounds stupid as an expression,

Just like the music, it's too fashionable.

I had been thinking about buying a tote like this before I got it, but for some reason I couldn't decide and came across this.

The one I use is a custom-made color from Isetan, but please take a look at it as a sample after using it.

I've only been using it for about 2 months.

You can see a big change in the leather part overall.

When you pick it up, it tastes pretty good and is soft, and the bottom is a little scratched.

The canvas part was also quite hard at first, but now it is gradually becoming softer.

I use it much more heavily than most people, so I think it changes much faster than normal aging lol.

I don't know how many kilograms it weighed when I was on a business trip, but it was heavy enough to fit a petite woman.

I'm the type of person who can't make decisions at once when I go on a trip or an outing, and I tend to bring multiple clothes and even shoes.

But in the end, I don't wear it more than half the time.


"Traveler Bag"


¥140,000 (¥154,000 TAX ​​IN)

A tote bag with an American casual feel.

After all, canvas and leather have a mood, and no matter how you feel, it will never fade.

The design source is the XL size of LL BEAN's masterpiece "Boat and Tote Bag".

The XL size also has a zipper on the opening and closing part, so you don't have to worry about the inside being visible on the train or outside or being stolen. That was one of the reasons why it was chosen.

It was originally made to carry chunks of ice, so it is made of thick canvas to prevent it from smearing even when the ice melts.

This model is also mainly made of canvas, which is hard and durable enough to stand on its own.

The major change is the use of leather for the handles, etc.

The update level is so great that it makes me feel a little disappointed.

Even though they are very serious about making something wonderful, there is something about this mess that really bothers me.

In the first place, the good thing about bean totes is that they are crude.

The price is reasonable, easy to match, easy to use, and durable.

This is a high-quality bag that completely ignores that aspect.

Firstly, it has a luxurious feel and is worth raising.

However, Matsushima says there is no need to drastically change the way it is used.

The leather is the high quality smooth leather "Vaux Barenia" used by Hermes, the king of smooth leather.

If it's a small part like the handle, or if you use fine leather, you can still keep costs down, but what about the bottom?

This is quite a luxury as you have to use areas that are roughly free of major scratches or damage.

This leather can't be used everywhere, which is another point.

The leather is taken from male calves and has a delicate and fine texture. It has a smooth feel and a very elegant atmosphere.

It has excellent elasticity, and although it looks matte at first, almost like tanned leather, it quickly becomes more flavorful when used.

Matsushima-san, you can see that the oil is moving, right? It is often said,

When I first heard that, I thought it was normal, and that it couldn't possibly be true.

However, when you actually look at it, you can feel it; the leather is truly rich in detail and delicate expression.

It is also highly waterproof, and the canvas is thick, so it will be fine even in slightly bad weather. On the other hand, it also has the disadvantage that scratches are more noticeable.

But that's also a taste. Let's think about it in a romantic way because it's an item that will be with you for a long time, along with your memories.

It's also very useful when you go out.

You can probably afford it for 3 nights.

However, don't be sensitive to capacity and pack too much. It hurts my hands like mine.

This is a nuanced topic, but I feel like I can get into a good mood when I hold this bag.

I don't mind the fact that it's big; in fact, I feel like I can instantly become more fashionable by owning it. Does it increase motivation?

Although the contents are not very tightly packed, it ends up being a waste of time.

Wear it with a Burberry coat or match it with a denim set.

It's the royal road.

I'm so fascinated by it that I can't help but stop and take a photo.

There was no point in ranting about this, so I just grabbed my bag and camera and wandered around.

I tried placing it in various places, so please expand your imagination.

A bag you'll want to take out with you.

While following the authentic design, it has a casual yet bold finish that does not forget the playful spirit.

I think the price is, of course.

However, seeing is believing, and you won't be able to gauge the value of the price until you actually use it. Once you know about it, you can compare it with others, and your perspective will broaden.

It would be terrible if this happened in a few decades.

Now that I think about it, I have a pimple on my nose.

There seem to be three causes: nose picking, rhinitis, and nose hair plucking.

It doesn't look bad, but it hurts a lot.


cliché Kinoshita

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