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Sweatshirts were a luxury item.


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This is Kinoshita from cliché.

It's raining all the time and I'm depressed, so I can't even do my laundry or ride my bike.

It's a little far from my office to go to the convenience store, so I don't feel like going without a bicycle.

I'm going to skip lunch today too...

I'm feeling depressed, so I'd like to talk about how good cantate sweatshirts are.

The sweatpants sold out quickly, but please keep an eye out for the tops as well.

If you have purchased the pants, you have probably already experienced this quality.

I don't have much confidence in sweatshirts, I just wish they were comfortable.

Since junior high school, everyone has been wearing top and bottom sweatshirts.

Even when I go to a friend's house, I wear sweatshirts both as a nightgown and a top and bottom.

Come to think of it, I was on the basketball team, so I wore sweatshirts and underwear with the school name printed on them.

Because it contains chemical fibers, it will pill a lot and have holes, but it will also stretch out a lot.

In that sense, it wasn't very good, and to be honest, I wasn't looking for that much.

Now that I'm styling my clothes mainly with sweat items, I'm starting to find myself thinking, ``Ah!'' more and more often.

Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it, and just like that, I'm going to be demoted to sleeping clothes.

I buy more and more, and I do this often.

Before I knew it, I was full of sweatshirts that I couldn't wear outside.

I don't want to repeat consumption like that.

¥45,000 (¥49,500 TAX ​​IN)

¥39,000 (¥42,900 TAX ​​IN)

The shape will be postponed for now.

There are two types: sweatshirt and hoodie, gray is still available, and cream is now available in a new color.

A nondescript crew neck and hoodie.

But there are many meanings and small details in there, and when the viewer sees it,

Ah, this is good. Or like it.

What would you say?

But what's good about that? If someone asks me that and I can't explain it, it means nothing.

I like this! Even if you say that, if you can't explain it, you won't be able to convey the feeling of warmth at all.

There are many things you can tell when you wear it, but there are other details as well.

There are probably a lot of them in the world, and there are people who can explain them.

And even though I'm saying that, I just had my nose broken.

Gusset at the neck and reverse weave under the armpits.

The neck part is sweatproof and the reverse part prevents shrinkage.

But that's a pretty shallow answer. Even Mr. Matsushima was shocked.

So, I would like to write it down carefully so that I can remember it.

Anyone who loves clothes has probably heard of the typical reverse weave.

I used that word as a matter of course, and I've seen it. But I had never really delved into that.

I think there are many people who own Champion's old clothes.

Sweatshirts, if you go back to sportswear, are like jerseys.

As I wrote earlier, I was on the basketball team, so I wore sweatshirts for practice.

I move around a lot and sweat a tremendous amount.

That's why the laundry is done so often, and perhaps a junior child will be in charge of the laundry.

I have to use it right away, so I wash it a lot and put it in the dryer to dry.

If there was no reverse weave, it would shrink and become unwearable.

I wonder if there were a lot of complaints for the reason I said in the past.

Therefore, this manufacturing method was developed.

The grain of the body is horizontal, the sleeves are vertical, and the underarms have milled ribs that stretch well.

In the past, there were clothes where the body and underarms were switched, and it was probably a reverse weave.

I recognized it at a glance, but it turned out that the body and sleeves had the same texture, it had a reverse weave look to it.

That's true because it's a design, but I'm sure there are people who don't understand the meaning or how it came about and have recognized it as the same thing, which is very embarrassing.

That's why we need to convey it.

By switching to reverse, even if it shrinks a little, it can be stretched and returned to its original state to some extent. The gusset at the bottom of the neck is also the same, and is designed to prevent the neck from getting stuck and becoming unwearable.

As for the sweatband, it seems that it runs down the bottom corner of the inverted triangle and falls down to the chest.

Even if it's just a hypothesis, just think about it along with the story.

It makes me realize how ignorant I was.

Plus this binder neck.

Although most of the fabrics are knitted vertically, if you look closely you can see that they are diagonal.

