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Too many advantages.


About denim

About military.

About the bellows series.

About denim shirts.

About knitting.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Because of my job, I always check the weather forecast from time to time.

I was shocked when I saw the weather ahead.

Although there are hot days, there are also many chilly days like today.

If the coat is thin, you can still wear it without any problems, so you can feel safe and secure.

If you own knitwear or sweatshirts, you'll wear them a lot, and there's nothing better than owning a lot of them.

But for me, when I come to Inner, I feel lonely.

It's flat so you'll want to layer something on top of it.

On the other hand, if you wear a shirt, you can show off the hem and even accentuate the neck.

This shirt continues to work well.

¥42,000 (¥46,200 TAX ​​IN)

This will be a very personal and subjective blog,

I have explained the details of the shirt before, so

Please allow me to stop today by reading this blog .

There weren't many shots, and there were many things that couldn't be conveyed in the last time, so I wanted to add some supplementary information. (If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via "Contact Us"!)

Today I'd like to introduce you to the styling of shirts.

This shirt is perfect for layered styles.

It is long and has a deep slit. However, it is also well made,

It may be an item that tends to give the impression that it is difficult or something.

A so-called classic-like shirt.

Certainly, I can understand the feeling of trying out an orthodox shirt first.

However, when I actually tried wearing this, I didn't get that impression.

Honestly, it's easy to get started, although it does feel like it's stretching your spine.

It also suppresses the goodness of the orthodox shirt mentioned above,

It's great not only as a single piece, but also as a layered look.

I just like the band color.

Not only cantate, but I also have a lot of other brands and used clothes.

It's about time for people to know that I'm focusing on the band, so I won't hide it anymore.

I like it because the neckline is cool and it makes me feel relaxed.

If you try to match it with a regular color when it's too perfect, it will make you feel a bit nervous.

I think I'm being too cool today. .


But that's only for daily life, so you can wear it even when you're ON, but

It's definitely a regular color regardless of the occasion.

It's something we're all used to, so we all have and wear the same amount.

Because yesterday

“I guess the (larger) light outerwear has a band collar!?”

That's what I heard, so I focused on styling both of them.

Honestly, there's not much of a difference since it's just the collar, but I would like you to try finding the one you like.

I'm sure tastes will be divided quite a bit.

Even if I recommend a band collar, they'll say, "It's okay, I won't wear it!"

There were times when I was refused outright, and the overwhelming majority of the applicants were regulars.

Let's start with the regulars of SAX STRIPE.

No matter what you say, nothing beats this "orthodox" style.

This style is different, but European skaters, for example, wear regular shirts with big eyes.

It gives the impression that it looks beautiful even though it's horizontal.

With this style, the jacket is huge, and the pants are sweatpants, so it's a little awkward.

Wearing a clean, refreshing shirt in saxophone blue will take the edge off your look without overdoing it.

If you tighten the buttons all the way, no matter how casual you are, you'll have a sturdy look. lol

Although it is self-satisfied, by adding one cantate item, everything else becomes more alive.


-cantate- "BIG Trucker Jacket" ¥62,000 (¥68,200 TAX ​​IN)

-cantate- "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥37,000 (¥40,700 TAX ​​IN)

Next is the BROWN STRIPE band color.

It gives the impression of being moderately relaxed.

In the winter, when it was often used, I would wear it as a base layer at the bottom when layering 3 or 4 clothes because it was light and fit well.

It doesn't get bulky and gets in the way, and you can fasten all the buttons and focus on your neck.

The exquisite stripes make it easy to pick up the colors and look great.

At this time of year, I feel like wearing my clothes with a few buttons undone.

Roll up the sleeves and tuck them into your denim. A good man, I feel.

You can perform. lol

For balance, if the length is long, just tuck it in.

When you want to create a dramatic effect on the hemline, you can change the way it looks by leaving it out.

I think long shirts were popular in the past, but they were too long.

Skinny jeans were the mainstream.

Well, that's exactly what I was doing too. . (It looks blue)

Not only are there materials, but the patterns are also excellent.

Length, shoulder width, body width, and "precision" that is not too modern.

It's not a big shirt, nor is it too tight.

The form is similar to British military officer shirts and grandpa shirts.

However, there is no earthy impression that is typical of old clothes.

It just leaves a tight atmosphere.

No matter how much you break it down, that impression will follow.

I'm thinking that the linen shirts that were released in the past were also good,

The fact that it can be worn all year round is huge.

This shirt has too many good points.


cliché Kinoshita

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