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This is Kinoshita from cliché.

It's starting to rain again, and the bad weather continues.

Last week on my day off, I went to Yoyogi Park since the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

Since the regulations have been lifted, it's a big hit with family and company banquets. Although I pulled the seat, I forgot to buy food, so I decided to go eat quickly, drank a can of beer, and escaped in a short time.

After that, I went to Kyodo's ``Jackpot'', which I had always wanted to go to, as told by a previous customer. Since it's already a famous restaurant, I've received a lot of calls from senior gourmets. I'm sorry to have to wait until now.

The menu consists of teppanyaki yakiniku and rice, so all you have to do to order is choose the size.

I ordered a large serving of meat and rice, but the large serving of rice seemed like a cheap pie. (By the way, I'm a pretty good eater)

It's really delicious so everyone should try it too!

Well, I would like to go out for cherry blossom viewing in light clothes, just a shirt, but that's not possible.

Although it's warm during the day, it gets very cold at night.

So, I would like to introduce you to a shirt that is also excellent for wearing as an inner layer.

cantate "The Shirt"

cantate "The Band Collar Shirt"

Both ¥42,000 (¥46,200 TAX ​​IN)

Since I have been blogging about outerwear, I would like to introduce the shirts here.

I often use it for styling, and it's been posted on Instagram, so I feel like I've seen it before, but it's difficult to write in short sentences, and there are many things that can only be conveyed through large amounts of text, so I'm sorry.

Of course, it's still too early to wear it alone.

However, there are many charms that are unique to this season.

First, let's introduce the shirt itself as a basic knowledge.

This shirt is made from Giza cotton and is characterized by its firmness and elasticity.

The oily and supple texture makes it comfortable to wear.

On the one hand, you can feel the high quality from the appearance, but on the other hand, there are people like me who wear them relatively miscellaneously.

In the first place, since I learned about cantate's clothes, it's still too early for me because I think they're beautiful or they're neat.

I had such an arbitrary preconception. That's when I came across this shirt.

Due to this trend, I had a strong impression that it could be worn as an inner layer of a suit as a so-called dress shirt, but to be honest, that is not the case.

For example, the plush core in the sleeves and collar is just the bare minimum detail for the broadcloth shirts that cantate makes.

For those who want to wear it casually, that may be an added bonus, while for those who prefer to wear it more fully dressed up, this blouse-like design may be an added bonus.

I disregarded my personal style and chose the patterns based on my tastes, and now I have a few pieces that I am very attached to.

I don't wear suits on a daily basis, but I like to wear shirts. This design is also suitable for layering, and I personally often think of it as a plus one.

But on the other hand, I want to match it with a suit! I can fully recommend it to such people.

This shirt has an incredible range of swing.

By the way, I wash it in the washing machine, and the good thing about it is that it doesn't wrinkle easily.

Except when I stuff it too tightly and wash it, it will stretch out as long as you wear it. It's possible that I'm too stubborn, but I've never noticed it.

By the way, if you wear it and wash it repeatedly, it will become more elastic, and it will feel much better to the touch. Of course, it can't resist things like fading and scratching, but it's soft and comfortable, which is my honest impression.

It's originally supple, but I imagine it will become more supple and silky to the touch.

As mentioned above, it is made to look like a blouse, so the length is long.

Long back length and round cut.

It has a beautiful form that falls vertically without any wrinkles.

The single cuff on the sleeves is curved to follow the wrist, preventing wrinkles when bent. In addition, even if you wear it oversized, your shoulders won't shift too much, and you'll still maintain the resolute look of formal wear.

Therefore, even if you use it as an inner layer, it won't get sluggish and will blend in easily.

Sometimes I tuck in.

However, after wearing it repeatedly, I am realizing once again that this length is extremely cool.

At first I thought it was long, but it's actually good!

Ever since I thought of this when I paired it with the bellows jacket in the photo, I have put this combination into practice many times with other outerwear.

Of course, it has a good balance with the bellows, haha.

It doesn't matter if the season is different, so if you have a jacket, try a shirt next time.

I know it would be cool to wear this shirt alone, so

We recommend that you prepare from now on so that you can layer it.

By the coming fall, he should have further established his position as a top-tier team.


cliché Kinoshita

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