I've never noticed it, so I don't pay attention to it.

It's overwhelmingly more fun to unravel the clothes and get rid of those things.

It's nice and easy to wear if you put the sleeves through it.

Because this is how it is. This comes with the reasons I have talked about so far.

cantate Matsushima style ingenuity. Only good clothes are produced.

Mr. Matsushima often says, ``Everything has a reason, and if it doesn't make sense, it doesn't matter. Try putting yourself in the mindset of the person who created it.''

Well, as long as it looks good, everything's fine, but if that's the case then it's a waste of time lol

Of course, if you know, please skip ahead, there is a drawing below!

Looks like today is going to be long...

Next, let's talk about hanging knitting.

This sweatshirt is made with fleece knitted using a loop knitting machine, and there is also something called a sinker knitting machine.

Regarding loop knitting,

・Good texture

・Soft (elastic as if it had air in it)

・Highly durable and long-lasting

is the main advantage.

However, it seems that at first glance, it may be difficult to tell the difference from sinker knitting.

By using it, wearing it, and washing it several times, you will realize the difference in the benefits mentioned above.

What I know from experience is that other sweatshirts get harder and harder as you wash them. However, cantate's (loop knit) sweatshirts are just as soft even after washing.

It's not stiff and it's also stress-free.

It seems that there are only about 2-3 companies that currently make loop knitting machines.

It came to Japan in the early 1900s, and for 70 years they continued to make underwear and other items using only this.

After that, it gradually declined with the advent of sinkers.

Loop knitting is a machine that requires a lot of time and effort.

A thread is suspended from the top, and the round thing at the bottom? A machine that rotates slowly uses the force of gravity to knit the threads without putting any stress on them, creating a texture that feels like it naturally contains air.

The sinker has the image of being pulled and forcibly knitting the thread.

There seems to be a difference between natural leather and synthetic leather...

In addition, the wonderful fabrics are born from the hardships of the craftsmen, who often get dusty and have to regularly apply oil to the gears.

The speed of knitting is 1 meter per hour, which is about 3 times a day.

By the way, the sinker is approximately 24 times faster.

I can't just ask you to make more...

I want sweatpants in many colors. (I can not say)

Also, the often mentioned "fleece fleece" refers to a structure made up of three threads: front, inside, and back.

Since the length of the three threads is the same, the load when pulled is equal,

It is said to have high strength and a chewy finish.

That's why pants are so tight that your knees don't stick out, and tops last a long time as well.

In the past, sweatshirts were considered a luxury item because loop knitting was the only option available.

However, with the advent of sinkers and the overwhelming production speed, the price gradually became cheaper.

That's why loop knitting is expensive. But does this sweatshirt feel cheap?

It was too long so I didn't mention it.

The sleeves are long.

Fold it, scrunch it up, and cook it as you like.

The size is moderately loose.

The form has a vintage-like finish.

There are pockets on the front, and the hood is crossed and deep.

Not only does it maintain your three-dimensional shape, but it also prevents wind from getting into your neck in the winter.

It's one thing to try on something, but when you see someone wearing it, you want it even more.


cantate "Satin Herringbone Trousers" ¥54,000 (¥59,400 TAX ​​IN)

The neck is slightly wider and has a rounded shape.

All have a unique vintage-like finish with vertical wrinkles at the shoulders.

I'm 175cm and 44 is perfect.

Both 46 and 48 can be worn comfortably.


cantate "Satin Herringbone Bellows Jacket" ¥78,000 (¥85,800 TAX ​​IN)

cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥37,000 (¥40,700 TAX ​​IN)

We ended up talking mostly about "sweats."

This is a technology that I really hope will be passed down for many years to come.

Even if you understood something, it was meaningless if you couldn't put it into words to convey it to the other person.

I'm still close to nothing, so I have to start creating more from here.

This is not the only thing, but the way I see things is changing.

The power of clothes is amazing.

I'm hungry, I'm in the mood for hot pot today.


cliché Kinoshita

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